Vampire Peak part 12

sorry!! i know this is like oober late but i had a bad case of writers block!! hope you enjoy it and thank you so much for sticking around this long!! this is part 12 of my Vampire Peak series! in this series you find some things out and have an interesting encounter with a strange guy, but who is he? find out in my next quiz!!

do you have what it takes to date one of my vampires? Blake? Justin? possbly Troy? find out now! hurry and take my quiz before they're taken! good luck girl!_jade black!

Created by: Jade Black
  1. Your speechless, then you hear voices, very familiar voices. "Bree! Bree!" you hear Blake call. you want to respond but you can't ~*~*Flashback*~*~ you're walking through fields of wheat, you're hypnotized, you keep walking for miles and miles until you stop and turn around and see a boy with bleach blond hair and shining golden eyes.
  2. "Bree?" the boys says to you, you nod, he blinks and you're out of the trance. "Hey honey," he says in a seductive voice, you smile and run to him. you two hug each other fro a while then you kiss him. "Honey why'd you put me in that trance?" "So no one would disturb you" oh yeah, you thought, people won't touch me if i'm hypnotized. "Bree i brought you here for a reason," he tells you, you cock your head to the side. "What is it Marcus?"......*~*~end of flashback~*~*
  3. you're sent back to reality with voices all around you. "What'd you do to her?" demands Justin. "I just sent her a little mind message." Marcus says. "Next time don't, what are you even doing here anyway! remember you were banished!?" shouts Blake, someone hushes him. "Blake you'll wake her," Justin can feel blake's eyes on you.
  4. your eyes flutter open and the first one you see is..
  5. Blake is at your side first, "Bree, are you okay?" he asks, you nod then look at Marcus who's looking at you with a worried expression. "I'm fine, so why exactly were you banished?" you ask Marcus, he laughs.
  6. "Okay i guess i owe you that," he says
  7. "Okay bree, we know that you know Marcus is your brother, but he hasn't seen you for years and years, because he was banished." "why?" you ask, Marcus blushes and looks away, you look at Blake. "Because he fell in love with you." "HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW SHE WAS MY SISTER?" he yells at the top of his lungs "Geez calm down boy i didn't remember it until you showed me!"
  8. he froze, you smiled. "yup, you brought all of this on yourself!" you yell, he gets up in your face. "You brought this on me," "How?" "You were born," he growls, you want to cry, but you wouldn't give him that satisfaction, so instead you punch him in the face and kick him out the door.
  9. you lean on the door and face the other guys. "Did i really bring this on him?" you whisper, they're about to answer when you tell them to tell you the truth. then they look at the floor and nod. tears pour down your cheeks. "okay tell me the whole story." you say wiping your cheeks. they nod. "Mark didn't know that you were his sister when he fell in love with you." "Is that why he was banished? because he loved me?" they nod. "The queen was disgusted, so he banished him until at least ten of your lives go by, but he came back five lives early." "Wait lives? what do you mean by that?" you say looking at Blake. "Well, the daughter of the king of vampires never dies, she has as many lives as she wants
  10. "You say as many as she wants, does that mean that i can decide when i wan to die and never come back?" "Yes," "Okay, so why did Marcus come back?" "Because he heard that you were in danger and even though he's your brother he doesn't want you to be in the danger like he was when he found out." you nod trying to wrap your head around this. "I think i'm going to get some air." you mumble then walk to your window. the boys leave the room.
  11. you jump from your window landing on your feet at first then on your side. you stand up making sure no on saw you and start walking. you don't really care where you go or who finds you this time, you just need to walk somewhere. but your thinking about:
  12. you trip and fall on a twig then hit your head on a log knocking you out cold.
  13. you see troy in the exact same cell as you where when you were in the castle. he stands up and he runs through the whole castle passing through corridors and tunnels, and doors. he was hiding from guards and knocking some out so he could get by. he gets out of the castle and mutters your name. "I'm coming." he says then completely disappears into the woods. the scene changes you see the forest then....
  14. you came to again. you groan and sit up. there's a throbbing pain the the back of your head. you look around and see a pair of red eyes staring at you lovingly. you gasp. then a deep voice says: you know a beautiful girl shouldn't be in the woods at night alone" you see a pearly white smile. "It could be dangerous" "Who are you?" you ask, he blinks and comes out of the trees. you gasp because you see..........CLIFFHANGER!!!!! sorry this has got to be my best cliffhanger ever!! please suggest things! what should this guy look like? what should his name be? comment and rate!

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