how well would you do as a vampire

how many poeple would be good vampires?why would you want to be a vampire?what kind of vampire are you?what would you do if you were a vampire?who would you tell?

where would you live if you were a vampire?what kind of people woudl you want to hang out with for the rest of you life?how long would you stay in one place?

Created by: marissanmeyer

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  1. are you a day time or a night time person
  2. would you kill people or animals
  3. who would you tell
  4. what power is your favorite
  5. what are you afraid of
  6. what is your favorite part of being a vampire
  7. what would you do as a vampire
  8. what would you wear to protect yourself from the sun
  9. who would you want to have with you all the time
  10. would you keep going to high school and college
  11. how long until you would go back to your hometown
  12. where would you live

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