Tough Romance part 10

Hi part 10 is out! Hope you enjoy and who are you for?! Jacob, Matthew or Richard?! Lets see what happens with the palace and Lily. What is her next move? Can you figure it out?!

Hi hope you enjoy the quiz and comment if you please. It helps! I hope you like this one and will be wanting the next one! Hope you enjoy and have a nice day/night!

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. You open your eyes from your small nap. Your head is on Matthew's chest. He fell asleep. You realized that it was night time. You looked up at the sky. They seemed no longer bright. They seemed sad. Their light was dim and you could barely see them. You got up. Trying not to wake up Matthew. He seemed so sexy. His black hair hanging over the side. Covering the top part of his closed green eyes as he layed with his back on the tree. His chest rose up and down as he breathed. You didn't want to leave him but you had a feeling that you need to go to Richard's grave. You got up silently. You kissed Matthew on his head and wlked to the grave yard. You saw the newest grave. It was made out of stone and said "Richard M. Penical." Below it it read "1701-1718" You looked at the new roses in the vase for the grave. You touched the grave softly. With one single finger you touched Richard's name. You saw visions of his memories. When he was born, as he grew up, it showed him when he was three and he used a chair to take out the book for the three ceilings to open up. He always spent time in the study and it showed him when he was 8. (He kinda looks like Ayato Naoi from angel beats when he was a kid. Except for the hair and eyes. But in a scholor clothing. Great show and funny character by the way)He oulled out the book and it just went on from his life. It showed him when he was 12 and he held the book that Lily stole. He put it in its hiding place. He would read it every so often. Then it showed when he met you. It showed your little in war and it showed his happy times with Mary. It showed him being thrown by Lily. It showed all of his bad times. You smiled. Then it ended. You smiled. You looked at one rose shocked. It was black. Pure black. You touched it and saw a different vision.
  2. The vision showd Richard in a chair. He was chained to it. It was dark a around him. (Like from spongebob with the time machine and squidward gets stuck in that weird endless white world? Thats the place but instead of it being whit its black.) His eyes were closed as he was sleeping. Lily walked to him and smiled "He's really cute. I'm surprised that I choose Matthew. This guy he's just better....His eyes, his hair, his intelligance, his great cleverness. Why didn't I see this before." She got close to him and looked at him admireably. "He really is cute..." Lily smiled. "Matthew history. This is what I need. A new little companion, just what I wanted Matthew to be. But why didn't I see this before? Why didn't I see his power inside of him earlier?" She said confused. She seemed to be in love with him. She touched his cheek and he opened his eyes. His eyes widened with anger(Kinda like when in angel beats Angel came and Naoi saw her at the corner of his eye. His eyes were just normal and then they widen when he saw her. Imagine that but his eyes show anger and disgust.) She smiled and said "How was your little sleep little gooey bear?" He looked at her and said nothing. "So do you change your mind?" She asked. "Joining the dark side? Let me think again. Ahhh how about no?" He said. She smiled and went to the end of his chains and pulled hard and his chest was being squished. It becam harder for him to breathe. "How about now?" Lily smiled. She walked right behind him and put her arms around his neck. She rested her head right next to him. Richard replyed "Nope" She sighed. And let him go of her arm grip. She pulled out a knife and started to sharpen it.
  3. "How about you join me and I wont have to do this." Lily said as she finished sharpening her knife. Richard smiled and said "The dark side? I'm sorry but its just not my thing." She then stabbed him through the back and through his chest. Right where his heart would be if he was alive. He yelped in pain. She pressed a small black jewel on the knife and some weird black stuff went inside of Richard. He closed his eyes in pain. He painfully opened one eye. She pulled out the knife. Light bursted out of Richard. He yelped in pain. When the wound healed Richard looked at the ground painfully. His eyes were half tired because he was weak and in pain. Lily whispered in Richard's ear "Come on, you know you can't resist it..." He looked at her and said "I rather die a hundred times." Lily sighed and said "Have it your way." Then after hundreds of painful stabs she stopped. Richard's light aura started to flicker. Lily sat on his lap and touched his cheek gently. She stroked some hair out of his eyes. Even though he was in pain he still looked cute. It made him look even hotter with his hair in his eyes. She kissed his cheek and said "Come on. I don't wanna torture you. Like I said I liked you a lot. Right from the start...But you never gave me a chance. Matthew saw part of one side of me. But you could see the other side." She came closer to him. Richard tried to look away. "He's starting to fall underneath her spell.." The voices said. of the woman in white and the ones that warned you of Lily.
