Infusion part 1

Welcome to the first part of Infusion! This story will be a "mash-up" of the series "Teenage Chronicle" by TheRecklessBam and "Don't leave me hanging" by xxblutixx. Thanks to angelic4 for arranging this. It's recommended that you've read both series, but even if you haven't, we hope you can still enjoy the story.

Due to the large amount of characters from both stories, we had to make a few adjustments to the character list, and a slight tweaking to the plot lines. The story starts in the POV of _______ from TRB's Teenage Chronicle. We hope you enjoy!

Created by: TRBandxxBluntixx
  1. "_______, you have to leave." That sentence kept echoing in my head like a bad song lyric as I hurried around my room with Ezra, throwing things into a suitcase and some random bags. Rushing, rushing... it was only maybe an hour ago that Cedric had shown up, unannounced at our front door, and uttered those words. No casual "Nice to see you after all these months" or "Tyler and Max said hi". Nope. He wasted no time in giving us the news...
  2. ... We all already knew Cedric was supposed to be on a super special mission with his son, Tyler, and Max, so seeing Cedric back without Tyler and Max was a warning sign from the start. As soon as he told me that I had to leave, he wasted no further time and began explaining immediately, without even bothering to sit down. He, Tyler, and Max had gone out on a mission due to a rumor that Erika was stirring up allies in new places. Turns out, it was true. She had discovered found a whole new type of magical society... full of semi-immortals, whatever they were, Cedric didn't stop to explain. He continued, telling us about how Erika was now actually ENGAGED to a powerful leader from that society named Blake.
  3. As bad as that news was for us, Cedric explained, there could be a hidden silver lining to this discovery. A couple days ago, Cedric had bumped into a strange blond lady on the sidewalk, and later that day, he discovered a note in his pocket. It was a short letter, requesting a meeting between our two groups in hopes of forming an alliance against Blake and Erika. Additionally, they alluded that they were in possession of important information about me, and that it was no longer safe for me go on without knowing, asking that I meet them too. Cedric did some background research and confirmed that the group was legitimate before coming here, and that's how I ended up here in my room, packing like crazy with Ezra's help while they decided downstairs who else was going to accompany me.
  4. I went through the suitcase, making sure I had everything. "Ezzzraaaa!" I shouted, holding up the pink silk and lace nightgown that 'slipped' into my suitcase, "What is this?" Ezra glanced over and grinned, "Well you have to go to sleep in style. Who knows what kind of boys that other group might have?" I sighed in exasperation, throwing the nightgown out and replacing it with some comfy pj pants and a tank before shutting the suitcase and zipping it up securely. My nerves were stretched tight, and I hadn't even stepped out of the house yet. Ezra grabbed a couple of the bags while I lugged the suitcase downstairs.
  5. Cedric had already left, and Josh was waiting to recieve the bags at the bottom of the stairs. I don't think he was expecting that many bags though because his eyes popped, and he had to make two trips to carry everything outside to the car that was sitting, ready, probably something Cedric brought over. While Josh struggled to fit all the luggage in the car, Ezra and I sat down with Jake and Katherine. "So who are the chosen ones?" I asked. "Alex, Calisto, and Patch," Jake replied, sounding a little disappointed that he wasn't going. Secretly, I was glad that he wasn't because I could see that he still hadn't recovered from the accident. If he was staying, then it made sense that Katherine would want to stay too, and then Josh was probably staying to mend friendships with Jake too. Ezra... well Ezra probably would be better off here since she just got reunited with Cory and all. "We're ready," Calisto announces, coming into the room with Patch, Alex, and Josh.
  6. It's a whole hour later that you finally get in the car, and Calisto starts driving. The goodbyes definitely took a chunk of that time, but it was mostly due to Alex wanting to drive and hiding the keys as a way to protest... only, he forgot where the keys were, so everyone had to go on a house-wide search for the keys, eventually finding them in a pizza box in the fridge.
  7. ** I was finally getting close to the moment. The moment were I was finally going to meet the girl with the news that was going to 'change my life'. Should I feel nervous or excited? I felt a combination of both. "You okay?" Patch asked from the seat beside me. I nodded my head. I had left the only home I had two days ago. We've been driving ever since. Cedric had said it was safer if I just drove to met the other group rather than take an airplane to a vampire city all by myself because that's where I was going. A vampire city. In reality, to mortals, it was known as Seattle, Washington. But to the immortal and magic world, it was known as Vampire City.
  8. "Are we there yet?" Alex asked Calisto. "We should be there by morning. I just gotta stop and get some gas." He said pulling off from the empty highway and into a lonely looking gas station. It was already night out and the only lights keeping it from being a black out, were the dim lights in the gas station. Calisto stopped next to a gas pump and jumped out of the car. Patch stared past me and to the station to my right. I looked to see what he was looking at. I didn't see anything. Which was wrong because I didn't even see the cashier. Calisto was filling the tank with gas and Patch jumped out of the car. "Something's wrong." I heard Patch say in a low voice to Calisto. They both looked around in the darkness. I heard a hiss from far away and looked out the window. I saw two guys standing in front of the door leading to the store. Only they weren't normal men, they were both vampires. That's how I knew we were close to Seattle
