Betrayed part 9

Take parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 if you want to know what the quiz is about. I always have a good cliffhanger when you think I'll contuie. This is the quiz that I think alot of people may like because it's simple and straight foreward (most of the time)

Finally you get to use your powers. Your skills are easliy complied with fire,water,air,and earth. You can do others but those 4 are the easiest for you to control. So who do you love Carter or James. And to be clear Carter hasn't betrayed anyone YET. James has but he relized what he did.

Created by: Mihilo

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  1. So while your in your little iceball, your thinking about ways to control your temper. There is now panick in the knocks. "Carlotta come out PLEASE!" it sounds like Carter, Victoria, James, Brittany, and even Meghan.
  2. You grummble something and the ice dome is gone. Carter looks pale he then wraps his arms around your wasit, but instenly puts then to his side. "Wow Carlotta your body is like really cold."
  3. Huh you say clearly like you've been in a normal room. James steps in and says "Well your body is cold because you've been in that dome for a good 3 days" you notice the burns on James's arms and neck. You burst into tears.
  4. Everyone rushes to you. Carter is by your side first. He holds your hand and pulls you into his lap. Little do you notice everyone but Victoria leaves the room. You just cry ruining Carter's t-shirt.
  5. After a few hours you quit cring. You go takes a shower and change into what?
  6. You go into the kitchen and see Carter and Victoria staring into eachother's eyes.
  7. Carter sees you and get to your side, wraping his arms around your sholder. You just push it away as you go outside to sit on the swings as you did when you were all younger.
  8. At the swings Lillian appers. "Hello Carlotta, I see your upset." You nod slightly hoping she'll kill you. "I'm not here to kill you, I'm hear to make you a deal."
  9. You are about to say yes when James run throught the door throwing a sword at Lillian.
  10. "You con't take her Lillain!" James shouts.
  11. The Carter runs out as Ciara floats down from the sky. "Join us Carlotta they say they love you but they don't. They want to train you for thier own personal...." He sentance gets cut off by Cartter who throws a stick at her.
  13. Who do you love?
  14. Will you come back for Part 10?
  15. Will you comment and rate?

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