Vampire Peak part 4

this is part 4 to me vampire peak saga. i hope you enjoyed all my other ones, plea suggest if you would! Blake: black hair bright blue eyes, Justin: Justin Bieber hair bright green eyes. Troy: dark brown hair dark brown eyes.

do you have what it takes to date one of my vampires? Blake who's a little mysterious, Troy how's a total flirt, and Justin who's a big softie! find out before they're taken! -Jade

Created by: Jade Black

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  1. RECAP: you were pulled into the Janitor's closet when you heard whispers. there was a hand on your mouth and a hand around you waist. he had you pinned against a wall.
  2. you're struggling and fighting. "Sh sh. Bree it's just me Justin." he whispers. you stop struggling and see his beautiful green eyes. "What the hell are you doing?" you said, he covers your mouth again. "Stay quiet."
  3. you want to question him but you obviously can't. you hear footsteps and see a boy with grown hair and purple (yes purple) eyes walk past the closet whispering your name. you want to gasp but it's caught in your throat. you pass out....
  4. you wake up and groan, you have a huge headache. you sit up and realize you aren't in the Janitor's closet or in your room. your in a be with satin sheets and a fluffy pillow.
  5. suddenly all the boys rush in with panicked looks on their faces. the one who catches your eye is..
  6. "Bree are you okay?" Justin demands, you nod once. "What the hell is going on?" you stammer. they look at each other in wonder. "That'll have to wait for later Bree." blake tells you.
  7. "i don't think the hell so, tell me now!" you scream. Blake sits on your bed. "Bree we are all vampires here." he said, you stare at him in disbelief. "Whatev, tell me the truth." you tell them. "We are telling the truth Bree." Troy says winking at you. your heart skips a beat.
  8. "Okay if your telling the truth suck my blood." you move your hair from your neck and lean forward. Blake shrugs and he leans in, you fell his fangs pierce your skin. you fell very light headed then he pulls away and there is blood on his lips. your blood.
  9. "See?" he says, you nod then pass out....again... "Nice going Blake." says a voice before you fall unconscious what name came out of your mouth?
  10. comment and suggest?

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