Who will you love? part 12

Hey, don't eat me for making it late. But forgive me this one's a biggie! As always i love comments (unless you're threatening to kill me..) so please comment darlings! ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm not giving anything away! So take the quiz and tell me what you think! If you take it and say nothing i'll think you don't love me :'( *crys* ♥ ♥ ♥

Created by: Alethea
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  1. you've been traveling for what feels like forever and you haven't stopped crying the whole way. you're in theo's protective arms, he looks troubled. He sits you down and stands up running his hands through his hair. "Listen _____, i have something to tell you.."
  2. He sighs deeply and says "I'm so ashamed, you see i was the one that poisoned you. the people i worked for wanted you dead, i had the perfect oppertunity to hand you over to them but i didn't. I couldn't.."
  3. "Because i saw how beautiful you are and how much all those guys love you. So now i have a choice, kill you & turn you in or kill myself. If i go back to my boss without you he'll kill me on the spot, no second chances."
  4. your stomach rumbles, this makes theo laugh. "I guess we'd better go somewhere to eat." He holds out his hand and you take it. you walk for a few minutes and arrive in a little village, he takes you into a posh italian restraunt. "Anything you want, it's on me."
  5. you order Spaghetti and meatballs (or veggie meatballs if you don't eat meat, lol). As you wait for the food you notice people staring at you, you look at yourself selfconsciensly and whisper to theo "Why are all these people staring at me?". "It's because you're beautiful." His says in a matter-of-fact voice. you cheeks flush scarlett. "Oh yeah really." you say sarcasticly. He raises an eyebrow "you don't believe me? Just look in the mirror." you roll your eyes and look into the large mirror on the wall and are very suprised because..
  6. you see yourself (obviously), but you look far better than before. your skin has a certain glow to it, it looks very clear and healthy. your hair looks full and shiny, but the thing you notice most of all is your eyes they seem to have a sparkle that wasn't there before. theo was right, you look beautiful. you smile delicately to yourself then glance at theo, he's looking at himself but in a different way, like he doesn't like what he's seeing..
  7. the waiter brings your spaghetti and places it in front of you, he smiles shyly and leaves without saying one word. you're starving so you begin eating at once, you finish the whole bowlful whilest theo sits with a cup of coffee glancing at you from time to time. you get the feeling something is wrong with him so you..
  8. Regardless of your answer you decide to ask anyway. "Hey, what's up? you're not saying much." He sighs and says "I know i'm going to die soon, i have no family. I never even had a best friend, i feel like i've missed out on so much.." suddenly you're overwhelmed with sadness for this poor lonely boy so you take his pinki finger and entwine it with yours and say "I pinki promise we'll always be best friends through whatever, best friends forever." He smiles warmly looking reassured.
  9. "I'm finished" you say. you both stand up and he goes to pay, you look in the mirror again but this time you see a face staring back at you. It's the face of a girl, she looks about 14, she has very long straight brown hair and a fringe that covered her eyes slightly, but there's something strange about her she's unbelievebly anorexic, she looks like she might break, there are dark circles under her eyes but the strangest thing of all are her eyes, there's no colour or light in her eyes, where there should be colour there's only black they'e slightly scary in a way. Her eyes looked dead.. no hope. there's something oddly familiar about her..
  10. "Hold on, i know her.." you whisper to yourself. You regretfully leave with Theo still wondering who she is. "Now _____, we're going into a dangerous place but we need to get though this way so you can see your family again after that you can return back to the guys if you want, i promise nothing will happen to you."
  11. "Now, your power isn't much use in combat-" you cut him off by saying "Oh, no, no. I have another power. Here i'll show you." you think of something to make you angry so you can use your newly discovered power, you think of..
  12. Whatever you thought of it worked! you breathe out and your blue breathe freezes abit of his hair stone cold. you look up in triumph. "Well i was wrong i guess." He says laughing and touching his frozen hair.
