Tough Romance part 9

Hi part 9 is here! Hope you enjoy it! Is it Jacob or Matthew? You might die from saving them from the demonic Lily. But who? Who do you love the most?

Hi hope you enjoy the quiz and have a good time. Have a moment of sliemce for Chris Draft today....He lost someong really special today so if you don't like him for some reason, give him some slack....he lost someone really close to his heart....

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. You look at yourself in the mirror of the evening on the ball. You have a white dress on(looks like Princess Auroa's most people know her the name by sleeping beauty) and you have a flower head band over your hair right above your small two braids wrapping around your head. You notice that you changed over the period of time. You seem to have a small glow behind you. Your eyes sparkle more then ever and your lips are a light red color. You look more beautiful then ever. You hear a knock on your door. "Come in." You say. The queen opens the door and enters. "You look beautiful ____" she said. For this evening she had a silver dress that glided across the floor like a flapping bird as she walked. Her hair held on top a dimoned silver crown.(The dress look's like Bells from beauty and the beast and she is wearing a necklace like Auroa's but its silver. Even though people color it silver when its gold! Get it right people! And thats her castle in disney land! Not Cinderella's! Sorry getting off track here!)
  2. "I see that the yellow gem is back." She said. You nodded and rose your hand on a hair brush. It shattered to pieces and you moved your hand side to side. The thousends of pieces move the same direction. Like a reflection. You cupped the dust and it went back together as one single brush. "Your learning your powers well." The queen smiled. "I just need to find Matthew's true love and I'll have all of my powers." You said. The queen smiled "Now come on, its time for the ball." You two left your room and went outside to the ball. Unlike other kingdoms this kingdom likes to have it's balls outside so they can have nice fresh air. "Its the perfect place to find Matthew's true love." You think. You meet every girl and the voice that warned you of Lily and the voice from the women in white echoed in your head. Telling you that Matthew's true love was not here. "How could she not be here? The whole town is here!" You think. Matthew walks to you and holds his hand out to you. "Would you like to dance with me ___?" He smiled. You looked at him. You looked at his eyes and your heart couldn't stand it anymore. "I can't do it. I'm sorry Matthew..." You walk past him with tears running down your cheeks. You run to the garden. Matthew follows you. "____whats wrong? You don't like me?" He asked worried.
  3. "No Matthew I don't like you...." you say. He looks heart broken and he's about to leave when you say "I love you.....but I'm not your true love..." You turn around and tears fall down your cheeks. You can't stand to look at him telling this. You explain everything that you found out. You told him everything and finished saying "and the light being can't have neither of the three boys.....because she's not their true love....." You choked. Matthew was silent. You thought that he left but to your surprise he hugs you from behind. "I love you ___. I don't care what the story says. Your my true love. I want to be with you. Even if you die....I don't care....I love you for you...I don't care about Lily, the story, or the gems or your powers. All I know is that I want to be with you." He hugged you tighter. You turned around to look at him. You smiled and kissed him. He hugged you tighter and you hugged him. When you could barely breathe the same voices pop up in your head "You have found his true" you then felt a source of energy come into you. You feel a burn in your chest. You scream. Matthew looks at you worried and says "whats wrong?"
  4. The three gems glow with great power. You feel the power go straight into your chest. It goes through your blood. Past your heart. Through your entire body. You hear the voices say "cup your hands together..." Painfully you do. Then a burst of light comes into your hands. The energy in your body focuses all in those cupped hands. Then the powerful energy forms into a white rose in your hand. Its a bud and quickly it forms into a pure white rose.
  5. You look at the rose. You feel as if it's part of you. Like part of your spirit is in it. Matthew kisses you and puts the rose in your hair. "You look beautiful." He said. He put his hand on your cheek. You two then kissed and the stars in the night sky shine brighter then before. You then dance with him and have a joyful time with him. You drank some wine and explained everything that happened to the queen. Her face brightened at the thought. She hugged you and whispered in your ear "You found his and your true love..." Then it was midnight. You sat next to Matthew. He held your hand and you held his. You looked at each other. You smiled. Your glad that you came. Forgetting about what everything happened in that one single night. The king stood and said "It is time to meet our new Kinght!" Everyone waited egarly for the new knight of the palace. You heard foot steps of armor. Then you saw a young man in a chain mail. He had a sword at hand. You reconized his face. His short curly brown hair with his orange yellow brown eyes. It was your friend Jake. You held your breath. He looked hotter then when you saw him last time. He was taller and more muscular. You think "He really did it. He became a knight! And he's going to be working in the palace! Wow we have a lot of catching up to do! But wait. He's a knight. That means that he's going to be really busy guarding the palace." He bowed down to the king and gave him his sword. He was on his knees and the king grabbed the sword "I declare you, Jake L. Fernades a knight of the kingdom! You shall protect the palace with your life." The king put the sword on his shoulder and said "Rise." Jake did, "You are now a knight of the palace son." The king handed the sword back to him. Everyone cheered. The queen clapped and smiled. Later you and Matthew walked around the palace.
