Betrayed part 6

Guesss what. You gots your twist. Carter comes back. Your name is now Carlotta. So rember all the friends that I put in. Someones gonna die. I don't know if it'll be a hobo or a big power

Take me quiz if you love me. Please please please. Remeber everyone for me!!! Look for random quizzes that I make. Hehe I love randomness. And I will never tell my shrinks number so don't hold your breath

Created by: Mihilo

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  1. You see Christina running towards you. Panick clear in her eyes. Suprisingly your eyes mirror hers. Carter suddenly is gone, Christinas space between yours and hers seems to grow, and your aware of someone shaking you yet no one is by you.
  2. Gasping everyone is surronding you. Ciara with a worried look in her eye, Victoria pankick, Brittany is no where, Meghan is crying, and James comforting looking really odd. "Meghan it was just her dreaming." You think,
  3. Quietly Meghan and James leave. Meghan leaning on James, himkissing her on the top of her head. Ciara then comes to you and says "Carlotta I'm sorry" confused she contuies "I was the one who dragged you into this mess"
  4. "If I hadn't..." Then Carter bursts in. "Carlotta it's her that took Christena!" Shock, anger, disbelif, pain, hurt all pass in her face, Then you rember that she took 15 years of acting and she could well be acting.
  5. "Ciara get away from her! You won't take another that I love!" Ciara smirks widley "Oh but Carter you said you'd spend etirnty with me and what do you do you rin off with a human girl what...300 years ago?"
  6. "You turned on me! You used me to accomplish your goals." You start to cry quietly and Carter rushes to your side. "Carlotta please don't cry it'll be alright. I promise." Ciara snickers. She run out of the bathroom.
  7. There is schreeking across the street. You look out of the windo and Ciara is leaning over a life-less body, drinking the blood.
  8. Carter wrapes his arma around your waist holding you close murmmering to you "Shhhh it'll be alright." You start to drift into uncotisness and Carter brings you to the spare room, he lays you down they lays beside you.
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