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Hey! this is Cheese1234, writer of the My Love Life series and Forbidden Love. i am writing two new stories:this one and Death Cheaters. i hope you like both. so this story is about the adventures of two best friends who are immortal and one (Emilia) is having her first experience of choosing guy friends and boyfriends. look forward for part two so you could meet the guys.

so here are the descriptions of the guys. Demitri: dark black hair and intense, ocean blue eyes. fit, hot, witty. James: dark brown hair and eyes. strong, good arms and chest, very flirty. Kyle: black hair and darker eyes. mysterious, keeps to himself, looks angry all the time but soft. fit, kind of skinny.

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. Growing up in a small town as an immortal isn't the exact idea of normal. Thankfully, I had my best friend, Hera, who is another immortal. We grew up in a small town that didn't like us very much. Hera always said it was because we were the symbols of beauty. She'd say, "You, with your dark, wavy hair and ocean blue eyes, of course they'd hate you. Then me, with my long Auburn hair and dark brown eyes, I can't tell you how many boyfriends I've had in New York. In this town filled with blonds and red-heads, it's obvious they're jealous!"
  2. Hera and I have been best friends since 6th grade. That was when she moved to Exeter after growing up in The Big City, practically born to date. We found out we were immortal together. In the summer of 7th grade, we both went out for some ice cream. An old man came up to us and said, "Would you two girls please find someone to help me? My car is practically as old as I am and it is in desperate need of a jump start." One of the benefits of growing up in a small town is that you know how to do things city people don't.
  3. "Oh don't worry sir, I can do it myself."I said, glancing at Hera who looked annoyed. We always teased each other for where we came from. An old family friend taught me how to jump-start a car when he gave me a ride home from school. Hera was used to taking taxis and subways everywhere. After we walked to the old man's car, and he wasn't kidding about it being old, I checked its engine.
  4. "Well first," I said, "you should consider buying yourself a new car." The man laughed a husky laugh. I continued, "Second, it just needs an oil change and one of the pumps are broken. I forgot what it's called so when you take it to the mechanic, and I'm sure you will, point to this pump and tell him to replace it."
  5. The man gave me a pat on the back, "you're such a bright girl. I guess I'll have to head over to the mechanic right now. I'm just passing through town so, do you know where the mechanic is?" Hera answered that. She couldn't stand being quiet for more than 5 minutes, "just down this street to the left. Here, let me get some help. She walked down to the street and after 2 seconds, a boy from school and his big brother were driving by and pulled over at the sight of her. I laughed as she leaned into the window and sweet talked them.
  6. About a minute after that, both boys got out of the car and helped us push the man's car down the road to "Roy's Mechanics." While the mechanic was fixing the man's car, I started chatting with the old man. "What's your name sweetheart?" he asked in his old man voice, "I'm Emilia that's Hera. I don't know what to call you." The man laughed again, "wonderful! I have been looking for you two girls for such a long time."
  7. I was confused; he's been looking for us? "What do you mean by that?" the man took out a piece of paper from his pocket and showed it to me. It was a picture of me and Hera. We looked a bit older, about 17. Then the man said, "You two are the future of the world, literally. Now that I have found you, I can finally be free." Fear was caught in my throat, "S-so where does that leave me and Hera?" the man drew closer to me and I hesitantly stepped back a little. He took something else out of his pocket. It was some kind of powder.
  8. He blew it on my face and I coughed. Call your friend over, quickly before it's too late." I didn't know what was going on but I listened to him, "Hera! Come here! Hurry!" she saw the look of panic on my face and she ran over to me, leaving the boys disappointed. Hera looked at me and started nagging, "what is your problem? I was just flirting with these guys. They expected us to pay them and I was getting out of it but nooo, you just called me over to-pfftt!" she waved the powder out of her face but not all of it. "What was that?" she asked.
  9. I showed her the paper and she blinked repeatedly, "Dang! That girl's pretty. The other girl, that one," she pointed to the dark-haired one, "she kind of looks like you. Who are they?" the man coughed and looked at us, "they are you in a few years. All answers to your questions will come in due time. The powder was to identify you, it is the gift." ""The gift?" I asked. He leaned closer to us, "The gift of immortality," he whispered, "you will cease to age at the years of 17."
