Betrayed part 12

You find out a little bit more in part 12. In part 13 more will come. At lest no one has an ax to their throat at the end. Sooooo...take my quiz. You wont understand the quiz if you haven't taken parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11. So take 'em now. Then comment and rate

You get to use your powers. Your skills are easliy complied with fire,water,air,and earth. You can do others but those 4 are the easiest for you to control. So who do you love Carter or James. And to be clear Carter hasn't betrayed anyone YET. James has but he relized what he did

Created by: Mihilo
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  1. Your all packed. Brittany and Victoria are at the door. Carter already left. Meghan and James are sent to leave after you. Sighing James says "Carlotta always rember that I shall always love you."
  2. You leave and go into the woods. Brittany genarates a dull light to light the way. You take out a map and decide to go north for a bit.
  3. You three travel without incedent for about 3 hours. Victioria finally stops. You guys decide to stop and eat lunch. You put a earth barrier around you three before you begin to eat.
  4. You randomly look up in the sky and see a shadow moving around the trees. You make a glass orb and you look sending it up. Investigating it is....
  5. It is Ciara. She's glaring down at you. Then you make the orb burst and pull a earth covering over the rest of the dome making it hard as rock. Shocked you start to make a fire. "Carlotta what's going on?!" Brittany asks in a panice tone "It's Ciara, she's come back." You reply back calmly.
  6. Then you start to puts a ring of fire that envolos the earth dome. Yet it doesn't get anywarmer because under the fire is an ice sheild. With out warning a sword starts hacking at you shield.
  7. The hacking is abrutally cut off by someone beating Ciara. You make a clear spot and see Carter. He's battling Ciara and losing. "Ciara STOP!" Carter shouts
  8. You focuse you powers on Ciara, you attempt to have a huge tytal wave crash down on her. You secure Carter with in a bubble of water, except you make it like an air bubble. The watter hardens then you set all you water powers to work to make a tytal wave. With succse Ciara gets washes awaqy and Carter is left. You quickly lower all your forses and then rush to Carter.
  10. Who did ya get last quiz?
  11. Who do you love?
  12. Will you colme back for part 13?
  13. Comment and rate?

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