Wild Love (Part 1)

Hey everyone and welcome to my first ever series, Wild Love! I'm not very popular on Gotoquiz and i thought that i might get some fame if i did a story quiz. Also, I'd love to tell you what it's about but I don't want to spoil it, sorry... 

I really hope you enjoy this quiz and I'm looking foward to reading your opinions on it in the comments. Hopefully its not boring, I had to explain everything. Thanks for your time and please be on the look out for Part 2!

Created by: Silver Flame
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  1. Your woken with a start. The marimba tone acting as an alarm coming from you iPhone has just ruined your perfect dream. "Alright, I get it, just shut up!" you yell at your iPhone before remembering that the annoying tune can be turned off at the touch of a button. You space out for a moment, still semi-asleep, trying to become reaware of your surroundings. It's friday, one of your favourite days of the week, and just knowing this gives you the energy and confidence to complete the difficult task of getting out of bed. You take a quick shower, and decide to wear...
  2. Your hand smoothly glides down the mahogany railing as you make your way downstairs. You grab a quick bowl of cereal and throw your bag over your shoulder, and just as your walking out the door the words, "Bye, dad," slip out of your mouth. Your dad is basically the only family you have. Sadly, your mother passed away a couple years ago after fighting a long battle with lung cancer, and your older sister, Jillian, has just moved to Africa. You love your dad more than anything and won't let anybody lay a finger on him. "Bye, have a good day at school," he called out after you.
  3. You shut the door and begin your half hour walk to school. It's a typical autumn day, and the trees are showering you with delicate leaves of burgandry and orange. It's feels like a fairytale. After five minutes of peaceful walking, you reach your best friend Brooke's house. You and Brooke have been best friends since the first grade and she is the only person you can fully trust 100%
  4. Brooke has long, light brown, super curly hair and dark brown eyes. She is really funny, creative and musically talented. You guys really only have each other, because you've always kind of been outcasts around others. You still wonder why Brooke chose to hang out with you instead of the populars, because she would of totally fitted in with them. Even she doesn't know why! But, your super happy she is your bestie and you wouldn't trade her for the world. Usually, Brooke is very talkative, but today, she was continuously texting someone. "Who are you texting?" you asked. "Duh, Luke of course!" said Brooke excitedly. "Oh, my god," you said while rolling your eyes. Luke was Brooke's first ever boyfriend, and she has never been so excited. They have only been dating for two weeks and Brooke has already been caught twice looking at wedding dresses. "You know, there is such a thing as being too obsessed with someone." "Oh, shut up ______, I know your just jealous," said Brooke, her eyes glued to the screen of her phone. She was right though, you have never, ever had a boyfriend, and you were starting to get desperate. "I'm just warning you," you sighed, "there is a rehab clinic a couple blocks from our house, if your interested..." You both laughed at little and continued walking to school.
  5. You've arrived at your school. Brooke has finally put down her phone and is actually interacting with you. Your joking around and chatting as you usually do, until you reach your lockers. And who should you see but none other than... Luke. "Lukey!" Brooke screams, as she launches herself onto his lips. "Wow, guys, ease up a little, cannabolism isn't legal anymore," you say awkwardly. "Oh give it a rest ______," Brooke complains. "What's her deal?" Luke asks needlessly. "Oh, she's just grouchy because she's alone, and she's all jealous," says Brooke. Luke says nothing, instead he just glares at you. Something about his messy, black hair and soulless, grey eyes made you feel uneasy, so you don't give eye contact for long. "Let's just get to class," you say awkwardly, hurring Brooke along, "Um, ok, bye Luke, I'll text you later!" Brooke calls out. "Okay, um, bye?" Luke says walking off.
