A Twisted Love 6

Yeah, I'm evil to make you hang off a cliff near the end. But yeah. This is half boys, half storytelling, and most of it is important, so read! We left off when you were eavesdropping on the boys and then going to sleep . . .

And now you get to know what happens next! Action is pushing towards you, and you never get a rest. Tensions are growing between the good and the evil, and for you, much will be lost . . .

Created by: Icewolf
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  1. In the morning, you are shaken awake by Viker. "I suspected an alarm clock would be annoying, especially since it's a Saturday, so yeah."
  2. "Anyways, I think you should know . . ." A pause. "You're an animalist."
  3. You go to the bathroom and come downstairs in clothing (yes, you packed them with you):
  4. Ben is at the table writing with his wand. You hear him mutter, "Sona Copita." Sona . . . Didn't that sound familiar? It hit you. Sona was your mother's first name. The black cursive on the page was oddly familiar as well; your mother's handwriting! You read the note: To Whom It May Concern in Woodrock Middle School, It has been noticed that the requirements of my child (what? You wondered) have not been met here at Summerleaf, Kentucky (me: yes, I made that up). I am sorry to say we must move again and _________ will not be participating in this school any longer. Signed, Sona [insert last name here]. "What?" you ask as soon as he finishes. "It's true." Ben shrugs. "We--you, me, and Viker-- are moving to Mill's."
  5. Viker mutters a spell under his breath and three leather sacks show up. They were small, but when you looked inside, you saw endless things; familiar things.
  6. "Telepoke Manaka!" Ben pointed his wand to the letter and it flew, probably to your school. "Telepoke Millaka!" both the boys shouted. You felt a flurry of almost everything in the house fly, and you landed on familiar soft, navy blue carpet.
  7. --We interrupt this story for an interview of the quiz taker--
  8. Who do you like?
  9. --And back to the story---
  10. "_______!" you hear a shout. "Aunt Mill!" you cry. You rush past the boys to greet Aunt Mill. Behind her were your parents.
  11. "I was so worried," your aunt says breathlessly. "When I heard that Chris had taken you, I feared that it would be like . . ." she trails off.
  12. "Like what?" you press. Aunt Mill pauses. Then, sighing, she says, "Like Rick."
  13. "Like Rick," Aunt Mill repeats. "Mathew . . . Do you want to...?" Your father nods and takes a breath.
  14. "Rick was a nice young boy, I reckon. He was normal. You--you met eachother in first grade."
  15. "Yes, you did. He seemed to like you . . . he was your best friend. But Chris . . .--- you know him, don't you--- was someone else you met. He was bolsterous, maybe even mean, always pushing you or Rick or Viker around."
  16. "You hated him, and that made Chris all the more . . . how should I put it . . . snobby. He was jealous and bitter, and he-he killed your brother."
  17. "He also made you lose your memory, so now you're like this," your father says. "You don't remember anything past the murder. Chris ran away, and Rick pursued him."
  18. "Rick was caught and forced to be Chris's slave, although he says Rick was a side-kick." "Wait," you stop your father. "Was? Not is?" "No, not is. Recently he ran away."
  19. "Back to the story. Chris joined the ChaosFinders, the name of the evil. Viker joined the PeaceSeekers, looking for revenge to get Chris. Don't worry--soon, he became a true member, not obsessed with blood as he would've been." Your father's gaze flickers to Viker, who wasn't looking. He lowered his voice. "Viker loved you, you know. Spoke to me before he left. It's confidential." Then his voice is normal once again. "Now, you've heard the story."
  20. "Now that you're done," says Ben, "Time to get unpacked and to our rooms." You nod and whistle, watching the flash of gray fur come to you. "This is her?" your mother marvels. "I mean, Ben told me about Winter, but still . . ." "There's more," you say. You looked around. "Star?" The little rabbit hops to you. "Wow . . ." your father says, then turns to the boys. "She's an animalist?" They nodded.
  21. *Time skip to when you're settled in*
  22. Viker walks up to you. "_______," he says. "Come to my room." You follow him. Viker sighs, and you see a troubled look on his face. "Don't hate me for this . . ." he leans in towards you, and you feel yourself doing the same . . .

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