  6. You two walked to his room and talked. "So light being huh? Matthew said. You nodded. "And you found everyone's true love?" Matthew continued. You nodded. "Well I don't know what to do next." You say. "I do..." He picked you up and brought you on his bed. He tickled you and you laughed. Your heart thumped. He kissed you on the neck and up to your lips. You hugged him tightly. He let go. He smiled "sorry didn't know what got over me." You got off of the bed to close the door. You walked back to the bed and sat across from him and kissed him. He hugged you tightly. You were about to more forward in the kissing but he stopped. He kissed your neck. "I love you..." You layed your head on his shoulder. "I love you." He hugged you tightly. You almost couldn't breath. But you liked it that way. You went back to kissing. You stopped and layed your head on his shoulder. Then you drifted off into sleep. You felt heing carried to your room and onto your bed. You drank way too much wine. You felt Matthew kiss you on the forhead. and leave closing th door behind him. You had sweet dreams this night. Not like you always had sweet dreams when Lily stopped bothering you. But this was the best dream. You dreamed of being buried in the arms of Matthew. Playing around and Jacob and Mary are watching you two play around. You have such a fun time.
  7. The next day you hang out with Matthew again. Everyone in the castel seems happier again. You see Jacob trying to teach Mary how to play chess. Mary, you and the queen have more talkative tea time talks. And your time with Matthew is like a dream come true. Now its just time to wait for Lily to strike. You meet up with Jake once. You talked about your adventures in the palace. But you didn't tell him about Lily and you being the light being. You enjoy seeing your childhood friend again. You walk in the garden with Matthew. You still have your white rose. It hasn't died yet. You kiss underneath the old tree where Cassidy and Jacob had their little renion. You would see Cassidy so often watching Jacob admireably. Then you and Matthew have a talk about everything that went on since you got here. You talk about all of the happy times. You laugh when he whispers in our ear. It all alone seemed perfect. You fall asleep under the tree with your head laying on Matthew's chest.
  8. You dream of walking around the palace. Its like any ordinary day. You have tea time with Mary and the queen. You see Jacob and Mary playing chess and you walk with Matthew and you talk with Jake. You walk into the study to look for a poetry book. As you look around you hear a thud. You turn around and see Richard. He looks so weak and injured. Lily walks to him smileing "Wow, for a cute smart boy you put up a pretty good fight." She flirted. Richard spitted out what seemed to be blood. He smiled cleverly "Well thanks I've gain a lot of powers since my death." She walked over to him and put her hand on his cheek and said flirty in his ear "How about I make you a deal. Help me and I'll stop toying with you. Think about it your going to lose cause you are fueled on happyness and joy. But your not able to get that here are you?" The world around them fades to pure darkness(like on spongebob in the old one with the weird time machine and squidward gets stuck in the white endless world? Imagine that but its darkness)Richard looked down as if her words got to him. Like she was putting him under a spell. She continued, "How about you join me and we could be together. I really really like you, you know?" She smiled Richard looked at her and said "I reather have my soul be deatoryed then join you willingly." She got up and sighed. "I really liked you. I don't wanna do this but you made me do so. Keep that in mind." He got up in a defencive stance. "Give me all you got." She stepped back and big flumes of darkness goes towards him. His sheild of light pops up and trys to defend him but its weak and so is he. It breaks away and he drowns in the waves of darkness.(Like yuri in the second to last episoide but there is no hand to save him.) She smiled satified. "You know I liked you a lot." She turned towards you and smiled "Well your little helper couldn't defend you for that long could he? He's gone....long gone.....he's now mine..."
  9. Hi thats the last part of 9! Hope you enjoyed and part 8 will be out as soon a possible!
  10. Hi this is the last part. Sorry its shorter then the others but this morning I read an article on Yahoo and found out that Chris's draft's wife died today from lung was the month after their wedding. I read what they (I guess what they read at the wedding like their vows or something.) And it almost made me cry. They just got married and you can tell their love is like no other. Just pray for have a beautiful home in heaven and that for Chris Draft to remember the good memories. That is all.

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