18th century romance part 6

PART 6 OF MY SERIES!!!!! i hope you guys are enjoying this. and i hope this quiz will make up for the boring one :-)

this part will be VERY crazy :-) i hope you like it. please rate and comment :-)

Created by: elisabeth

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  1. you come back from the shopping trip and your aunt greets you. she asks how the shopping went and tells you that she has arranged for the five of you to go on a tour of the country side.
  2. " the fifth person is Stephen" your aunt tells you. before you can ask any more questions, Elisabeth grabs your arm and you two race to your rooms.(thank goodness the boys didn't see)
  3. "so who is Stephen?" you ask Elisabeth. she blushes and says "oh, just an old friend.." you can see that its way more than that. "oh come on,who is he? your boyfriend?" you ask her. "well...i don't know. "
  4. "OK fine!" she says with a giggle. "i like him..but I'm not sure he likes me back." you see her cheeks turn red. "we will see on this trip" you tell her."trust me, i can see when a guy likes someone" you say with a smile.
  5. you decide to wear your new outfit and go on the tour.it appears that one carriage is not enough.you, Elisabeth,Alexander,Eugene and Stephen get into the carriages.
  6. you are in the carriage with Elisabeth and Alexander. you are enjoying your tour and the country side fascinates you more and more. "so, what do you think of the country side?" Alexander asks you.
  7. the tour continues in the forest. as you are riding through the forest, you hear twigs and branches snap. you assume it is just the horses stepping on twigs.
  8. suddenly, the coach stops. you look out the window and see a, rather large, group of men in masquerade masks surrounding the coach. Alexander tells you and Elisabeth to stay inside.
  9. you hear a pistol being shot. your heart nearly stops. "one step closer and i will shoot all of you." you hear Alexander say. then the carriage door open.you almost scream. it is Stephen.
  10. "come on. we're getting you girls out of here while we still can" he says looking at Elisabeth with worried eyes." how bad is it?" she asks him."its not too bad" he replies.you see that he doesn't want her to worry.
  11. sorry but i couldn't help myself :-D

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