~Immortal Love Part 1~

So, I'm starting a new series! It's called ~Immortal Love~. I can't wait for you to take it! Well, have fun taking the first part of ~Immortal Love~!

Credit to me (Br0wnies), and NeonHedgehog. I am also giving credit to NeonHedgehog because they helped me with this series. Thanks, NeonHedgehog!

Created by: Br0wnies
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  1. Veronica waited outside for sundown. It was the full moon tonight, and she had to be turned into a werewolf by midnight. Veronica heard a rustle in the trees. Her head shot back. Her eyes peered around the forest.
  2. Yugure was rustling in the trees. He was watching Veronica's every move, his vampire eyes analysed her from head to toe. Yugure narrowed his eyes, slightly grinning. He herd footsteps coming his way, so he flew to a higher branch and sat on it.
  3. The sun finally went down. Veronica felt her body take form. Her hands started turning into paws, her mouth started turning into a snout, and her teeth turned sharp and canine. Once her body took form, she howled at the moon for dramatic affect. Her sharp instincts told her someone was near. She sniffed the air. The being was in front of her. She padded a bit forward and growled.
  4. Yugure was startled by Veronica's fierce and dangerous growl. He didn't know what to do, so he disappeared into thin, dusk air.
  5. Veronica sniffed the air again. The being was gone. She didn't really care at the time. Veronica didn't have school the next day, so she decided to go hunt for some squirrels.
  6. Yugure reappeared, but closer to Veronica. Yugure really hoped that she wouldn't turn around. He silently and slowly flew towards Veronica. He quietly rested his feet onto the ground.
  7. Veronica saw a squirrel scurry in front of her. She pounced on it, instantly killing it. "Kanojo wa bara no yo kireidakeredo hageshidesu. Kanojo no kari no sukiru wa odorokubeki monoda. Kanojo wa hijo ni utsukushidesuga omoshroi on'nanokodesu." Yugure whispered to himself. (Translation: She is pretty, but fierce like a rose. Her hunting skills are amazing. She is a beautiful, but interesting girl.)
  8. Veronica's sharp sense of hearing picked up a faint voice. She jerked her head up and growled to warn the intruder.
  9. "Watashi wa warugi wanai!" Yugure said in alarm. (Translation: I mean no harm!)
  10. Thanks for taking part one of ~Immortal Love~! What will happen next? Will Yugure be attacked or be safe? Find out in Part 2!

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