  4. "Richard don't fall for it!" You yell. But they couldn't hear you. This was just part of the past of the other side. Lily came closer to him. She kissed him on the lips. He tried to get away from her but the chains prevented him from doing so. She stilled his head and stopped kissing him. She put her head on his shoulder and said innocently "Will you join me?" He looked at her with disgust in his eyes he said "My heart belongs to my love Mary. No matter what torture you put me through I will always belong to her. Never you; you can never replace her." he said loudly and truthfully. Lily looked at him and grew angry. "I guess I do have to force you." Her red eyes glowed. Her hair floated and then a burst of darkness went straight into his eyes. He opened them and before him stood Mary and her silver hair. Her big beautiful purple eyes stared at him. She smiled. His eyes grew wide with shock. He couldn't belive it at all. Mary touched his cheek gently smiled. He just stared at her in disbelief. Then she touched right where his heart would be. Her hand went right through it and darkness went inside of Richard. His eyes glowed with light as he tried to fight it off but it was too strong. He was weak and in pain. Mary's purple eyes turned red and formed back into Lily. She smiled. "Like I said, it will end the same way." Richard screamed as the darkness destroyed his aura. Light bursted out through his eyes. Then it slowly died. Lily looked at the yellow rose that was on his grave, It was still small and the same size filled with light. It's beautiful yellow viens slowly turned black. As well did Richard's. They faded and he fell asleep. The yellow rose of Richard was no longer yellow. It was black.
  5. You go back to your own time. Your breathing hard at what you just seen. "His light has been consumed by darkness in his time of distracting her. Now he has fallen into her trap. Next time you see him he wont be the Richard that you all knew..." The voices echoed in your head. "How could I let this happen?" You think to yourself. Matthew finds you and sees you crying. "____whats wrong?" he asked worried. You tell him what you just saw. You cry and say "Now he's been consumed by darkness because of me.....I've been haveing a fun time when I should have been looking for Lily and he would have been saved.....Its my fault...." You say covering your face. You feel so guilty. Matthew hugs you and says "You didn't know that this would happen. But we know one thing for sure. Lily will be coming back. And when she does we'll be ready." He kissed your forehead. You cried into his chest. Once you calmed down you told the queen, Jacob, Mary, and Jake to meet you in Matthew's room; when they got there you told them about what you saw. You explain them everything about you being the light being and all that. After the long explanation it became morning. Storm clouds started to come in. Mary looked at the ground and balled her hands into fist. "You knew all along that he's been fighting her to buy you time and when you got your powers you didn't bother to help him!" Mary said angely. "Look I guess I kinda forgot-" You try to say and Mary looks at you with tears in her eyes and she says "Isn't the light being suppose to help those who helped her....some light being you are!" She stomped off. You noticed the queen. Her face is sad at the new of loseing her son to Lily. Tears started to swell up in her eyes. She didn;t say anything. Jacob looked at you with a sad expression. "So do we just wait for Lily?" He said. You nodded. "Okay then we'll wait. I'll be in the game room if she comes." He walked to the game room. Jake looked at you and said "Guess we have to fight off the evil girl like when we were kids huh?" He tried to smile. You nodded. "Well I'm gona keep my gaurd more alert." He said and left back to his post. Everyone but you and Matthew left his room.
