Vampire Peak part 8

This is part eight, sorry it's late but i only do this when i'm alone. Blake tells you some stuff that's really interesting, you go all furious at him for some thing that he tells you and he admits something very weird but obvious

do you have what it takes to date one of my vampires find out now! take my quiz before it's too late and they're taken good luck girl ! _Jade Black! :)

Created by: Jade Black

  1. you and Blake downstairs and see....your ex.
  2. he sees you and he gets this loving expression. you stand there frozen. Molly was next to you in an instant. but your don't budge. "Bree." your ex whispers and steps closer. but Justin, Blake, Troy, and Molly hiss and come in front of you. "Brian." you whisper. he smiles and winks. you glare. "What's wrong? Cheyenne leave you?" you snap.
  3. he smiles at you still with a loving expression on his face. (the kind that Edward does when he's looking at Bella in the Beginning of Eclipse) you know he wants to take another step towards you but with your bodyguards he can't. you shake your head and you walk past Blake. you look at him with an angelic smile on your face. "I'll be okay." you whisper. he seems unsure. you reach up with your other hand and put your hand on his cheek. "Let go Blake." you whisper, he lets go. you walk over to Brian and smile slightly. "Brian," you breathe. "you dumped me for Cheyenne, you left me. i loved you. you seem sorry but i need some more time away from you a for a while. please understand, i still love you.
  4. he looks hurt like you just yelled at a little puppy. you regret it immediately. "It's okay, i understand i hurt you. I'll give you more time." he says, you smile and wrap your arms around him and squeeze. "I love you Bree." he whispers. you smile as a tear runs down your cheek.
  5. "Okay beat it Brian." Troy snapped, you looked over with a horrified expression. "Troy be nice." you hiss. he nods. "Bree, we can't trust this guy." Justin says. "Why? he's not going to kidnap me in my sleep or anything." you say, you're fed up with their warnings, you grab Blake's hand and lead him up to your room.
  6. you flop on your bed. "Why do you guys hate Brian so much?" you ask him, he shrugs. "You know don't give me that, hell Blake tell me." you say, he sighs and sits next to you, then he sees something on your neck. he holds the gem of your necklace in his hand and smiles. "I remember when i gave this to you." he looks at you then back at the gem.
  7. (so you chose the third don't change your answer) he shakes his head. "No, he didn't, that's what they wanted you to believe." he sys, this conversation has taken an interesting turn. you think. "Who's they?" "Your parents." "What?" "Yeah," "No, i mean what? as in what are you talking about?" "Oh, yeah i was getting to that when your ex boyfriend interrupted us." "the ex boyfriend has a name." you say, he laughs. "I know." "Then use it." you snap. "Okay Brian."
  8. "He only hooked up with you because your father wanted him to." "my father died when i was born, died in a car crash." you inform him. he shakes his head. "Just let me tell the story okay?"
  9. you nod, "Okay, you've been friends with Brian your entire life right?" you nod again, remembering horrible memories. "He only was because your father wanted you safe from his enemy who also thinks he's dead." he says waiting for your reaction you smile slightly. thinking it was funny that he was expecting you to run. "Some dad i've got huh?" you mumble, he covers your mouth. "I told you to let me tell the story." you roll your eyes
  10. "In truth yes you've got a great father." he looks down in pain. you look at him and pull his face back up. you smile and kiss him. "Carry on baby." you say to him and smiles. "You're father is so awesome because his enemies think that he's dead and they've left you and your mother alone for years and years. until he slipped up and now you're both in danger. that's why you moved here." he says, your eyes go wide and you stand up. "My mother is in danger and you just took me away like that?!" you yell. you're expecting the other guys to come in but they don't. "Your mom is safe she's will Dolly, she's the toughest old lady in the town she's fine." he tells you, you looks down the back at him. "You promise?" "Yes." "Okay sorry." you sit on the bed. "but we didn't move here because we weren't in danger we moved here because my step father;s a jerk." "No, your mother knows what your father is and what you are. so she moved here because everyone here knows who you are." you're getting nervous. "Who am i?" "You're a princess," "Excuse me?" you say hoping you didn't just hear him. "You're a princess Bree."
  11. "Um," you stutter. then change the subject. "Okay that still does not mean that you gave this to me." i gestured to my necklace. he smiles. "You being a princess means that you have had many lives in your lifetime." he says, you stare at him waiting for him to continue.
  12. "And how do i know you?" he hesitates. "Because you were my girlfriend at one point." you stare at him again this time from shock. "What was my name?" you ask knowing where this is going." "Angelica." he says you stare again. "That cannot be true." "could i come up with something like that?" "Yes, because you're just amazing like that!" you exclaimed. "Look, Bree, i'm sorry, but i was afraid to tell you." "You had a good reason to be afraid to tell me, if i didn't like you you would have a broken nose!" you yell.
  13. "Why? are you mad because i'm trying to tell you i love you?" he says then freezes, you freeze too......

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