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  • You SHOULD go on the forums! I'd love to talk to you more. ^.^ (if that sounded stalker-ish, I apologize. XD)

    Tammy, Leo, and Nico, definitely! I'm leaning more towards Tammy and Leo as a couple; Leo is a really sweet, hyper kid who can always one-up someone. XP Can't wait for part 5!!

  • Tammy, Nico and Leo. Next part asap! I really can't wait! I ditched studying today to take the parts! And not to sound mean but I think Tammy and Nico would make a cute couple!

  • I say: Tammy, Leo, and Nico. And yes, Tammy and Leo would make a cute couple :). Get the next one out fast!! (is that getting annoying yet? Because I'm gonna be doing that on every part.) :P.

  • Oh and I almost forgot, you really should come on the forums! It would be great to talk to you! I think you, me and Meg (DOA) would make great friends!


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