Betrayed part 5

Guesss what. You gots your twist. Carter comes back. Your name is now Carlotta. So rember all the friends that I put in. Someones gonna die. I don't know if it'll be a hobo or a big power.

Take me quiz if you love me. Please please please. Remeber everyone for me!!! Look for random quizzes that I make. Hehe I love randomness. And I will never tell my shrinks number so don't hold your breath

Created by: Mihilo

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  1. After James decides to train you, you go into on of Meghan's spare rooms and get pjams to change into. You slowly drift into un-contiosness.
  2. You wake up to the smell of Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes, Oarnge Juice, and Milk. At the stove you see James. At the table Meghan is there still red-eyed. Ciara is nowhere in sight.
  3. Meghan says "Carlotta I haven't been totally truthful with you. Everyone left and I was told I ahd to tell you." You gasp and she contiues. "Ciara and I are vampiers, Brittany is an angel, Victoria is a "demond" only because she was summond, and Christina...."
  4. "...Christina is the queen of Heven, Hell, earth, and any thing else. That's why what happend yesterday happend."
  5. You nod and the rest of breakfast is silent. James is close by Meghan. You are perfectly fine with quiet because you needed the time to think.
  6. After breakfast James says "Meghan, Carlotta and I are going to train her. We'll be back in time for lunch. Please stay calm." She nods quietly and start to clean her house. You and James go into her backyard and it changed. Now there were clumps of element every where. The training was hard. It's lunch time and you go inside to see the house spot-less.
  7. You see Meghan standing at the stove, James walks over to her and kisses her lightly on the lips. Just then Ciara Victoria and Brittany walk in. "Hey Carlotta." Victoria says. You mummble hello then walk to take a shower. You step into the bathroom and you see CARTER outside the window!
  8. He jumps into the window and he kisses you lightly. He and you walk out and go back into the kitchen. Nobodie seem concernd because it was normal. Then you see Carter eyeing Victoria.
  9. "Hello Carlotta." Carter then wraps his arm around your waist. "I'm hungary how about you?" You nod slightly. Without further ado you and him are swept into a little cafe by a lake.
  10. You guys eat very little. He's more intressed in studing your face and catching up. Out of the corrner of your eye you see CHRISTENA and she run towrds you and says....

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