Different Part 1

Ok so this a basically a love story, and this is my very first love story ever so I really hope you like it. Ya I really do hope you will like it if not then I don't know what to say.

Like I said in the first paragraph this is my first quiz. Anyway's I really do hope you will love this quiz I put alot of effort into making this I put my blood, sweat, and tear's into making this well not really, but you get my point.

Created by: stained
  1. Ok first off your seventeen about to get out of school this is the last week ok so you have long black hair with orange and purple highlights your eyes are a forest green mixed with an emerald green color and your name is Crystal. Ok so you wake up take a quick shower and put on your clothes what do you wear?
  2. You decide to walk to school when you get there you see your best friend Audrey (She has long redish/orangish curly hair and fire colored eyes she also has a boyfriend named Trey they been togather since fifth grade and Trey has short brown hair which he keeps cut since it is curly and he hates curly hair also he has sea foam colored eyes XD) You walk up to them and you say: "Hi Audrey, Hi Trey!" Audrey then says: "Hi Crystal!" then the three of you walk to class *TIME SKIP* It is now lunch and you see the new kids sit at the table accross from you, Audrey, and Trey. Trey says: "Hey Crystal why dont you go talk to them they seem nice" you shake your head as a no since your slightly shy Audrey says:"Come on you chicken why dont you go over and talk to them please do it for your best friend!" Audrey looks at you giving you puppy dog eyes "Fine" you say...
  3. So you walk over to them and one looks up at you "Oh hi chika im Carlos take a seat if you want" Carlos says (Carlos has short black hair and light brown puppy dog eyes) you slightly smile and you hesitate a bit but you sit down "Ok so thats Josh" Carlos says (Josh has short brown hair and blueish/greenish eyes) "Thats Christopher" Carlos says(Christopher has shaggy/flippy black hair and emerald green eyes almost like yours) "Thats Jake" Carlos says (Jake has dirty blonde hair and electric blue eyes) "Thats Nathon" Carlos says (Nathon has sandy brown hair with hints of blonde and he has mouse grey eyes) "And thats Alex" (Alex has flippy/shaggy brown hair and sky blue eyes) you nod "Nice to meet you all well im..." Alex cuts you off "We know who you are your name is Crystal" Alex says you look confused "How did you know my name?" you ask still confused Alex just shrugs
  4. *TIME SKIP* Ok so its the end of school and you walk back home you feel as if someone is following you so you instantly stop and turn around quickly you see that it is Jake "Why in the world are you following me" you ask Jake looks at you "Well i was just heading to the park you know its right infront of your of your house right" Jake says you nod and sigh "Well ill be on my way then" you say you continue walking knowing Jake is still following but you just shrug it off then you run into one of the meanest people at school his name is Jacob "Well look at what we have here a little shrimp" Jacob says he pushes you to the ground causing you to drop all your stuff and also causing you to sprang your ankle you hold your spranged ankle "What do you want from me now!" you say "Oh nothing just to watch you die painfully" Jacob says then Jake runs up to Jacob and Jake stands infront of you "Leave her alone now!" Jake snaps Jacob looks at Jake and Jacob punches Jake in the nose then Jake instantly punches Jacob in the stomach knocking the wind out of him also Jake punches Jacob in the face so hard he literally brakes Jacobs face you just stare and quickly gather your stuff and run off with limp when you get a chance Jake sighs knowing you might be scared to even go near him again
  5. Ok so you make it home you sigh and feel very lonely since your parents died in a car crash when you were fourteen you grab a leftover hamburger from the fridge and a Dr.Pepper you quickly eat then you bandage up your ankle
  6. You get ready for your job at a restraunt called T-bones (if you dont know what restraunt it is google it btw im from the south so ya) when you get there you walk to a table to take someones order and you ignore the pain from your ankle you see that its Christopher and you shrug "hello sir have you decided what you would like to drink today?" you ask pretending not to notice its Christopher "I would like coke please" Christopher says without looking up at you, you nod "one coke coming right up" you say you walk to the restraunt kitchen and get him a coke and then you walk back to the booth he is in "here you are sir one coke" you say Christopher finally looks up to take the coke "hmm you look familiar sir have i seen you somewhere" you say still pretending not to know who it is Christopher looks at you with a blank face "hey you do know me im Christopher remeber?" Christopher says you shake your head "no sir i do not know any one by the name of Christopher now are you ready for me to take your order" you ask...
  7. Christopher looks at you and nods "ill take the the T-bone steak and also another one" Christopher says you nod and take the order to the chef and the chef cooks the meal fairly quickly and you take it back to Christopher "ok sir is that all today" you ask "no actually i would like you to have dinner with me" Christopher says you look at him "Ya sure i can start my thirty minute brake now" you say, and you sit down...
  8. *TIME SKIP* so you get back home and you go to be *DREAM MODE* ok so in your dream there are unicorns shooting rainbows out there horns and also dancing to Party in the USA by Mile Cyrus then a ninja comes out of no where and starts doing the catdady (i hope you know what type of dance that is and i hope i spelled it right LOL) also Lady Gaga shows up and shoots the ninga in the head then she shoots Miley Cyrus and the unicorns and she starts singing one of her songs then you wake up
  9. You rub your head "well that was weird" you mutter then you hear something downstairs and you go to check it out when you do you see it is just your pet pitbull named spot (if you want to see what he looks like here is the link [no urls] XD) you sigh in relief since spot came home because he ran away yesterday and you were worried sick because he belonged to your dad when spot was a pup you always did have a special connection with many animals then you hear a knock on the door and spot barks at the door...
  10. Sorry but CLIFFHANGER!!!!
  11. Ok so who do you like so far?
  12. Ok please rate and comment!!!

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