  6. The door is closed and you feel safe to talk more. You look at Matthew and say "They are angry at me......I would be too if I were them." You sit on the bed. You put you arms on your risen knees and put your head on your arms. Matthew sits next to you and says "Its not your fault. You didn't know that this would happen." He hugged you. "Yeah but I could have found out and prevented it..." You say. He picks up your head and you put your feet on the floor. You look at him and his kisses you on the lips. You fall on your back and fall into his his kiss. After a while you stop. Your eyes meet and he kisses your neck. You wanted to go deeper into the kiss but you knew that you couldn't. It would be wrong if you did, Richard sacraficed his light to help you and here you are living in a little fantasy almost going deep into the relationship with Matthew. You kiss Matthew. You go back to kissing hopeing to feel better. But you feel your guilt rise even more. Then you just couldn't stand it anymore. You stopped and looked at Matthew in the eyes and said "I'm sorry, I want to but I can't. Not in the middle of all of this. Not after what everyone sacraficed. Not what Richard died for......." You say about to cry again. Matthew is about to hug you again but you just leave the room to the study. The other servants tried to clean it as much as possible but it never felt the same in there. There was a picture of Richard on the wall. It was big and it had every detail of him. His intelligant eyes, his clever smile, his cute glasses, his cute glasses in hand, his hazel brown eyes and his chestnut brown hair. You looked at it. A tear ran down your cheek. Even after death this young man has to suffer. First it was when he was first born when he cried. He cried on the inside when his brother was depressed. He had to deal with Lily in hear and ended up dying. In your sleep Lily haunted you but Richard saved you from her but distracting her. He was tortured and now he is consumed by darkness.
  7. "If only there was a way to get him back..." You think. You look at the dark study. It was dusty and the piles of paper on the deaks was there unmoved because their writer was no longer there. You left the study and bumped into a stangely familar figure. You look to see who it was. It was Lily. Her black bows seemed to glow in the covered sun. She smiled cruely. "Hi little light girl! How does it go there!" She said. You look at her and said "Guess I was exspecting this. You step back. You see Jacob noting Lily and he runs back to go get the others.
  8. Jake, Matthew, Mary, and Jacob run to your side. They look at Lily. She says "Guess you have almost the whole crew aboard!" "What do you mean? Everyone is here." Jake said. Lily giggled and said "Oh yeah except one little person missing." You hear foot steps and you hold your breath. You then see Richard. He smiled at the sight of you. "Hey everyone. Guess I'm back." He said. "Richard?" Mary said. Lily laughed and said "Not anymore. I changed things up about him. But no worries. I'm not here to fight you." Lily said. "Why are you here then?" Jacob said. "To talk. Face it your going to lose. Why don't you guys just give up now?" Lily said. "Like we ever give up willingly." You say. Lily looked amused. "Just waht he said but look at him now! His legs are not broken and he sure is kicking!" Lily said. "But he didn't join willingly." You say back at her. She sighed "Will you give up or not?" "Never." Said Matthew. Lily looked at everyone. They stayed right where they are. "Fine, enjoy your little sword fight.." Lily then disappeared.
  9. "Okay little brother, think about what just happened okay. Just come back here and we can play a game of chess and talk things over." Jacob said with his sword in hand as he slowly walked to his 17 year old brother. Richard held out his hand and a long black sword appeared. "I don't think so." He did one quick slash. Jacob jumped backed shocked at his brother's swordmanship. "You know one thing, I always watched you and Matthew practice sword fighting. You use the same teqniqs all the time. Your so predictable." Richard said. The Jake steped up. "Then why don't you have a different opponent?" You look at Jake in his silver armor. "Jake-" Yout about to say when Jake said "Just look for Lily okay? I distract him." Jake did a smile. You nodded and you and the other ran away from the two as they clashed swords together. Richard had quick strikes and fast agility. Jake was good at countering his attacks. You heard their swords clash in the distance as you ran in search of Lily......
  10. Hi thats the end of part 10! Part 11 will be out as soon a possible!

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