Vampire Peak part 6

this is part six of my saga please tell me if it's good! i tried to make it a little bit longer but next time i'll plan and make it longer. but it won't be for a couple days.

can you find out Blake's issue with you in this quiz? will he finally see the light that he likes you? as hard as you're trying he won't give in the least bit!

Created by: Jade Black

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  1. your running around trying to escape your own mind. you stop and you find yourself crying, you fall to your knees digging the heels of your hands into your eyes. you know Blake is hiding something from you otherwise he wouldn't be acting like this to you.
  2. you lean against a wall when you hear someone walking towards you, you tense prepared to fight when teh walking stops. you think that it's Justin or Troy but a high chirpy voice says. "Bree?"
  3. you look up with your tear stained eyes and see that it's Molly with her usual auburn pigtails. you smile and sniff. "You look like hell Bree what happened to you?
  4. "You're stupid brother made me cry." you mumble, her eyes widen adn she comes to sit by you. "I'm sorry about him, he's just a big headed jerk." she says trying to make you laugh but fails.
  5. "You wanna talk about it? that sometimes helps." you shake your head. "did the guys tell you our secret?" you nod and rest your head on your knees. "You wanna go shopping or something to get your min doff things?" she barely whispers. "NO!!!" says an outraged voice, right in front of you Blake is glaring at Molly, she's just smiling.
  6. "Molly, she is to stay here with us, she cannot leave here without one of us!" Blake shouts. you stand up adn shove him down. "You do not have control over me Blake! i can do whatever the hell i want to stop shouting and having a bad attitude got that? and if you want me to stay away from you then you've got to stay the hell away from me!"you scream at him, he looks stunned." you turn the other way and grab Molly's hand walking down the hall way. "That was awesome Bree!" "Don't expect me to do it again. i hate doing things like that but he went too far."
  7. you come across a huge double doored room that is almost all pink and fuzz! Molly laughed at your expression. "That is Misty's room, my room is across from hers and your room in next to mine." "So we pretty much walked in a circle?" you asked her she snickered. "No, that used to be Carlie's room." she said you nodded and looked down thinking of Troy's face when he said that Derek's parent's were murdered. you look back in the room and you see a girl with platinum blond hair talking with Troy he leans in and kisses her on the cheek. you just wanted to hold him and tell him everything's all right. but you know he can take care of himself.
  8. Molly shows you your room and the theme of the room is 'under the sea'. on the sea blue bed there are sea horse and star fish pillows, youe bed it the shape of a sea shell. on the walls there are fish swimming on your wall.
  9. "Exactly how did you guys know i was obsessed with the ocean?" i asked Molly she froze. "Lucky guess." she said. you eye her and walked around then you saw a picture of your old boyfriend and you you were leaning on his shoulder and he was holding the camera. that was only in your room in your secret box. you turn to Molly. "how did you find this?" i demanded. "okay fine i got the idea from your room, and i went through your room and i thought you would want that." she said.
  10. a tear ran down your cheek. he was the one who broke up with you. you still loved him. you take a deep breath and sat on your bed. "Thanks Molly, could you give me a minute?" she nods and closes the door. your temper flares at the memory. you slam the frame against the wall and it broke the frame.
  11. you pick up the picture and fold it in half ex's face towards you put it on your nightstand and lie down thinking about your mother.
  12. Justin comes in and sees you lying there. he comes over and sits on the edge of your bed. you sit up. "Hey." "hey." "You okay?" "Yeah, just missing my mom." he wraps his arm around you. "I'll try to let you see her." he whispers. you smile. "Thanks." "Anything for you." he whispers. you smile and kiss him on the cheek. he leans in after you pull away and kisses your lips......CLIFFHANGER

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