  10. Hera and I were left speechless. Maybe this man was crazy or maybe someone paid him to prank us. However, soon after something unspeakably shocking happened. The man gave us a ride home, Hera and I lived in Condos across from each other, then he said, "A test will be taken, and if you are worthy and strong, you will pass." "Thank you for the ride home, sir." I said. Hera mumbled the same and we both ran up to the main lounge.
  11. Once we saw the car drive away, Hera looked at me and started talking, "whoa! Was that man a freak of what?" I rubbed my arm (an old habit from whenever I'm uncomfortable), "be nice, Hera. Maybe the man was just sick in the head." Hera nodded her head, "Oh, I'm sure of it." I started heading to her kitchen, "let's get some food. I'm kinda hungry." "Yeah," she agreed, "get the knife, I'm gonna go to the restroom really quick."
  12. Not two seconds later did I hear a scream and many thuds, one after the other. I ran to the stairs as she fell off the railing and landed on her head. "Hera!" I screamed. Her parents were out on a double date with mine and we were all alone. I ran to the kitchen to get the phone but as I reached for it, I knocked over a knife that struck me in the stomach.
  13. I gasped, unable to breath. My breath staggered and as I fell to the ground, I saw Hera's face. She had her eyes open and her chest was still. My blood ran cold and I closed my eyes. I glanced at the stove that showed the time, 9:46. Our parents promised to be home at 10:00 but they always get there half an hour late. I closed my eyes and saw complete darkness.
  14. I woke up again later. I was shocked to be back at Hera's house. I looked in the direction of where she fell off the railing. She was still there and breathing now. She pushed herself off the floor and stretched her neck. "Emi, you are not going to believe what I dreamt. It was a nightmare!" I pushed myself to the wall. Was it just a dream? Then I saw my stomach, blood all over my shirt and the knife still in it.
  15. Hera screamed, "so it wasn't a nightmare? I actually fell off the railing and you got stabbed in the stomach by the knife?!" she was freaking out. I was paralyzed in shock, fear, confusion, and most of all, amazement. "It wasn't just a dream." I said aloud. Hera blinked and touched the knife, making sure it was real. I grabbed its handle and pulled it out of my body.
  16. "How?" Hera asked. The knife was covered in blood and as I lifted my shirt, Hera and I both saw the wound disappear as if nothing had happened. From then on, we never saw the old man again, nor did we ever think ourselves normal. I kept the paper the old man gave me in a small box, under lock and key, hidden in the back of my closet. Here we were, 17 years old and juniors in high school.
  17. We got used to the whole, hurt and be healed thing and we came to learn that with immortality comes superhuman ability. We both kept a great figure and we were strong, fast, agile, and we could hear and smell things from about a mile away. "I feel like a dog sometimes!" Hera once complained. I laughed and replied, "very cute dogs, at least." "Ha-ha," She laughed falsely, "very funny."
  18. Sometimes I would wake up and think, "what if this was all just a dream and I'm not immortal?" but then Hera knocks on my window (which is on the third floor of my house!) and tells me to get ready for school. School can be fun when the popular crowds of skanks and wannabes aren't around. The guys usually faun over Hera. She likes to play with them here and there but not me. I just give them a straight out "no" and hand them over to her. They never think twice about something they can't get. Our school is filled with scrubs and lazy jerks.
  19. Then one day, as Hera and I were walking to school, a group of guys shoved passed us. There were three of them and all three were pretty cute. "Oof!" I said as one bumped me. "Ugh!" Hera said as another crossed her shoulder. Her mouth was open as she was about to yell at them but then we noticed that they weren't from town... and that they were incredibly hot.
  20. One turned around, he had dark brown hair and was very cute, "sorry, late for school!" one with black hair turned, stared, scoffed, then kept running. The last one with breathtaking blue eyes winked at you and turned the next corner. This time you scoffed and glanced at Hera. "Humph! I eat those guys for breakfast. You can keep them, Emi. I have no use for them anyway." I laughed, "Hera! I don't like them!" she smiled sneakily, "they surely like you. Don't worry. I have a feeling we're going to see them real soon." I ignored her remark and kept walking. We're always late to school but the teachers always excuse us. Maybe it's an immortal thing.
  21. thx for reading. i hope you liked this story. part 2 coming out soon! :) check my account for both finales of ~Forbidden Love~ and "Death Cheaters" is coming out real soon. comment and rate plz!

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