My Journey As A Demigod (Part 3!)

Part 3! If this seems short, I'm sorry! I had a test today and I'm SO relieved its over! But all we did was write... So yeah. XD ANYWAYS! I'm getting really excited for Christmas even though it's still like a month!

Thanks to Flight and DaughterOfApollo. To BOTH: Thanks guys! I don't get a lot of compliments about my writing, so I kept smiling like crazy! Seriously, that was sweet. And I've read the Lightning Girl and Something Weird (DaughterOfApollo). Btw some more thanks to you guys at the Parting Words!!

Created by: SeaGirl
  1. "Hey Tammy. I'm Nico." I stared at him. Nico caught me staring at him and snapped his fingers in front of my face. "Huh? What? Sorry... Do I know you?" I asked. Nico raised an eyebrow, "I don't think so... You're only new here right?" he said. "How do you know my name then?" "Mr. D told me." How can this be possible? I don't even know the guy and I'm having dreams? Well its better than that dream I had in 5th grade... Can't believe I had a hot dream about James. Snap out of it, I thought. "Oh okay... Sorry. Im not used to be you know." I said. Nico nodded. "Yeah. I remember when I first came here." he said. I smiled, I guess that dream was fake. I mean, this guy didn't look all dark and mysterious. Well maybe when you look at his features but his personality? Awesome. "Really? Were you kinda confused and stuff?" Nico laughed. "Nah. I was actually excited..." his voice faltered as if to remember something unpleasant. "Nico?" I said. He shook his head. "Oh yeah. Let's go to the arena." he said.
  2. ------------ When we got our weapons and our armor ready, Nico showed me how to do some basic moves. "You'll need to learn these for this week's capure the flag." he said. I've heard about it around camp but I wasn't sure if they were joking or not about the injuries and stuff. From what I heard one of the Stoll brothers got an arrow through their head/helmet by a Hunter or Artemis. "Yeah... I think I've heard it around town. But I thought that was like a football game or something?" I said. Nico smiled, "Yeah heard about that kind of Capture the Flag too." he said. (I'm starting to like this guy) "Yeah haha" I said smiling.
  3. After practice it was time for lunch. Me and Nico walked over to the pavilion to meet up with our cabin's table. "Well I'll see you soon Tammy." said Nico. I turned to face him, "Aren't you gonna eat?" I asked. He shook his head, "No... I'll skip for now, but you go on ahead okay? See ya" he said. I watched him walk away, I would've stared more but one of my um, siblings grabbed my shoulder. I did the same usual as everyone else, order, scrape some for the gods then I sat back down at the table. Chiron stomped his hoof to get our attention. "Hello campers! As you know Capture the Flag is coming up. Same day, Friday. But we are changing the times for the game, it is now temporarily at 8" whispers broke out around the pavilion. "Yes, yes. Settle down now, this will only be held this week. There will be an assembly at 4 at the amphitheater. That is all." he said and he went back to his meal. The girl next to me said, "Wonder what that's gonna be" I looked at her. It was Claire. "I know. By the way, isn't eight a bit late for a game? It's gonna be dark." I said. Claire nodded. "Yeah, we don't usually have these assemblies but when we do, they're usually not very... Pleasant." she said. "Oh."
  4. "But it might not be bad, there's a possibility that it could some kind of reward from the gods or something." she said. I nodded. I doubt it, though. So far I don't really like this whole demigod thing. Seriously, who wants to have a real huge chance at being killed by some mega-monster. Maybe I'll be attacked by Shrimpzilla. I looked over at the horizon. I could see a small ball of light traveling across the sun. Weird.
