Love story (part 1)

So this is a Love story that I decided to make because I was bored. Its basically about you moving to a different school with some nice (and mean) boys.

This is for any age of a kid. I don't even think many kids will be interested in this but who knows? I wonder when to make the next one. I hope you like it!

Created by: Shelby

  1. Hi guys! Its story time! I know this should be a quiz but I have nothing to do so yeah! Are you ready?
  2. Its a Sunday night and you are laying on your bed on your phone texting your mom who is out at the store. She says that you will have to order pizza or something with her extra credit card (who has a extra credit card?!?!)Have you guys ever seen a man/woman who has a extra credit card cause I haven't!
  3. When the pizza man arrives you answer the door and see a brown haired teenage boy that looks about your age. You look at his badge and it says that his name is Fred. You think 'What should I say? I will say-'
  4. Fred says 'Hello heres your pizza' *if you chose the middle answer last question pretend you didn't* 'Oh thank you. Heres your mone-' 'Wait your new aren't you?' you say 'ye-yes' Fred then says 'have this one free then' You then realize you reconize Fred 'Wait your from my old school! Well we never met but i've seen you before!' Fred then says 'Oh cool! I go to your same school now to, my mother told me. You seem nice well see you at school!' You don't have anything else to say so you wait until he leaves then you shut the door well you walk in. You then-
  5. The next morning you wake to your alarm clock ringing madly. You think "ugh school day" You then get ready. After your done you kiss your mother goodbye and then you think how am I going to get to school? You decide-
  6. You get to school and you don't know where to go when suddenly you hear someone saying 'Hi, you look lost.'. You turn to find a teen boy (again your age) with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. You say~
  7. He then says 'Yeah sure follow me. Oh btw my name is Benny!' You then say 'Oh thank you very much my name is-'
  8. He brings you to the entrance of your class then says 'Well heres the entrance to your class. And watch out for my brother Lenny hes REALLY mean. See you later' He then walks away. You enter your class and sit down at the best spot. You say to yourself-
  9. Later in the cafeteria you sit down next to a guy in a black sweater. He looks at you and rolls his eyes. You then think to yourself-
  10. You then leave and run into-
  11. Thats it for today! You will have to wait for the next part to come out!

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