  6. After 2 hours of dull, boring lecturing, class is finally over, and you and Brooke have been released and have headed down to sit at your usual table in the cafeteria. You watch blankly as Brooke gorges herself on lunch. "What's the matter with you?" Brooke asks with a worried expression. "You haven't even looked at your food!" Knowing Brooke, when it comes to lunch, she is dead serious. It is her best subject after all. You sigh and hesitantly say, "It's just that, I don't think that Luke is right for you, I don't think you should trust him." "And what makes you say that?" Brooke asks defensively. "It's just a gut feeling, he makes me feel... Slimy," you reply. "Slimy? Right..." says Brooke sarcastically. "What about Tristan?" you ask, "he's perfect for you! He's funny, really artsy, really hot and everyone knows he's crushing on you!" Brooke thinks for a moment and says, "maybe, I don't know. Look ______, right now the only thing I want as my boyfriend is your lunch so if your not gonna eat it, hand it over!" You laugh a little, and expect her to start drooling over your panini, but strangely, her gaze is instead focused over your shoulder. You give Brooke a puzzled look. "Speaking of boyfriend material," says Brooke casually, "why don't you go and take a look behind you." And there they were. Three INSANELY hot guys were just sitting there, talking, unaware of everything that went on. The were so hot, they just made you understand global warming! But which one really stands out?
  7. Your gaze is drawn to them. It's like a dream, and it's only you, and them. But sadly your brought back with the sound of Brooke's clicking. "Hello? Anyone home?" Brooke says. "Aww, why'd you have to ruin my fantasy, they're so hot..." you say dreamily. You can't stop staring. It's impossible. "Maybe you should go and talk to them," says Brooke, "you know, a little chatting, a little flirting, a little hooking up and getting married!" you laugh. "Yeah, maybe I should..." you say. "Alright then, while you go do that, I've got myself a date with your lunch," said Brooke before loosing herself in her famous food trance. But just as your giving yourself a pep talk, the three guys catch you glancing at them, and stare right back at you. You look away instantly. Blushing, you finally build up enough confidence to look again, and you sneak a quick peak. Only to find that they are still staring at you. You wait five minutes, and turn around again. Still staring. Another five, and they are still staring at you. What's going on?
  8. Trying your best to ignore it, (which by the way is extremely hard to do) you grab Brooke and take her away from the cafeteria. As the day got shorter, you saw the guys more and more often, and their reaction was always the same; they stared. And gave you the occasional flirty smile. You were puzzled, and couldn't control the color of your cheeks, so you decided to talk to Brooke about it. "Stalkers, definitely stalkers," Brooke suggested as she practiced her violin for her grade 6 music exams. "But, but no one that hot, that perfect or that muscular is a stalker," you replied defensively, while nervously pacing. "I Dunno..." said Brooke sarcastically, "c'mon, let's just go," you said, "we don't wanna be late for english again." But just as you walked out of the auditorium, you saw them again, and as they were walking past they stared at you, right into your eyes, and they didn't break their gaze for one second. You blushed, and unknowingly started walking backwards. Then, accidentally, you bumped into Brooke, and she dropped her phone. It broke into a million bits right infront of you.
  9. "CRAP!!!" Brooke screamed. "Sorry, Brooke, oh my god," you said sympathetically. "How the HELL am I gonna text Luke now?" Brooke complained, hopelessly trying to reassemble her smashed phone. "Look, after school we'll go down to the mall and I'll, I'll buy you an iPhone! They're on sale and I have an extra couple hundred bucks, I don't mind," you offer. "Well, ok then, an iPhone is WAY cooler than that piece of crap I've been using for 5 years. Aww, thanks ______!" said Brooke, hugging you. "C'mon, if we're late for english again, Mr Bradstine will KILL us," said Brooke in a rushed tone. And you both ran off.
  10. After half an hour of listening to Mr Bradstine lecture on about boring english you finally hear the bell ring. "Yes, it's about time," you mutter under your breath. You and Brooke walk out of English and down the hall, but just as your about to leave school, Brooke says, "hey I gotta go use the little girls room, i'll catch up and meet you in five minutes." So you began your short walk to the mall all by yourself. All alone in the cold autumn wind, which was howling like a wolf. Strangely, it seemed like no one was on the street at all, as if you really were alone. It felt like you were being watched, maybe those guys were stalkers... Grey clouds rolled in and the wind has really picked up, and you could hear footsteps behind you. You glanced over your shoulder and no one was there, what's going on? Your slow, calm pace turned into a quick jog, and your heart skipped a beat when you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket.
  11. "Hmm, unknown number..." you mutter to yourself. But just as your about to find out who it's from... CLIFFHANGER!!! So, out of those three guys, who do you like the best? (if you forgot what they looked like, go back and read their description)

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