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  • Pretty accurate says Im a cambion always felt it my mother wanted nothing to do with me at birth but my father was obsessed with me and my care the family rumor was my mom has dabbled with the dark arts to please my father and give him a son since things werent working in their marriage; throughout her pregnancy they told her I was a boy even at the 8 month ultrasound and I came out a beautiful baby girl. Had the gift of foresight and the uncanny ability to attract all types of men and women even on my off days with no makeup and in pjs lmao .. it has caused many a friend and family members anguish as their mates tend to always want to be with me and really make no effort to hide it!! I never reciprocated the feelings but jealousy is real and ugly people!! So I have my two best friends and my immediate family and thats my circle!

    Blessed be friends

  • Cambion,true I am half human and I do feel like I'm half mythical creature of some sort to sense I'm very unique and have deja vu way to much. Cool quiz mate.

  • It say am a Cambion
    80% Nephilim
    20% others

    Owen Mathebula
  • Cambion 91%
    nephilim 55%
    other 53%

  • Mine says cambion 86%
    Nephilim 72%
    Others 7%


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