Who will you love? part 17

I'm not sure how this part will turn out since I'm writing It out on my phone but let's give it a go! Once again I apologise for my lateness. I hope to make the next part longer. Xxx

Please check out my site and look at the pictures or draw Your own or just do something cool. Much appreciated. Alethea. xxx Everything in the house has seemed to return to 'normal' but How long will that last...?

Created by: Alethea
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  1. you wake up from what feels like a long deep sleep. Seth's arms are still wrapped around you, it feels nice. Warm. His head is resting lightly on top of yours but he's not sleeping, you can feel his cool breathe against your ear as he sighs and strokes your hair again. you glance up at him, he looks tired.. like he hasn't slept proparally in days. you say "Seth...
  2. He looks suprised "Oh _____ i didn't notice you were awake. How are you feeling? you're not too warm are you?" He says taking off the blanket he had put over the both of you. "Sorry you looked cold so i got a blanket." He says shyly with a sweet smile. "I'm fine" you say, but really you feel..
  3. you stand up suddenly and feel an awful throbbing in your head "Owww. Headache." you moan. Seth smiles warmly "No problema! I can fix that." He takes your head in his hands and takes a deep breathe. "Just relax" He says calmly. you can feel your head becoming numb, like it'sbeing cleared, it doesnt hurt but it feels strange..
  4. "Is that better?" He asks, his warm hands Are still holding your head, he then stares Into your eyes for a few seconds. He looks Troubled like he's thinking deeply about Something. "Breakfast?" He says breaking the Silence..
  5. "Errr yeahh." He says awkwardly, he takes his hands Off your head and takes hold of your hand "C'mon, I think Conner will be up by now." You nod nervously, he smiles at you reassuringly And takes you into the kitchen where all the Guys are sat down eating. Conner looks very Tired, he has very dark circles underneath his Grey eyes, his hair looks matted like he's Been raking his hands through it. He straightens Up as you walk in.
  6. Conner stand up and slowly walks over to you, he Then wraps his arms around you and whispers "I'm sorry.." He closes his eyes and tightens his Arms round you. "Please say you'll forgive me."
  7. You unexpectedly see into Conner's memories, just for a Moment. You see a boy, he has brilliant orange eyes, his Hair is blowing in the wind it is a sandy colour. He is Young but very beautiful but he looks to be in dispare. It then disappears. Conner doesn't seem to have noticed.
  8. Conner stops hugging you and smiles brightly, you've Missed that smile. Blake groans "Gavin! Shut up! Your Thoughts are so loud!" He clutches his bronze hair in His hands. Gavin blushes laughs it off. Everything In the house seems to be in harmony (apart from the jelousy)
  9. You go round the back of the house to feed Seth's Christmas puppy It still doesn't have a name but you're going to let Seth decide but Seeing that puppy reminds you of Howl. You remember the look on his Face when you ran off with Gavin "Owww" there's a pain in your Chest when you remember that face.
  10. You can hear a guitar playing, it's a soft sad tune. You follow the music to Gavin's room, you decide to knock "_____?" He calls. You enter his room. It's completely Messed up clothes are all over the floor and it smells of Mens aftershave. "What was that you were playing?" He shrugs "Just a song I made up." After a pause you say "Could I hear it again?" He smiles and looks down It's not Finished I'm still writing the lyrics, but he sighs and Plays again. It sounds so beautiful yet so sad, you wouldn't Have thought that someone like Gavin would write songs like that.
  11. "That's so pretty Gavin!" You exclaim hugging him, but you Accidently look into his memories - you see the same sandy Haired boy but this time he's laughing, a bright, bubbly, cheerful Laugh. It almost looks like he's staring right into your eyes. The memory disappears and you leave Gavin without another word.
  12. That's it for part 17. Thank you for taking part and please comment and rate. Can you guess how old I am? ;) Who do you love? :)

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Quiz topic: Who will I love? part 17