Teenage Chronicle Part 5

Welcome to Part Five of Teenage Chronicle! So in this quiz your going to get to know the new guys (Jack, Daniel, Adam) a little better! Maybe you'll start liking them? :p

Characters so far... Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Daniel: Light Brown hair, and Topaz colored eyes. Adam: Brown hair, and Emerald Green eyes. Jack: Really Dark Brown hair, and Turquoise eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam
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  1. We turned to the hallway where Mr. Gabe's classroom is and I was relieved that there weren't many students. I opened the door and dropped all my stuff on the floor. "Surprise!" Ezra giggled. Jake was standing there. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. I hadn't seen him in three months. His golden-blonde hair was a little longer then before, but it still looked soft. His clear gorgeous blue eyes were brighter then I remembered. And his smile was still perfect. "Jake?" I said. "Hey." He smiled. I held back my tears and tackled him with a hug. He held me tightly. "I missed you so much!" I said closing my eyes in order to contain my tears. "I missed you too." He whispered back. "Aww I missed this! The two of you are so cute!" Ezra made me feel awkward and I remembered Mr. Gabe was in the room so I pulled away. I took a long stare at him. He was still gorgeous. "Are you going to come to school here?" I asked hoping he would. He shook his head. "No, I can't. But I'm going to be staying nearby again." He smiled. It was good enough for me, as long as he wasn't leaving. I heard someone clear their throat and I turned around. Mr. Gabe was awkwardly standing there staring at us. "Oh uh Jake. This is Mr. Gabe my-" he cut me off. "My brother." Jake said. I was confused at first but then I stared at him, My jaw dropped. "You guys are brothers?" I stared back and forth between the two of them. They had the same eyes. I remembered when I ran into Mr. Gabe and how I thought he looked familiar. It made sense, but it was a little to new for me. "He's my older brother." Jake said. I remembered when Jake mentioned he had a brother, but I never in a million years would of guessed that I'd have him as a teacher.
  2. "Yeah he's my little brother." Mr. Gabe said messing up Jake's hair. Jake laughed and pushed Mr. Gabe. It was so weird to me. "Why do you have different last names?" I asked. "I can't make myself to easy to find." Mr. Gabe grinned. I suppose he was referring to the bad guys. "Makes sense. So what's your first name?" I asked. I didn't really know if I could ask since he was my 'teacher', but he was also Jake's brother so it was confusing. "Cameron." He replied. Cameron Gabe, it had a ring to it. "So.. What's your real last name?" I asked but I already knew.. "Clementi." Cameron said. So his REAL name was Cameron Clementi. "Oh.." I replied. "I'm staying with my brother, doesn't live to far from you." Jake smiled. I smiled back. "What about Cory?" I asked. "He's on his way here. We came separate because he had to handle his house." Jake replied. I looked over to Ezra and I could tell she was super excited for him to arrive. The smirk on her face said it all. The warning bell rang. "We should get going." Ezra said. I didn't want to leave Jake yet. I mean I just saw him today for the first time in three months. "Yeah.." I replied staring at Jake. "Don't worry. Your going to be seeing a lot of me." He grinned. "I'll see you around." I hugged him once more, but this was a really long hug. I waited for him to let go or pull away, but he didn't. So we literally stood there for a few minutes until Ezra broke us up. "You love birds can do this later." I pulled away and followed Ezra out the door.
  3. "Wow.." I said walking out. "Did you like my surprise?" Ezra grinned. "You knew he was going to be here?" I asked. "Yeah. I thought it would be better if you were surprised." Ezra laughed. "Well I was definitely surprised. I thought I was imagining things." I smiled to myself. "Your welcome." Ezra smirked. "Well off to english." Ezra frowned and walked away. I quickly tried to walk to my locker. Thank god my locker is in the hall where pretty much no on goes. I spun my combo and grabbed my things. When I got up and turned to walk away I ran right into someone and dropped my things. "Sorry." A low voice said and bent down. It was Jack. "Oh uh no, its okay. My fault." I also bent down to pick up my books. I made sure to keep my hands away from his. I didn't want this to be an awkward cheesy movie moment. He laughed to himself. Was he laughing at me? or my comment? We both stood up. I studied him. His dark brown-almost black hair was a little messy, but it looked good on him. His turquoise eyes were so bright, but they were so pretty I literally couldn't stop staring at them. They were a really rare color. "Here you go." He handed me my binder. "Thanks." I said grabbing it. "____ right?" He asked. "Yeah, and your Jack?" I questioned more then stating. "In the flesh." He smiled at me, and god it was the cutest smile ever. "Your in my art class right?" He asked. "Yup and french." I said. He was about a good 4 or 5 inches taller then me. He was somewhat muscular, not entirely ripped, but he had a pretty nice body. He was wearing a navy blue t shirt which made his eyes pop. "Ahh so you saw my unpleasant entrance yesterday." He smiled at himself. "Indeed I did." I laughed. "Wasn't my best entrance, I've had better." He laughed. It was a really hot laugh not going to lie. Well if it's possible to have a 'hot laugh'. "Really?" I raised an eyebrow. "Yeah. Last year I sort of accidentally bust the door down." He rubbed his jaw. He had to be joking. I just stood there in silence. "You think I'm kidding? Ask Mr. Roux." He grinned. "How did you bust the door down?" I questioned. "Some friend of mine thought it would be funny to push me around the school in a garbage can. Don't worry it was clean, but they sort of took it to far and I was late for class so.. You know." He smiled. I couldn't help but laugh. Who in the world comes to class in a garbage can. "Well it's been nice hearing your interesting stories, but I've go to head to class." I gestured to the clock. "I'll see you in french." He smiled and walked past me. I honestly didn't think I'd ever talk to Jack. He didn't really seem talkative when I watched him. Okay that sounded wrong, but it was hard NOT to. I walked my way to biology.
