Are you a cambion, nephilim, or other?

Cambions are half human, half demonic hybrids... Nephilims are half angelic and half mortal. And then there's those that are just a creature not included in the quiz.

So... which one are you? Nephilim, cambion, or human / other? Take the quiz and find out! (Nothing more to say... just forced to type more stuff. Well, good luck!)

Created by: Christian
  1. How beutiful are you on a rank of 1-5?
  2. How are your eyes?
  3. Are you physically hot? Like... literal body heat wise.
  4. Was anything wrong with you when you were born?
  5. Are you charismatic?
  6. Do you ever get bad urges?
  7. Are you very leader like and controllative?
  8. Are you egotistical?
  9. Are you manipulative and / or persuasive?
  10. Would you like having more than one lover at a time?
  11. Do you like palaces?
  12. Do you have a very black and white way of acting? (Wanting to do extreme good or extreme evil for example)
  13. Are you impatient?
  14. Do you dislike limits?
  15. Do you love to hunt?
  16. Are you brave?
  17. What alignment do you think you are?
  18. Are you often bored?
  19. Are you clever and / or cunning?
  20. Are you intelligent and / or perceptive?
  21. Any weaknesses?
  22. Do you have some sort of bloodlust?
  23. Are you sadistic or something of the sort?
  24. Tell me about your feelings...

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Quiz topic: Am I a cambion, nephilim, or other?