Tough Romance part 4

Hi! No need to fear! Part 4 is here! So who are you with? Richard the Oyoama looking guy with hazel colored eyes and chestnut brown hair; he's smart, clever and quiet. Or is it Jacob, the Obi Wan ahir looking guy with dirty blond hair and sky blue eyes; he's cheerful and funny! Or is it Matthew? The black noda's hair guy with green eyes and is mysterious and secretive with a sad past?

Hi I hope you enjoy my quiz and have a great time with it. I hope you like the story so far and I don't mind if you coment or not. But it will help me continue on with the story!

Created by: Wolfygirl
  1. You put your ear against the door to listen to the voices. You hear Lily singing "walking though a meadow, walking through a meadow. I have fun when I'm with you." she humms the rythm. You hear Matthew say "what are you doing here I thouht you moved on to someone else." Lily giggled "I'm sorry but I can't get my mind off of you. I like you a lot." Lily said in a low voice. Matthew then said "look I found out what you did behind my back." You touched the door then all or a sudden you were in there but they couldn't see you, you tried to touch the couch but your hand went through it. You poked your head out the door and see you in your same position. With your ear to the door listening on what they are seeing. "Am I a ghost?" You say to yourself. You went back into the room and Lily and Matthew are still having their conversation. "Come on you said everyone can be forgiven..." Lily went closer to Matthew. His eyes showed that he loved her and anger replaced them. "Look for what you do that can't be forgiven." He stood up and was about to leave and Lily grabbed his arm. "Please, you said that we could be together. We would rule the Kingdom together." Matthew looked at her and said "your a dark entity. I found out what you lure people into your traps and torture them into becoming like you.....thats too cruel and I was about to fall for that..." Lily let go and looked at him with mad eyes. They then turned to sadness. "Come one Matt.....give me one more chance..." she touched his shoulder. She tried to advance but he pulled away and was leaving to the door. Then like that you were in your own body. You heard his foot steps and you ran to the study and pretened to be reading. Unfortianly you crashed into Richard.
  2. "Well hold on there horsy. No need to run around." Richard smiled. You blushed and got off of him and grabbed a random book and started to read. Richard caought on and pretend to look for a book. Matthew came in and looked at Richard. "Richard, can I speak with you in private?" he said serious. Richard looked at you and you left. The door behind you closed with a slam. You went into the game room. There was Lily on the balcony looking at the sky. She had her black dress on with black ribbons. Her eyes were red. You got that strange force like from the door before. A more genteler voice echoed in your head "leave, its not safe..." but you pushed it away and walked next to Lily. She saw you at the corner of her eyes and her dress quickly turned back to pink with the red ribbons and red blouse. "Hi ____ how are you?" she said cheerfully. "Good how about you." you said pretending that you saw and heard nothing. "I'm good. Hey if you really liked someone what would you do to get together with him?" she asked. You thought for a minnute and said "just get to know him and have fun with him." you say. "but what if that already happened and you did something that was terrible and broke his heart because of what you are?" she said burring her mouth in her arms. "Thats a tough one...." you say. "You can get back to me on that one." She said. She seemed so sad and depressed. "Did she really love him? Is she really a dark being who did bad things that were unforgivable? What happened?" you thought to yourself. She smiles and says "I you need me I'll be in the room across from you!" She walked away and left you alone. You looked at the night stars. They sparkled so dimly. Like they too, were depressed. You to a breath and walked back inside. You walked back to your room and went to sleep wondering about what you heard. You wake up and get dressed in a orange dress with a choppy skirt. You didn't mind it made it look like a bunck od leaves tied together and like a big group of a rae orange feathered bird. You made your hair into a braid being held with a pearl hair tie. Your shoes were boots this time because you planned on going outside. You went down the steps and noticed a note on a plate form. "'I'm leaving to work in the kingdom and help the people with dad okay?' signed by the queen and king. the next one said 'left to look for more books' signed Richard. and the last one said 'going to tyr and find a teacher for advance chess. Look out Richard!' sighned by Jacob.
  3. You walk around and see Lily about to leave. "Good morning Lily" you say. She smiles and says "good mornng to you!" she was wearing a long skinny blue dress with a purple ribbon around her waist, neck and wrist. She alseo had a bow in her hair. "Are you going somewhere?" She asked. You shook your hand and said "no, are you." She seemed disappointed. but said cheerfully "yeah, I'm going across to town to visit a friend! Haven't seen him in a while." You nod and say "see you later then." and she waves good bye and leaves. You walk around and have you breakfest. You walk up to the game room and saw Matthew. You wanted to get to know him more. But you didn't know where to start. He was writing in his journal. "Hi" you squeeked. He looked at you and you couldn't see his eyes because if his bangs. "so mysterious, ___stop thinking that just get to know him today.." you thought. He said "Hi, your painting is nice you know that.
