Love and Blood Part 1

This is the ultimate Twilight ripoff! Live an epic vampire love life if you take this quiz!

Who is YOUR vampire boyfriend? Do you have what it takes to date a vampire? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: qwerty

  1. Okay, you are a redhead with hazel eyes and purple glasses.
  2. You are walking to school, you are wearing combat boots, sweatpants, and a shirt that says "meh." You decide to take a shortcut through the forest. You are skipping in the shade when suddenly, a hand appears.
  3. The hand snatches you and pulls you into a cave. The man is a redhead with hazel. Then he does the thing you least expect. He kisses you. You softly push him away. "I am Krak," he says. "Krak Venomaxe. I was sent here to kill you, but-". You never get to hear what he says next, because at that moment, someone punches him while someone else pulls you out of the cave. You black out.
  4. When you wake up you are in a room with lightning bolt wallpaper and a purple closet. You see a guy with wavy brown hair and ocean blue eyes. "I'm Mike," he says. "Joe and I just saved you from an evil servant of Queen Therkla.". "Whoa whoa whoa," you say. "Start from the beginning."
  5. "Start from the beginning?" Mike says. "Okay, well, you see, I'm a vampire.You're a vampire too, seeing as how your mom and dad are. Me, Joe, and Trevor have dedicated our lives to defeating an evil vampire queen who killed our parents and wants to control the world. Krak is her evil agent who was sent to kill you."
  6. "Whoa," you say. "Yeah, well, hey! How would you like to go downstairs for dinner?" Mike says. "What about school?" you say. "Don't worry, you have an excused absence today," Mike says. Then he kisses you. You feel his lips on yours and you can't help but be happy...
  7. You slowly push him away and say, "So, uh, see you downstairs!" "Yeah, see you," Mike says as he leaves the room. You look in your new closet and find the perfect outfit almost immediately. You pick a blue silk evening dress with a green line surrounding the bottom, bronze shoes with serious heels, and cute little silver owl earrings.
  8. You walk downstairs and all the boys just stare. "Oh, um, hey, ______," Mike says, "This is Joe and this is Trevor," he says. Joe has straight brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, where as Trevor has black hair and green eyes.
  9. So you sit down and they serve enchiladas, spaghetti, and broccoli. You say, "So, Mike, do you know anything else about Krak?" Mike replies, "Yeah, he killed my parents because they knew about a secret of the queen's. One basic thing you should know: Krak is evil." You finish your supper and go to bed. When you wake up you get dressed for school and go downstairs. You see Joe and say, "Hi. I'm going to school. Wait, aren't you supposed to come with me?" "No," he says. "I get the day off. You go to school by yourself." You say, "Okay," and go to school the normal way.
  10. When you get to school you go to your locker, dump the stuff you don't need in your locker and head to English class. When you get there you hand your paper to your teacher and sit down in between your two best friends, Katie and Peyton. You do your classwork, get your homework, and are about to leave when the teacher asks to talk to you privately. She leads you to her office and suddenly shoves you against the wall and says...

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