My Journey As A Demigod (Part 4!)

Hey guys! Here's part 4! By the comment (s) the "pie dude" could be... Hmm, how about you suggest some names and I might do a couple of cameos for that guy.

Part 5 will be up by the usual, 2 or 3 days. After you're done reading this part, go to the 'Parting Words' to see a question! Hope you enjoy this part!

Created by: SeaGirl
  1. So far, so great. The days here at Camp Half-Blood have been so bright and happy. I sighed in relaxation, as I sat next to a pine tree. I turned my head to look at the canoe lake -where- I almost got murdered by some giant octopus. "Sup Nature Girl, hanging out with the trees and bunnies?" I turned to the other side. Leo, again. I sat up straight. "Just because my other siblings are into gardening and stuff doesn't mean I'm obsessed with nature. I'm not Snow White, hunny." I said. Leo laughed. "Hunny? Have you been hanging out with Drew lately?" He asked. I rolled my eyes in response. "Oh, dear Leo. What am I gonna do with ya?" I asked dramatically.
  2. ---------- Me and Leo decided to do some practice before capture the flag tomorrow. We walked down to the sword arena and grabbed our weapons. "Try not to get attacked by squids this time Nature Girl" he said smiling. I smirked, "Stop calling me that Valdez." Leo raised his eyebrow. "Don't like that nickname?" he asked. I shook my head. "Not one bit, well... Maybe a little. C'mon, if we keep stalling time, it's gonna be time for the game!" I said. We started circling each other, I was holding my spear while Leo was holding a knife. He made the first move by giving me a slash on the cheek. I blocked some of his moves with my spear. After a few minutes of me playing defense and Leo playing offense, he finally said, "I need a break" I nodded. I honestly needed a break as well, I walked over to the benches and sat down next to Leo. "Nice fighting with ya" he told me. I looked at him and smiled. "You too Valdez, you too."
  3. ----------------- ".....And how they set off that salsa bomb in the pavilion!" I laughed as Leo told me some classic memorable stories that happened in camp. "I still can't believe they did that though!" I said laughing. Tears strolled down my face from laughing too much. "Whoa Nature Girl! You're tearing up!" Leo said laughing. He stopped for a second and wiped a tear off my cheek. I looked at him. "Thanks" I said. "Any time" he said. I smiled and took out my schedule. Arts and Crafts. Leo leaned in to see my schedule. "Arts and Crafts huh?" he asked. I nodded and stood up. "I better get going, it's gonna take me a while to walk over there. I'm tired from all the fighting" I said. I stretched a bit and started walking towards the doorway. "Wanna go to the beach after lunch? I got a free period..." Leo called out. I turned to face him. "I got archery then though" I said. Leo smiled, "You can always ditch" "What! I can't ditch!" I said. "They won't notice though.. Pleeasee?" he pleaded. I sighed in surrender. "Okay fine, but if I get caught you're going down with me." I turned around and walked towards the Arts and Crafts building, blushing.
  4. I walked in and saw other campers painting on canvases, chiseling a statue of Hecate, normal Demigod art stuff. No. Scratch that, since when are demigods normal? Really? I grabbed a blank canvas and set it on those arts stands. I walked over to a round container filled with different sizes of brushes. I grabbed a medium sized brush and a paint palette. I set it down next to me and looked around thinking what I should paint. "Having troubles with inspiration?" a girl asked. I turned to my side. "Hey, aren't you that girl who lives in a cave?" I asked her. The girl smiled. "Yeah, I'm that girl who lives in a cave. Im Rachel, the oracle..." she said. I nodded. "Oh wait. I saw you sitting next to Chiron at the dinner pavillion. I'm-". "Tammy" Rachel said. "Oh.. Um yeah." I replied. She laughed. "Sorry... It's just whenever there's a new camper around... News spreads out fast." she said and she went back to her painting. I looked over at her canvas and saw the Empire State Building with what looked like wind currents blowing around it. Dark clouds and lightning swirled in the sky and at the bottom of the building where the entrance was. Of what looks like a girl with a green aura around her stood in front of the doorway. A cold shiver went through me. "Who's that?" I blurted out. Ugh, stupid me. "Hmm? Oh this? Honestly... I don't know Tammy. Since I'm the Oracle I just I guess, draw or paint my prophecies or some meanings that relate to a prophecy, you know?" she told me. I nodded. "But for sure you must know what this kinda means right? You're the Oracle." I asked her. "Like I said Tammy, I don't know this girl but..." her voice trailed off as she looked at me. Rachel dropped her brush and the girl in the painting suddenly glowed. The lightning and storm in the canvas moved dangerously as if it wants to come alive. Other campers started to notice and backed away slowly. One girl ran out and screamed, "She's acting up again, help!" I took a step back but Rachel just grabbed my shoulders. "Stop it!" I screamed. "Stop!" I looked at the others who were wide eyed but seemed a bit calm. I looked at Rachel, her eyes turned green like some kind of serpent. "Find your journey. Release me. Release me!" screamed Rachel. Her voice turned hollow and screechy. "STOP IT!" I shouted. "Help me!" I screamed.