  5. ---------------- I took out my schedule. Next is... Canoe practice? Um, don't get me wrong that sounds fun but... Canoe practice? Really? A couple of hours ago Nico taught me basic sword fighting! And suddenly we have one regular summer camp activity? Oh well... I guess it's a break from the demigod activities going on. I walked to the canoe lake and saw a bunch of campers getting ready to go canoeing. I looked around wondering where they got their lifejackets. "Wow. We meet again" I spun around. Oh. Him. "Leo Valdez" I said. He walked up to me and smirked. "Wazzup?" he asked. I pointed to the canoes. "Ah... You see it's your lucky day cause, Leo here has canoe practice too." he said smiling. I couldn't help but smile as well too. "Shall we?" I asked. "We shall."
  6. Leo showed me where to get the lifejackets. We both got ourselves a jacket in our size and grabbed a canoe. "Wanna race?" Leo asked. I looked at him, "Oh you're so on." I said. We got into our canoes and had a quick ride to get used to the water. "Ready?" asked Leo giddily. I nodded. "1... 2..... AND GO!" he shouted. I paddled as fast as I could but not too much that all my energy drained out. Strangely Leo was a bit slow, I thought he would be great at it since he was a engineer and all. I turned to look at him quickly, "Tired already?" I asked smiling. He smirked. "Oh.. So you haven't been canoeing here before?" he asked me. I slowly stopped smiling. "What are you talk- AH!" I screamed. Something grabbed my ankle and pulled me down into the lake. I struggled for some air. More hands... No wait. Suckers? Were grabbing my arms, legs. I caught a blurry glimpse of Leo diving in. I managed to touch to see if I had some kind of knife or anything at least to save me. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
  7. My hand was stretched out struggling. My legs were kicking and basically I was freaking out. I saw another glimpse of Leo coming up from the water. No, help! I thought. More panic came into me. At the last second of me being able to hold my breath, something.... Happened. The suckers were slowly coming off me, 4, 2, then no more. Someone grabbed me by the waist and pulled me up from the water. I saw Nico, Leo, Chiron, Clarisse, and a couple of other campers. Then I blacked out.
  8. ----------- I sat up and looked around. I saw different people carrying bottles full of colorful liquid and bringing them to people on beds. "The zombie awakes." I turned to my left side. Nico. "Ha-ha. Now where am I?" I asked. "Infirmary. You were knocked out, a couple of scyllenians attacked you and um... Gave you these nasty... Cuts." he said. I looked at my legs, it was like the shadow of an octopus's tentacles. "Yeah... Cuts" I said. Nico nodded. "Scylla created them with dead sailors' bones and salt water." Nico said bitterly. "Thats... Nice" I said.
  9. "Very, can you walk?" I stood up on my legs, and took a few steps around. Seems okay. "Yeah I'm good." I said. "Okay, we should go back to your cabin. Your other siblings are worried about you.." he said. I nodded and we took small steps towards my cabin. Once we got inside, the rest of my siblings ran over to the door and hovered all over me. "What happened?", "Are you okay?", "Are you hurt?" everyone asked a ton of questions. "Guys! GUYS! Chill I'm alright, I'll just have a nap or something..." I said. They sighed and all went to their bunks to sit down. I faced Nico who was wide eyed, "You know if you make those eyes go wide, they might fall out of their sockets." I said laughing. The others managed a small giggle while Nico gave them a death glare. "Ha-ha very funny... I'll leave you alone to rest okay? See ya Tammy" he said and he left after that. I turned to the others, "I'm gonna take a nap." I told them. Katie came up to me, "There's a little gift on your bunk" she whispered. A gift? Me? Let's find out... I walked over to my bunk and looked under the covers. Under them were a bouquet of assorted flowers. Roses, daisies, etc. I looked at the tag wrapped around a rose. 'Curtosy of FlamingValdez' it said. I blushed. The others checked out the flowers and smiled, "Thats so sweet!" one said, "So cute!" said another. "I'm gettin' some pie," one guy said. Thoughts swirled around my head. Im starting to really like this guy.
  10. Rate and comment! Tell me if you think the parts are too short, too long, etc. I really appreciate feedback! :)

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