Teenage Love Story part 7

This quiz is about a girl who's parents are really stict. ( which is you) & 3 boys are now after you! You eliminated Tyler! If you never have took this quiz, please start from the beginning! c:

This quiz is fun & exciting! You just don't know what cute guy to choose! You have Liam with his blond flippable hair! & Nathan who has green eyes & is such a nerd & Jacob, who is such a strong attractive guy!

Created by: Zule

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  1. What guy did you get on part 6? (:
  2. On the last quiz you went to your room and started crying. Remember?
  3. As soon as you ran to your room, start crying,& your bff follows you. "Don't cry! Liam is not worth it at all!" she says. You say :
  4. Then you say: "Please leave me alone, I'll call you later, I'm sorry"
  5. As your bff leaves. You go downstairs to get icecream. Then your mom says : "____ are you okay?" You say: "Yeah" Mom: "Church was fun! You should've came!" You say :
  6. You go upstairs & your phone rings
  7. Its Nathan & he says: "Hey ____, why weren't you in church today? Are you going to church tomorrow afternoon for dinner? Bec-" You interrupted saying :
  8. Whatever you said, he says : "I wanted to ask your dad if we could start dating" You think :
  9. But you say: "Look Nathan, I really do appreciate you being a gentleman but I actually have to think about it."
  10. Nathan says: "It's fine, I understand. I'm not giving up now" You think:
  11. But you say: "Okay Nathan, Bye!" You hang up you go to sleep. Your thinking about...
  12. Its morning! As soon as you wake up, you go to the restroom and brush your teeth. And then go downstairs to the kitchen c:
  13. You see your mom making pancakes, while your dad is sitting down reading the newspapers. He says: "Morning! Guess what?" *with a serious face*
  14. You say: "what?" Dad: "Nathan brought you flowers" You think :
  15. But you say: "Oh why?" *nervously* Dad: "I don't know, you tell me! Why would Nathan bring you flowers? Why? Have you been seeing him lately?" Mom: "Leave her alone! There just friends!" You say :
  16. Then your dad says: "Look sweety, don't mess around with guys. How come Nathan didn't even bother asking me if he could bring you flowers? Liam at least asked me if you could go to his house" ( his so strict)
  17. You say: "But dad, that's Liam. Plus he has a gf already & Nathan, were just close friends. Remember?" But your dad says: "Umn.. You were planning on dating Liam? Go upstairs & think about what you just said"
  18. And you say: "Okay, sorry dad. What time do we go to church in the afternoon?"
  19. Your dad says: "At 4pm, we'll be out of there at night." So you walk upstairs without even eating breakfast.
  20. I'll post part 8 in the afternoon! Haha! Comment if you want something to happen! Thanks!

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