  13. "Let's go!!" you say enthusiasticly. It feels like forever since you've seen your parents, something occurs to you.. you have absolutely NO idea what date it is "Theo.. this may sound a little odd but what's the date?" "Oh it's the 1st of December" He says. you've been gone 2 months!!!
  14. you continue walking whilst you think about your last Christmas, it was with Howl, you both stayed up till 3am just talking and on Christmas day you sang karioke together, he gave you a photo frame with pictures from your last Christmas' spent together. you smile remembering when he gave it to you and it ended in one of your tickle fights. Without realising you giggle, you can't believe you'd forgoten about that till now.
  15. Theo asks what's so funny, you tell him about Howl. "Sounds like you had alot of fun together." He says smiling "yeah.." you smile wistfully. "Wait." He says and puts his hand in front of you. "Cr@p! they found us!!!" He says standing in front of you defensively.
  16. 3 guys emerge from the bushes, instantly you know they're gifted, it's like a sense. the guy on the right had black hair that looks almost blue in the light, he has the strangest amber coloured eyes, he's wearing denim shorts and a black vest. the guy on the left looks like an angel with golden blonde hair and dressed in all white, both him and the guy on the right are both glaring angrily at theo. the guy in the middle is obviously the leader he's taller than the other two dressed in all black like theo, with cutoff gloves over his hands, he smirks and looks up at you from under his wild light brown hair. "Hello theo." the leader says still not looking away from you, his eyes are acid green and deadly.
  17. "I thought you were bringing the girl dead." the leader says. "you're not going to hurt her Shayne!" theo says confidently. "How sweet, theo's fallen in love." Says the guy on the right chuckling evily. "So what if i have.." theo says slightly uncertain. "Well, then you and the girl will have to be killed." Shayne says. Sharp jagged pieces of metal stick of of his body. "you're going to regret not following orders theo."
  18. the other two appoach first, the left guy's eyes suddenly turn from amber to red. Fire balls emerge from his finger tips, you duck just in time. "No problem." theo says to you, He takes of his glasses but faces away so you can't see him, you see his firey eyes instantly change white, he collapses to the floor, dead. the angel looking guy sends a tornado in your direction, but all theo has to do is turn his head and look at him and he drops dead like the other guy..
  19. "I don't want to kill you Shayne" says theo, he speaks quietly but you know Shayne hears. theo puts his dark sunglasses back on and holds your hand. Shayne looks disgusted and throws a sharp piece of metal into you leg and one through theo's stomach, you both fall to the ground in pain. Shayne walks up to theo and whispers to him "Before i kill you, i'm going to make you kill her yourself" He says taking of theo's glasses, he's in shock and doesn't close his eyes quick enough..
  20. you look into his midnight blue eyes and can feel tears in your eyes, waiting for death. theo looks in horror for a few seconds but it changes to curiousity. "you're not dead.." He whispers smiling. "I looked at you straight in the eyes and you're not dead." he says in disbelief. you smile gleefully and look into his enchanting, beautiful blue eyes.
  21. Shayne glares at him, "Sorry theo, this is how it has to be.." He sticks a piece of metal in his chest and cuts out his heart, He gasps but manages to choke out "I found her! I'll wait forever for you.." His eyes turn white and he dies, you look up at Shayne in just enough time to see him swallow and you can see theo's blood running down his face..
  22. you're filled with anger and dispare! Even with a huge gash in your leg you get to your feet with tears running down your face and covered in blood you breathe out you ice-breathe, Shayne gasps as his whole body goes blue and his eyes turn white he falls to the floor, stone cold dead. you then blackout..
  23. you wake up, a sharp pain pierces your head and you sit up, you leg is bandaged and you look up to see the dead eyed girl, "Hello, i'm Alethea and i'm here to help." I say. you fall back asleep and see something odd..
  24. you see Conner, "Please listen, i haven't got much time. Seth is in trouble he needs you! I know you might not trust me but come back PLEASE for Seth!!" Conner fades away..
  25. Woaah! No use hunting me down, i shall migrate to the North Pole to teach the penguins the way of the gifted, *cough* anywaaaay.. Who do you love???

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