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  • Haha thanks :).

    Who was the guy that said he's gonna get some pie? He's my new favorite now :P.

    I can just see the headline now "A Young Girl Attacked by Mysterious Octopus at the Bottom of a Lake". That would be an interesting story :P. Super good part and really awesome action right there. Get the next one out asap.

  • Aww thanks so much for the shout-outs!! :') And YES. WHO IS THE GUY WITH THE PIE. HE IS AWESOME. XDDDDDDDD Haha, I think that might be my favorite line so far... :p

    Hmm... Flaming Valdez... or Nico...? XP Both of them are complete opposites of one another, but they both have really sweet sides to them... =3 Going to go take part 4 now!! (sorry about the late comment) *skips off to take part 4*

  • *guy comes back with pie* :O

    Awesome part. I want pie! I want pie! Oh, wait, I mean more! *goes to take part 4*


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