Vampire Peak part 2

MUST READ! this is the second part of Vampire Peak, i hope it was okay since this is only my second story quiz. leave some descriptions of some girls please, someone's going to get jealous! i'll add your names too if you give them thx! enjoy!

in this part you get to meet some new guys, i hope they looked cute! leave me some comments with suggestions! or just tell me how the quiz was!_Jade

Created by: Jade Black

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  1. RECAP:"Blake, get out of here before SOMETHING happens." molly nudged him. you wonder what she was talking about what SOMETHING? you hear him growl and then.........
  2. he stomped out of the room. i stared after him at his growl. "Sorry about Blake, he has some temper issues." Molly apologizes. i nod and turn to her. "it's nothing, we get them all the time in New York." i told her. but i wan' so sure that was the reason he was so mad at me.
  3. at school, the next day i got my schedule and went to class. i got there and the only seat was next to...blake. i groaned and sat down. he peeked at me from the corner of my eye.
  4. all during class, you feel his eyes on you, without even paying attention to the class i kept winding and unwinding my hair strands around my finger.
  5. when the bell rang, i was the first one out of that room. i practically ran back to my locker and there was a note. 'hey i think your cute, meet me back here after school Troy'
  6. you walk to math and luckily, blake wasn't there. you sat next to a boy who has a justin Beiber hair cute, blond hair bright green eyes and some freckles on his face.
  7. you try to start a conversation "Hi." he cringed away, you stared at him for a moment. i extended my hand toward him he fell off his seat trying to get away from you. everyone laughed. "shut up" you told them
  8. "Sorry." i said to him. "It;s not your fault. he muttered the class started
  9. then you go back to your locker and there's someone leaning on it. i walked over and shoved him aside opening my locker. "Hey, you got my letter!" he yelled, "Yeah, and i'm not deaf either."
  10. you look at him nad your eye widen. he's the cutest guy you've ever seen. his chocolate brown hair slighly covered eyes were burning holes right into yours. "uh....

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