  5. Chiron burst in and stopped when he spotted Rachel. He looked at me then her. "Chiron! She's crazy!" I shouted. "Calm down child, listen." he told me. I closed my eyes and pulled myself together. It's okay Tammy, Chiron says it's okay. So it's must be okay right? I thought to myself. I opened my eyes. Rachel released her hands off my shoulders and hunched down on the floor. "You shall face the fear greater within... Nature's daughter and the Fiery soul..." she spoke in that same hollow and screechy voice. I looked at her with curiosity. "To find the hidden blade within Death's bowl, Fire burns through Nature's heart. To take down the demon that released Death and to take one last final breath" she screeched. Rachel collapsed and stood up. "W-what's going on guys?" she asked us. "Oh, you gotta be kidding me right?" I told her. Rachel looked around. "I did it again, didn't I?" she asked the others. They all nodded and went back to their work like nothing happened. But I could see the confusion and fear in their eyes. Chiron came up to us. "I'm sorry Chiron, I didnt think i would.... Act up again." Rachel said sadly. Chiron smiled warmly, "No, my child. She would've known sooner. I guess we will be attending out assembly tonight." he said. "Everyone go back to your regular routines!" he shouted and walked... Erm, galloped away. I looked at him until I couldn't see him anymore. I faced Rachel, "Whats going on?"
  6. Rachel just stared at me. "I... You know what there's an assembly after lunch. Go there, please Tammy. Just... Go." she told me. Rachel walked away, everyone put back their brushes and walked out to go to lunch. I sighed and followed them. When we got there, I sat down at the Demeter table. "Settle down campers! Settle down!" Chiron said. He pounded his hoof on the ground. Everyone went silent. "Thank you. There will be an assembly after lunch, I apologize for the inconvenience." he said. I looked down at my plate and got up. I walked over to the sacrifice fire or scrapes fire or whatever and scraped some of my food into the fire. Please, tell me what's going on. This one time, please help me, I prayed to um.. My mother. I walked away and ate my food in silence with the rest of the camp.
  7. -------- After lunch I followed Katie and the rest of my siblings to the amphitheater. We all sat down and whispers broke out when Chiron and Mr. D came out. "SILENCE!" Mr. D boomed. Everyone calmed down and stared down at him. "I wonder what this is about" whispered Katie. I looked at her and nodded. "It has... Come to my attention that there is a new Great Prophecy... Rachel" Chiron gestured to the entrance where Rachel stood. She walked over to a microphone and spoke. "Yes, I've just had another... Moment-" everyone sighed. "Oh, um yeah. So anyways, a new prophecy, I've written it down and tried to find out what it could mean but..." she trailed off and sighed. "Here it is: You shall face the fear greater within, Nature's daughter and the Fiery Soul, to find the hidden blade past Death's bowl. Fire burns through Nature's heart. To take down the demon that released Death. And take one last final breath." she finally said. Everyone started whispering. "Yes. So if anyone knows what those lines could mean, please report it. We have to gather as much info as we can" Rachel said.
  8. Someone stood up, "Nature's child? She must be a daughter of Demeter or Persephone or something related to nature. It's obvious right?" he said. Rachel nodded. "Yeah it could be Piper. But were still not sure, prophecies can have different meanings. Maybe we should contact Camp Jupiter, tell them about this" she said. Piper nodded and sat back down.
  9. "Piper must be right, it has to be a child of Demeter." one said in the crowd. Everyone snickered. "Okay so we got that first line down, what about the second one? Fiery soul?" Rachel asked. Leo, I thought. It has to be, who else would be 'Fiery Soul'? "Everyone! Me and Rachel will discuss this prophecy at the Big House. Ive decided to let all camp activities go as normal. Go back to your cabins." Chiron said. Everyone sighed and started heading for the exit. I walked out of the amphitheater and went to my cabin. I walked in and sat down on my bunk. I sighed and looked around. "Weird prophecy huh?" Katie asked me. I took a deep breath. "I know... But one of us is a part of this prophecy, and to top that, 'Fire burns through Nature's heart'? That's kinds creepy" I said. Katie nodded and sat down next to me. "Whoever it is... I feel so sorry for them." she told me. I nodded in agreement. "So true" I said. "Well, I'm gonna go wash up. See ya tonight?" she asked. I nodded and Katie walked away.
  10. "Weird prophecy huh?" I turned around. "Leo!" I ran up to him and gave him a hug. What was I doing, I thought. I pulled away just as quick. "Um..." I blurted out. "Yeah" Leo muttered. My other siblings snickered behind me. I turned around and gave them a death glare. They shut up pretty quick. "So... What did you come here for?" I asked. Leo shifted from one foot to the other nervously. "Oh! Um yeah... About that canoe lake visit thing... Yeah" he said. I smiled. "Yeah. Sorry, the assembly kinda-" "Nah, it's okay. We could go-" I nodded and ran past him. I shouted from a couple meters away, "Try and beat me" Leo smirked and started sprinting towards me. I never looked back. Not one bit.

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