Betrayed part 1

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This isn't normal. There shall be twist but you have to come back for the later parts. *smirks* So are you ready to be betrayed? Or will you fall at my mercy. Stay stong and kneel proud

Created by: Mihilo

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  1. Your sitting in your house, out of bordem you pick up your notebook and start to write some poetry when you hear a knock on your door. Whom could it be. You get up and see...
  2. Carter speaks "Hello _____ would you go on a date with me. I think your really pretty." You roll your eyes. You know that they'll say something like 'Your royal and you have people trying to kill you' so you just slam the door in their face.
  3. You hear the knock again. It's just James this time and he says "____ I think your really nice, so can you refrain from slaming the door in our face?" You replie icly "Let me guess you here to say I'm magical?" "Nope" He relies with a smirk.
  4. You turn around to try and slam the door but James wedges his foot between the door and says "Please listen, your normal but, we do like you." Confused you are. They have barly spoken to you. How could the like you? All these question go throught your mind.
  5. "But you can influense people around you. It's not a power at all. Instead it's just really good genes" Your not beliving this. So you turn around and the next second your knocked out cold.
  6. You wake up suprisingly in your own bed. Sighing James stares at you. You see Carter in the corner watching you. "_____ You finally awake. I thought James had killed you for a minute." Carter spoke. "No you didn't you were just worried..." Carter suddenly slaps James. "Don't say anything!" Scared you curl up in a corrner farthers away from the fighting boys. James stops and stares at you. He smile comfortingly then hugs you lightly. You push him away.
  7. He looks at you. Within seconds you him and Carter are out your front door. It's got to be about mid-night with how dark it is. Your thoughts are cut off when Carter garbs your hand and he leds you to a little pond.
  8. There he sits down and pulls you gently into his lap. He murrmers in your ear "We arn't liening when we say that you have no powers it's just your very influensaly" You quietly mummer "I've taken quizzes and they've all started like this." "Ah but the quizzes are wrong." With that he kisses you lightly.
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