Which Horde Race Are You Most Like?

The mighty horde, fighting against the forces of the alliance who had betrayed most in the battle against the burning legion. Many wonder about who they are, and some are indecisive...

Find that which you are with these trivial questions which will dabble your mind in deep thought. Perhaps now you can go on with which race you truly see yourself as.

Created by: GoujenA45
  1. You see an old lady being attacked by a couple of thugs, what do you do!?
  2. An old man offers you an assortment of enchanted wieners with a buff, which do you choose?
  3. Which of these items would you choose from a buffet table?
  4. What is your element?
  5. What kind of animals do you affiliate with?
  6. You can choose five rings, each with it's own power, which do you choose.
  7. Which recreational activity do you like?
  8. When it comes to drink, which do you like?
  9. If you encountered a wounded bunny in a trap what would you do.
  10. You encounter a human child of the boy variety, what do you do.
  11. Which game do you enjoy the most when it comes to the carnival or childhood hangouts like chuckee cheeses.
  12. If you found a treasure chest how would you decide who got it?

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Quiz topic: Which Horde Race am I Most Like?