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Hey guys! this is Cheese1234 giving you part 8 in the "immortal" series. I would like to let you know that i made part 7 on a different computer so it doesn't say that i created it.

Anyway, look up Immortal part 7 and you'll find it. i hope you liked this and please be patient with me because i am trying my best to fit my schedule together. when summer comes, i'll have more parts out faster. so.. fingers crossed!

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. Ren's eyes widened and James pulled away from me. I felt a twinge of guilt inside me as he ran up the stairs to get the others. Hera glanced across the room at me and nodded, knowing we were thinking the same thing. If these guys found us once, they'll find us again. We linked arms and she led the way out of this house.
  2. With my gift of hearing and her 6th sense, we were able to sneak out of the house stealthily. We went out the back doors that lead to a beautiful garden. "Five minutes." Hera whispered to me. I gave a stern nod and we ran for town. If everyone is expecting us to be in the forest, they won't spot us in town. I told Hera as much and we traveled through the forest to get around possible areas of getting seen. Just as we were at the edge of town, I heard the boys. I stopped Hera by gripping her arm. She looked at me in surprise at first, and then she remained silent, knowing I was focusing on the boys' words.
  3. "You idiot! You let them leave?" Demitri shouted angrily in the house. James gave an inhumane growl, "we'll find them later. If we don't leave now, we won't find them at all." Ren's heart was beating fairly quickly and Kyle was silent, as always. The sound of motor cars sounded all around the house and the boys turned in every direction at the same time, obviously hearing it, too. "Crap." Kyle mumbled under his breath. "See?" Demitri continued, "Now we have to beat up all these guys then go look for the girls."
  4. "Shut your yappin' and start fightin'." Ren said, hastily. If I were in a less difficult situation, I would have laughed at their commentary, but right now, those men were after us and Hera and I needed to run. Hera squeezed my arm, "What happened?" she asked, concern showing in her eyes. "They just got to the house. The guys will hold them off for a while but we need to make a run for it quickly before the others realize we're not there." I answered, my voice steadier than I expected.
  5. Hera nodded slightly and led the way into town, unnoticed. We were prepared for emergencies in case something like this happened. We never did expect it to happen. All we knew was that danger would be coming after us. We just didn't know how dangerous it would be. Grateful for the darkness that had become such a comfort to me, Hera and I made our way to the abandoned tree house we played in when we were younger. It was far off past the playground and apartments. No one ever caught us there. Even though it was on the far off side of town, we didn't complain because with immortality, comes speed. We arrived in less than 10 minutes.
  6. "Right here," Hera proclaimed, "We'll be safe here for the night." I nodded sternly. We both climbed the tree quietly and inconspicuously. As I entered the tree house, I noticed how long it's been since we've been here. It suddenly hit me in the face along with all the dust and dirt. There were barely any bugs, thank goodness. I took another breath, bracing myself for the dust. Hera gave a cute and quiet sneeze. I giggled and said "bless you." She gave me a small grin, saying thank you.
  7. The room was smaller than I remembered but, of course, I was smaller, then. A queen sized mattress lay in the corner of the room. There was a small balcony outside a window with dusty purple curtains. I found the corners of my mouth curling up at the memory of Hera and I playing here as children. Hera crossed the room and ran her fingers along the mini tea set we used to play so many years ago. She made an amused sound at the back of her throat then turned her attention to the floor. There was a little room under the floorboards that we built, just in case. In there, we put 2 backpacks full of clothes and essentials that we updated every year.
  8. Hera decorated her backpack with a small silver keychain with her name written in calligraphy. My backpack had a heart-shaped keychain with my initials dangling in the middle. It was black so that it wouldn't be noticed in the light in case we are ever seen. I tried convincing Hera to get a different keychain but she liked the silver. She said, "It's not like we're gonna get caught and die because of it." I ignored the remark she made and brought myself back to the present.
  9. Hera unzipped her backpack and put on a dark sweater stuffed in there. I did the same with mine and placed a beanie on my head. Hera put on a baseball cap she took from her last boyfriend. I admired the way she accustomed her hair to the hat and she giggled. "I'm not wearing it because of him so stop thinking about it." She commented with a smile. I smirked because we both knew she was thinking about him whether she liked it or not. Then she frowned. I didn't say anything because I didn't need a sixth sense to know what she was thinking about. The memory was firmly planted in my head as well as hers.
  10. Hera wasn't the type to get offended easily or let people get to her but there was only one person that was able to affect her so. Matthew was a year older than her but he switched from acting 2 years younger to 3 years older. He always had Hera on her toes and she was weak around him. Last year was when she finally broke. Hera and I were walking around at night for the fun of it and we found him. He just walked out of a club with a girl around his arm and stopped outside the door. The streets were empty other than them and us hiding in an alley.
  11. He bent down to the young girl and kissed her. My eyes widened and I snuck a glance at Hera. She closed her eyes as if she could blink away the sight but when she opened them they were still there. She focused on a rock by her foot, refusing to look. When I heard their lips separate, I risked a glance at Matt. He pushed the bleach blonde hair out of the girl's face and whispered in her ear. I couldn't understand the words but I knew his meaning. He just blew her off. She scoffed and tried to slap him. He caught her wrists and I heard a struggle happen before she walked through the doors, unsatisfied.
  12. Hera had been pretty upset. She picked up the rock and threw it at his head very hard. I slapped my hand over my mouth, trying not to laugh. I had a habit of laughing in wrong moments. His hat fell off and he didn't bother to pick it up. I held my breath as he walked up to her. She looked up at him since he was 3 inches taller than her. They argued and I eventually saw something in his eyes that actually frightened me. Hera must've seen or felt it because she stepped back and stared at him in astonishment. "You're one of us." She breathed. He smiled, kissed her on the cheek and within a second, disappeared, and leaving a breeze behind. We've never seen him since.
  13. Hera kept the hat and packed it up. I knew that she secretly hoped he would return. That's why she's always played with guys. That's the reason she flirts "˜till she sick of it. She hopes that, sometime, he'll come back. Matt was always overprotective of her. He didn't like guys flirting with her or vice versa. You think that after all this time, she'd get over him but how could she? Matt was the first guy to actually get into Hera's head. So at this moment, the memory played through both our minds and we stood there, staring at each other for who knows how long.
  14. At last, Hera cleared her throat, breaking the silence, "you get the blankets and pillows and I'll dust off the mattress." I gave a stern nod in agreement and grabbed a sports bag stuffed with two large blankets. After shaking them in the air a few times I figured they were good enough to use. I wiggled out of the hole in the floorboards with the blankets in my arm. Hera laughed at the scene and, once amused, helped me with the pillows. We each took our halves on the mattress and bid goodnight to each other.
  15. I let the ominous feeling swarm over me and send chills up and down my back and arms. After a sigh and a lullaby I always sang in my head before I slept, I closed my eyes and welcomed the strange abyss of my dreams.

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