Betrayed part 8

Take parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 if you want to know what the quiz is about. I always have a good cliffhanger when you think I'll contuie. This is the quiz that I think alot of people may like because it's simple and straight foreward (most of the time)

Finally you get to use your powers. Your skills are easliy complied with fire,water,air,and earth. You can do others but those 4 are the easiest for you to control. So who do you love Carter or James. And to be clear Carter hasn't betrayed anyone YET. James has but he relized what he did.

Created by: Mihilo

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  1. Ciara and Lillian are standing over you, each with a dagger at your throat. You let out a little sob and then Ciara plunges her dagger!
  2. Except the dagger got plunged into Lillian and they both start fighting over the right who gets to kill you. Using your skills, you call forth a earth shell that hardens keeping you protected.
  3. You hear loud banging around you. Then a quiet knock. A soft voice calls it's Brittany. "Carlotta please come out now. James and I scared off Ciara, Lillian, and....:
  4. A little sob escapes her throat. "Meghan".
  5. Your shild comes down. You see Victoria by James who is crying. You had too much to deal with faint/black out.
  6. After awhile you re-gain contiosness. James is by you bed along with Victoria, Brittany, and Carter.
  7. In the shadows Meghan is there leaning on the wall. "Carlotta please forgive me..." Meghan says.
  8. "Don't ever undestimate Ciara. She is more powerful than you think. Sadley I am foreve bond to her. She can control me when-ever she wants."
  9. "She is the one who is forcing me with James...I know you like him. She's the one who won't let me break-up with him."
  10. Hearing this, fire forms around you seeming to engulf you. You throw a fire ball at Meghan. James jumped in front of her and you end up hurting James. Seeing him crippled in pain you turn and then Ice surronds you. In a little ball.
  11. There is knocking on your dome, but you don't let it down.
  13. Who do you love?
  14. Will you come back for part 9?
  15. Will you comment and rate?

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