Lost Love part 1

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Hey, welcome! This is part 1 of my new series, and i hope you all enjoy it!

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Created by: Lorren128
  1. The sound of my heart pulsing through my veins. The way the gravel rushed beneath my feet. My breath quickening to a huff. My forehead, dripping from sweat. My eyes, frantically trying to find an escape. Run down apartments stained by graffiti went by. I heard yelling behind me, but i didn't dare to stop. I was running away from something, and my body told me to keep going forward. That yelling quickly turned into screams, and those screams stopped abruptly. My legs were getting tired, and i turned in-between building, hoping that the darkness with hide me. I bent over and put my hands on my knees, breathing harder than i ever had before. I heard a beer bottle being broken from behind me, and i whipped around. I couldn't see anything, but an old, beat up dumpster. I pressed my body up against one of the buildings and squeezed my eyes shut. "please don't see me, please don't see me..." I whispered to myself. I turned my open hands into fists. The atmosphere seemed seemed too still, and i didn't like it. Footsteps crept towards me, and I knew that it saw me. Within seconds, I felt hot breath in my face. The air shifted, and I sensed the thing put both of its hands on the wall by my face. I squeezed my eyes even tighter, and my breath quickened more. Silence followed for a few more seconds, and I got even more terrified. My body began to quiver, and I heard a slight chuckle. "Why do you think I would hurt you?" A hushed males voice whispered in my ear.
  2. His breath soothed down my nerves, and I began to relax. I knew that voice, but from where, I didn't know. "There, that's better." A smile filled his voice. A slight pause. "But, however, this time, I might have to." His voice hardened and a slight inhuman growl escaped his lips. Pressure was put against my stomach, followed my pain. I let out a soft gasp, everything happened so quickly. He grasped my face with one hand, put his lips against mine, and left me. I slid down onto the ground, putting my hands on my stomach. I opened my eyes, but I couldn't see what he did. My hands were wet and sticky. I put back the pressure on my stomach and leaned my head against the wall. My breath slowed down, my legs felt numb, and my eyes began to feel heavy. Footsteps hurriedly came towards my direction, and I gulped. He came back, he wants to finish the job. But these footsteps sounded lighter than his. I heard a quick intake of breath, and a quiet "oh god, please no..." Great, another male. The air shifted as he knelt down in front of me. He gingerly put one hand on my shoulder and the other on my face.
  3. I opened my eyes a bit more, to see if I could make out any features on his face. Dark green eyes with freckles of gold, a worried and anger look set in. A rugged jaw line, tightened with fury. I couldn't see much else, my eyes getting blurry. "Please, do not close your eyes, stay with me, please!" He put his own hand on my stomach, and the pain stopped. I looked down, and there was a faint glow coming from underneath his fingertips. I glanced back up at his face. His eyes were closed, and his forehead furrowed in concentration. I got the feeling that I knew this man too, just like the other. He felt me watching him, and he looked into my eyes, and gave a slight, sad smile. His lips were full, and soft looking. I quickly looked away, embarrassed for thinking of that. His smile grew bigger, and he shook his voice. "You were always the shy type." He said, mostly to himself. He looked back down and the faint glowing appeared again. "Wh-what are you doing?" I managed to ask. My lips were dry and my throat was burning. He didn't answer for some time. He looked back up and bluntly said "saving your life."
  4. I nodded my head, a confused and some what scared expression settled into my face. Saving my life? What exactly does that mean? That thought quickly left my mind however, when he picked me up and started to walk deeper into the darkness. "Where are you taking me?" Trying to sound concerned and angry, but it came out tired. "To my place, you need resting, and that ground didn't look to comfortable." "Oh, yea, that makes sense." He laughed softly, and looked down at me. His gazed moved towards my lips, he sighed, and he looked back up. The gentle movement of him walking was putting me to sleep, so I laid my head against his chest. His heart beat gradually sped up when I did this, but it soon went back down. I soon fell to sleep.
  5. That is where (unfortunately) i am going to stop so far. I know, its short, but i dont want to give away too much! Tell me if its good, and if I should continue?
  6. Rate and comment. However, please dont be rude and unkind, only helpful and encouraging words are welcome!
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  10. Enjoy Life!

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