  9. "You get right, I got left." Patch said to Calisto as they walked up to the vampires. Alex's eyes flashed red and he jumped out of the care to help. I sat alone in the car silently watching them approach the vampires. I couldn't hear anything but I saw one of the vampires say something, and it seemed to have pissed of Patch because in a second, he was dead. The other one looked at Patch in horror and tried to run but wasn't fast enough. Alex had finished him off just as fast as the other one. Calisto walk to the gas pump and grabbed a plastic canister full of gas. He went back and handed it to Patch who poured the whole thing onto the two bodies lying on the pavement. Alex pulled out matches and lit one throwing it on the bodies. They instantly caught on fire and flames were burning wildly.
  10. I forgot how much Patch has changed. Not as much as everyone thinks, but to me he has. In better ways though. Its hard to explain but its just how I feel. He's also became a vampire hunter. We found out about a month ago that Patch's mom was Alive until he was 12. He watched her get carried away on a gurney when he was 6 and they had told him that she had died, but that wasn't the truth. No one had told him. No one had said anything. She died of blood loss. To humans it was just a normals OD or some sort of accident, but once Cedric said blood loss, we all knew he really meant a vampire had killed her. It really messed with Patch. He was so sad. Knowing that he could have seen his mother, could of helped her. He thinks that if he would have known that she were still alive, that he could have saved her.
  11. The guys got back into the car and Calisto started driving again. We were back on the empty highway speeding. It was quiet most of the car ride. No one knew what to say or what to talk about. Well not at the moment. Usually we'd be laughing or joking around but I knew that every time Patch had taken down a vampire he would only think about his mother and what could have changed. I saw city lights in the distance and I knew we were getting there really soon. It was late though and tomorrow was the day I was meeting the girl. My eyes grew heavier by the minute and they slowly closed together.
  12. ** I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was shaking me. I opened my eyes and saw Calisto outside of the car with the door open. "We're here." He gave me a comforting smile. I stretched and got out of the car. We were parked in front of a huge hotel, which was in a big city. Patch was at the front desk asking for a room and Calisto and Alex were unpacking our bags. It was cold outside so I walked inside to Patch. "Here you go, sir. Room 528." The man handed Patch a key. He nodded in return and then faced me. "Ready?" He asked. "I think so," I replied and all of us walked over to the elevators. They're were about 8 or 9 elevators which were coming and going like crazy. The one we were waiting for finally came and the doors opened. Once they were fully open I saw a guy my age maybe a year older standing there with something in his hand. It looked like a list. He had black hair and gorgeous gray eyes.
  13. He looked at me and then walked out. As soon as he did Alex and Calisto shoved all of our stuff in and we crammed into the elevator. "How many beds are there? Because I am not sharing with anyone of you guys again." I said. Alex always farted, Calisto snored really loudly, and Patch would always end up on my side of the bed. "Not sure but were going to have to share." Patch replied. I groaned. It wasn't always bad sharing the room with the guys but sometimes I just couldn't handle it. Once we reached the 12th floor we carried all our stuff and searched for our room. "Here we are." Calisto said in front of a door. Patch pulled out the key and shoved it into the knob turning it and unlocking it. He opened the door and we carried our stuff inside. "Hey guys," Patch said as he walked inside. My ears shot up. "Who is he talking to?" I asked Calisto. "The girl we were going to meet up with." He replied. "What is she doing in our room?" I asked. Calisto laughed. "Patch didn't tell you huh?" He stared at me. I stared at him completely confused. "It's her room. We're sharing a room with them." He said to me as he walked in.
  14. I stood in the hallway for a moment wondering how we were all going to stay here. I walked in lastly and shut the door behind me. "oh." I said to myself looking around the huge room. There were at least 4 bedrooms maybe even more and the living room was huge. "Hi," I heard a girl say from my right. I turned and saw a girl my age. She had straight, long brown hair and bright green eyes. "Hi.." I replied. "I'm Lyla." She smiled at me. "Im ____." I introduced myself. "This is Jack," She pointed to a guy a little older then us. He had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. "Nice to finally meet you all," Jack smiles. "Thats Justin," She pointed to a guy with brown hair and brown eyes. "Oh! and that's Kris." She looked at the door behind me and I turned around as someone was walking in. It was the guy with black hair and grey eyes that I saw in the elevator.
  15. He was carrying a bunch of food. "Perfect! I'm hungry," Alex said and took the bag from Kris who was staring at him intently. "Alex!" I scowled at him for being so rude. "What? I'm hungry." He searched the bag of food. I rolled my eyes at him. After Calisto and Patch put all of our stuff into our room they came back out and sat next to Kris and Justin. "So whats the news?" I asked. I was eager to find out the news. I mean I traveled pretty far for this. Jack came and stood by Lyla. "Oh the news," Jack said amused. "Yes, that's what I said." I replied a little to harshly. I was just growing impatient. "Well about a week ago we found out something big," She explained. "we found out that you're the Milia." She said. "We're not the only ones who know though. Blake also knows and now that he does, you're in big danger."

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