can you be someone's Dhampir?

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There are Moroi(good vampires who need protection of dhampir from Strigoi) Dhampirs are half vampire half human and they protect Moroi from the bad vampires that are called Strigoi. Dhampirs devote themselves just for the safety and protection of Moroi.. They are strong, fast and guardians of Moroi.

Are YOU a dhampir? Do you think you can be a dhampir? Do you think you're strong and skillful enough to be a dhampir? Can you protect people"Moroi" Are you that good? Now my friend you will know!

Created by: Isabel

  1. Do you know any kind of martial arts?
  2. Did you ever get into a fight and won? Physical fight?
  3. Do you have anybody that you want to care bout so much and you want to be their dhampir?
  4. Do you think you have a psychic bond with someone? You know what they are thinking even when they're not around?
  5. Do you like sunlight?
  6. Are your senses stronger than most humans? You can smell, hear, see, taste..etc better?
  7. Can you defend someone against a group of predators alone?
  8. Either your best friend dies or your love, and one of them is going to die whether you like it or not.. Who are you gonna kill?
  9. You're average weight, have muscles and not so tall.
  10. You can devote your whole life just to protect someone?
  11. You know where the heart is exactly located?
  12. You can kill without hesitating for the sake of protecting someone?

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Quiz topic: Can I be someone's Dhampir?