  4. "Thanks" you said. "What inspired you to make a fine pieace of art?" He asked. You stutter "I'm I'm not sure one night I just felt like painting." you say then a question popped up in your head "hey were you the one who helped me get out of the room through the night?" He looked at you and said "yes". "Thanks...' there was silence. Then you said "would you like to walk around the palace?" He looked at you an nodded. Then you two walked around the palace together. It was quiet for a while. After awhile you two walked outside. You didn't know how to start a conversation. Then you said "do you like poetry?" he looked at you and he said "yes I like poetry." "Whats your favorite part about it?" you asked. "Its fun to write how you feel in a figure of speech and people try to find out your feeling." You thought "well he's well educated like Richard. Lets see I can get more out of him..." you thought. "what do you like about it?" he asked. "To me its like a puzzle. You have to go through clues to find out the meaning." He nodded as he agreed. You two kept on talking about poetry then you got a strange feeling again. Like someone is watching you. You continue walking and go back into the game room. You ask him"what happened? Between you and the girl you loved?" he looked at you ask if he exspected it. "I found out that she did vary bad things....I went to confess to her about it but I found out what she really was and that hse was just using me." You look at him. He seemed ad and depressed like that he still loved her but he knew that his heart would just be broken. You touch his hand and say "you'll find who will love you for you and you'll love her for her." He looked at you with new hope in his eyes. "I guess your right...Its just hard to move on I guess..." He said.
  5. You smile and leave. Everone comes back from whatever they were doing. Lily looked at you at dinner with hateful eyes. Her dress again turned black and so did her ribbon and her eyes started to glow red. But quickly she looks back to normal and as cheery as ever. You hang out with a boy each day. Getting to know him more. Jacob is funny and makes you laugh and forget all your worries. Richard and you hanged out in the study togther and one day had a ink fight(ink being thrown at each other) your dress got stained and Richard apologized over and over but you pretend to still be mad at him. You and Matthew have a couple of walks and talk about randowm stuff. You actually found out that you have a lot in common with him. Lily and you hang out and talk about your day. But you and Mary are more closer friends. You two would have tea with the queen at least once a day at the evening talking about your day. You grow closer to everyone especially the boys. Like they are more then friends to you. Time past and winter soons turns into the bloomings of spring. The garden's flowers bloom roses, lily's(not lily the flower) sun flowers, small breaths, tropical flowers that got lots of water and so much more (imagine all of the beautiful flowers). You walked in the garden practically every day whenever you can. You had made many great meories at the palace.
  6. One day you hanging out with Jacob. Your playing around in the grass. You feel so kiddish. But your having a great time. You are wearing your short red dress that was tight on you. You are wearing red slippers and you have a scarf around your neck. You and Jacob lay on the grass together side by side. Your looking at the sky. Jacob found a bloomed flower from the apple tree. He climbed it and put it gentely in your hair. You feel his nice warm hand. He puts his other hand on your cheek and says "I like you _____. A lot.....I just want to try something..." Then next thing you know he kisses you on the lips. You want to kiss him back but you don't. He lets go of you and there is only silence.
  7. He leaves and soon you do too. You eat dinner and go to sleep. You wake up and get dress in a yellow libarian like dress with a dimond pin holding you hair back. You walk to the study and see Richard on the third floor. He was wearing a scholor like clotheing that had a yellow tunic with a white shirt and brown pants. You two go through books and Richard puts on his glasses. It made him look so cute(like Ahikko Kocobunji from chobits with his glasses)He didn't wear them before *even though he need them* because people in town started to think he had some type of disorder. But all it was that he can't see things vary far or that are small and a lot of the books he reads have small words. So you made him feel comfortable again wearing glasses when he reads and it makes him look even cuter. "So what are you looking for?" you ask, He looks at you and takes off his glasses to look at you and he said "I think I may have found what I'm looking for..." he looks at you with nice sweet eyes. Your heart thumps rapidly and he is about to reach when you say "Richard I'm sorry I need time to think!" you say but he doesn't reach for you he pulls out a book from the shelf. "What do you mean?" he asked sounding confused. "Oh I was thinking that I read that book and its not that good. Here read this one." You pull out some random book and hand it to him. He looks at the title and says "vary interesting title. Oh and its by my favorite author. Thank you ______" you smile and leave. You look back and you see that he did mean to kiss you at that moment.
  8. You think about how they looked at you in the eyes. They both showed love. But why are you holding back. You love them to deathbut why can't you handle one single kiss? You walked and bumped into Mary she smiled and you told her about what happened with you and Jacob and with Richard. Mary's purple eyes look at you and anger seems to fill up in them but she force kind words "Maybe they are confused or somthing. But do you love them?" she asked. "I love them both to death but I'm so confused...." you say. "I;m no love master or anything but follow your heart. No matter what." she hugs you and you say your thanks and walk to your bed room. You go to sleep.
  9. You meet Matthew at the garden and have a great time. Everyone left to go to town or are running errans. It was just you and Matthew. You look at him and touch him and say "tag! Catch me if you can!" you start running and he runs after you. You laugh and he smiles. He grabs your waist and pulls you down. You land on top of him. He then just gets on top of you and your lips are about to touch. But he stops. You two get up and feel akward. That night you lay in your bed. You look at the ceiling and thing "I love them all to death. I feel so torn between them. Like a bee not knowing what type of flowers to choose. I could choose the big red rose. Its nice and cheery and funny. But there is also the small yellow rose. Its sweet and smart and clever. But then there is the dark blue one. It seems depressed and like a pupy who just wants love. Who do I choose.......
  10. Yup sorry guys this is the end. But no worries theres gona be a part 5! It probably wont be out until tomarrow morning at least. If its tonight then I'm surprised that I type fast! Hope you enjoyed!

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