Immortal Blood part 11

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Ok guys heres part 11. Hope you enjoy sorry it took a while been having some writers block =( Part 12 out this week =)

Ok guys heres part 11. Hope you enjoy sorry it took a while been having some writers block =( Part 12 out this week =)

Created by: vampirechick1111

  1. You wake up the next morning and see that Jack isnt there. You panic a little thinking that the council might have gotten him. Then you realize you're in Paris and your safe. You get up and go to the bathroom, shower brush your teeth and get dressed. You go back in the room and Jack comes in at the same time. "Oh you're up?" he says. "Yea where were you?" "I went to look around the hotel to make sure none of the council's people are here." "So they can come here?" "Well not legally no, Europe has a different council then America, and they dont usually get along. The European council doesnt believe that imprisoning a dhampir will make them safe, but if they did find out you were here they would send people to protect you. Its a better than what they do in America but not by much." "But cant the American council persuade the Euporean to help them?" "Maybe on different matters but not on this one, all the councils have different views on this"
  2. "All the councils?" "Oh right you dont know, every continent has its own council so there are 7 in total." "Really even Antarctica?" "Yea vampires dont have a problem with the cold and many of them who hate humans live there." "Oh so why are you so worried about someone following us?" "Because you are very special, and the Americans wont give you up without a fight. If they do come thought we will have no choice but to ask for the Europeans help." Just them Logan comes in the room. "Hey" you say "Hey. We should go look around the hotel see if anyones here" "I already did that" Jack says "Oh well i guess there's nothing to do then.." "Yes there is" you say "We're in Paris lets go out see the city" "I dont know.." Jack says "Someone can recognize us" "If there was no one in the hotel, there will be no one on the streets come on.." "Fine" Jack says and smiles. You go change and put on a dark leggings with a short grey dress and knee high boots with heels.
  3. You guys go outside and you see the beauty of Paris. You coundnt really appreciate it last night since you were so tired. You see that your hotel is right next to the Eiffel Tower. "Can we go up?" you ask "Sure" Jack says. You go in and take the elevators up to the top. You go up to the edge and look at Paris' landscape *its so beautiful* you think. You must have stood too close to the edge because the next thing you know you're in the air falling to your death. "______!!!!!!" you hear someone yell. *Im gonna die for sure this time* when all of a sudden you're not falling anymore, you're floating in the air and going higher up. "Holy crap i can fly" you're back up to where Jack and Logan are "Logan, Jack i can fly, i can friggin fly!!!" you yell and then you notice everyone staring at you.
  4. "Crap" you're on the ground then, everyones still staring at you, and then seemingly out of nowhere they go back to what they were doing like nothing ever happened. "Jack whats..." "The council they erased everyones memories." "They can do that?" "Lucky for us yes, but who did it?" and then you see him a guy dressed in black who looks remarkably like Jack. "Liam" you hear Jack say. "Who is that?" "Remember i told you about my brother, the one that turned me? Well thats him" "What?? Since when does he work for the council" Logan asks "I haven spoken to him ever since in killed William" he says. Liam comes up to you "Hello brother" "Liam, why are you here?" "To protect this little dhampir of course"
  5. "What council do you work for?" "The European of course i despise Americans, anyway the council would like a word with all of you so you best follow me" You follow Liam to his car. The windows are tainted black and even with your vampire vision you cant see anything. "Why is it so dark?" "They dont want us to know their location, in case we come back and kill them" Logan says. Liam just laughs. You finally get there and go into an almost church like building which is odd since vampires arent known for their fondness of churches. Jack sees you looking puzzled. "You're wondering why were in a church arent you?" "Yea" "Think about it, its perfect who would look for a vampire in a church?" "Oh thats actually pretty smart." You go inside and go through huge oak doors. Inside is a room that looks like a courtroom with a bunch of vampires in it. "Why hello there" someone says "You must be the dhampir ____ am I right?" "Umm yes"
  6. " Nice to meet you I'm Luis the head of the European council" "Nice to meet you?" you say "Dont be scared child we wont hurt you, on the contrary we're here to protect your kind, but first you must prove yourself." "How?" "Show us one of your powers" "Uh ok" You concentrate on a chair in the room and soon it lifts off the floor and stays in the air. "Magnificent, you are a dhampir" "Uhh yea" "You came here from America? " "Yes" "We offer you our protection from the American council, and anyone else who might want to harm you" "I dont think that i'll be needing your protection i have Jack and Logan" "Yes yes those two might have been able to protect you so far but you dont know what kinds of threats you might face"
  7. "Let me talk to them in private" "Of course" You guys leave the room "So what do you think?" "Take it" they both say. Your safety is more important than anything else" "You sure?" "Yes" you go back in the room "Ok ill take your protection, on one condition." "What is it?" "When ever i decide i want your people to leave, they leave" Luis looked uncertain for a while "You have a deal little dhampir, Liam will protect you from now on and we'll assign other guards as needed." You look at Jack. He looks mad "Can someone else-" "No Liam is our best fighter he will protect you"
  8. The four of you leave the church like building and back into the dark car. The driver takes you back to the hotel. "So i guess ill need to get a room" Liam says. You just look at him. He looks so much like Jack but they act completely different. You can see Jack is mad so you say "Lets go to our room ok?" "Yea ok" you drag him to the elevators and into the room. "Jack im so sorry about this, i can tell them i dont need their protection.." "No, you do need it, ill get over this soon" "You sure?" "I am" he says and smiles at you.. "We are alone now arent we?" he says and kisses you. He picks you up and carries you to the bed while still kissing you. Your enjoying your alone time when suddenly the window breaks and you see a bunch of guys in black clothes in the room. "Run" Jack says.....
  9. Annnnndddd thats it sorry this wasnt that good ive been having writers block =( but i wanted to get this out so here it is =)
  10. Anyway hope you enjoyed and ill try to make the next part soon. Gimme suggestion on what you think should happen next =)

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