Betrayed part 10

Take parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 if you want to know what the quiz is about. I always have a good cliffhanger when you think I'll contuie. This is the quiz that I think alot of people may like because it's simple and straight foreward (most of the time)

Finally you get to use your powers. Your skills are easliy complied with fire,water,air,and earth. You can do others but those 4 are the easiest for you to control. So who do you love Carter or James. And to be clear Carter hasn't betrayed anyone YET. James has but he relized what he did.

Created by: Mihilo

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  1. Ciara and Lillian disapper. Carter comes over to you and says "Carlotta I haven't be honest so I'm going to tell you the whole story."
  2. "Ciara and I live back in the 16 century. It was Ciara who was changed, then she changed me. Except there was one condition. I had to stay by her side at all times. I was a young fool in love. Or so I thought. After about 200 years together I left in the dead of night. Now she wants to kill me because I broke my promise."
  3. "Then I leave when James is around because, if I didn't there could be a fight. We both love you yet we both love a diffrent person at the same time. Every guy is attracted to the most powerful female there is. Right now that is you. That's why Ciara and Lillian want to kill you. It is only you that can slay eather one of them."
  4. James comes onto the pourch and Carter leaves. "Carlotta I'm sorry I've hurt you."
  5. You nod slightly. James walks over to you and sits by you. He wraps his arm around your sholder. You look at him and he then kisses you lightly.
  6. He quickly deepens the kiss. After like 5 minutes he breaks off the kiss. "Carlotta your so butiful." You start to blush. With that light red flames circle around you and James in a heart.
  7. He sighs and then goes back into the house. That second Carter comes back. He hmps slightly and then come over to you.
  8. Then Carter whispers in your ear "I love you and only you, Victoria was a mear distraction." He then wrapes his arms around you. You guys fall asleep together. His arms protectivly around you, you curled in his lap.
  9. When you wake up Carter is watching you. You look up at him and he kisses you lightly on the lips. Pulling away you nestle closer to him and he instenly brings his arms around you tighter, but you can stil breath.
  10. Then you quietly enjoy the sunrise. It's around 7am when you get up to go get changed and take a shower. You come back and breakfast is on the table. Instead of Brittany, Victoria, Meghan, and James there is Lillian and Ciara.
  11. Ciara says "Carlotta come with us." You nod still upset and you are whooshed away. Then instead of being powerful, you are tied up and being ready to be exicuted.
  12. Both Lillian and Ciara have an ax at your throat when all you friends arive.
  14. Who do you love?
  15. Will you come back?
  16. Will you comment and rate?

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