  4. Perfect timing. I walked in just as the bell rang. "Okay today we will be beginning our DNA and Cells unit." Mrs. Calfe said as I sat down. "Nice timing." Daniel smiled. "I know." I bragged. "So are you excited for my party tomorrow?" Daniel asked. I shrugged. "I'm not sure. Should I be? I mean I've never exactly been to a high school party here. I'm still new." I laughed. "Well you know just the right people." Daniel grinned. "I'm sure I do." I laughed. "The parties are usually big. Depends if we win our game or not. But since we're playing our rivals it should be big, especially if we win." Daniel grins. "Who are our rivals?" I asked. "The Jackson Raiders." He spit the name out. "And we are?" "The Everlast Titans." He said with pride. I laughed a little. "I'm sure you guys will win." I said. "Damn right we will." He laughed. "So what do you play?" I asked. "Football, and Lacrosse." He replied. "No I mean what position do you play." I laughed. "Oh I'm the running back." He grinned. "Shh!" The teacher hissed. I covered up my laugh. I talked, well whispered to Daniel for the rest of class. He was actually a pretty cool guy. Ezra was right, I kind of judged him and Adam to quickly.
  5. Class ended and I walked out with Daniel. "Hey you should sit with us at lunch. You and Ezra." He said. I pondered on the thought. "Yeah,I guess I will. See you later." I said and began my walk to algebra. It was time to see Cameron. I mean Mr. Gabe. I wasn't sure if this was going to be awkward or a perk. I mean it was a plus because I couldn't get in as much trouble but then again it could be awkward because he's Jake's brother. Gahh, I'm just going to have to find out. "Broomsticks." Ezra said coming up to me. "What?" I asked. She was really weird. "Nothing. I'm just trying to go a whole day with out swearing." Ezra said mumbling. I laughed really loud. "Good luck with that!" "Hey I could do it." Ezra gave me an offended look. "Really? A whole day with out saying ONE bad word. I doubt that." I laughed walking into Mr. Gabe's room. He was sitting at his desk. "Good morning." He smiled at us. "Morning." I replied. "Oh Ezra. By the way, I did us both a favor by agreeing to Daniels offer about sitting with him at lunch." I said to her. "Thats my girl." She grinned. "Whatever." I laughed and went to sit in the back. Ezra sat by some guy with really crazy curly hair. I was all the way in the back, forever alone.
  6. Mr. Gabe just spent the next hour teaching us about the quadratic formula. Which I didn't really pay attention to because I got bored. I wondered who my parter was. He or she must not be a big fan of school since he or she skipped the past two days. That person Is lucky. Not only do they get to skip school, but they get to sit next to me, oh yeah. The bell rang and I jumped to my feet. "I made it through class with out swearing." Ezra said. "Congrats. Want a cookie?" I joked. "Tempting, but no. The kid I sit with sneezed on me and I wanted to saw something, but I didn't." She grinned. I rolled my eyes and laughed. "Did I tell you about my encounter with Jack?" I said. She stopped me. "What happened?" She asked. "I kind of ran into him and we talked." I said. "He talked to you?" She questioned. "Yeah whats the big deal?" I asked. "Nothing, what did he say?" She smiled. "Well he told me about his encounter with the garbage can last year." I laughed. "The famous story about him busting Mr. Roux's door down? That was hilarious." Ezra laughed. "So it's true?" I asked. "More then true. Some kid recorded it and put it on youtube. It went viral." Ezra grinned. "Interesting. I'm going to have to google that later." I laughed. We both walked by the main office and went our separate ways. I walked into english and sat in my seat, which was in the front of course. My partner for this class wasn't here either. I was starting to think it was the same person I had as a partner in algebra. Ms. Johnson spent the whole class talking about how our new unit was on poetry. Class ended and I headed to lunch.
  7. I caught up to Daniel and Adam in a lunch line. "Hey." Daniel said. Adam just purred and winked at me. "Hey Daniel." I smiled at him. Adam just grinned. "Glad you decided to sit with us." Daniel said. "It's better then sitting alone with Ezra." I joked. "Speaking of Ezra, have you guys seen her?" I searched the room for her. "Right behind you." Ezra said. "Oh hey." I said staring at her. "Hey Ezra." Daniel and Adam said. I remembered how she said she dated Adam. Was is awkward or painful for her? "So are you guys ready for the big game tomorrow?" Ezra asked. "I don't know about Daniel, but I'm ready to kick some raider a-" "No I'm ready." Daniel laughed. He was a funny guy, well it a cute sort of way. They did this little weird football chant and chest bumped. Ezra and I burst out laughing. "Are you going to cheer us on?" Adam asked. "Sure, why not?" I replied. "You guys should wear our jerseys." Daniel suggested. "What?" I asked. "We have extra jerseys you guys can wear them. I mean as long as your cheering us on." Adam grinned. They were offering Ezra and I to wear their football jerseys? "Sure, you guys better win though." Ezra laughed. "You already know we're going to win. We'll bring the jerseys tomorrow." Daniel said. "They're good competitors though. I give them that." Adam said. It was our turn up and we got our food. "This way." Daniel led us to a large round table in the back of the lunchroom by the windows. We sat down. I noticed some girls we passed were staring at me, and a lot.
  8. "I'm so hungry." Adam said taking a huge bite of his sandwich. This was as normal as my life was going to get. Its been a little to normal for me. No magic, no drama, no life changing moments. It wasn't what I was use to. I was use to the guys, and the excitement, which wasn't always good but it kept my life interesting. "So _____. Tell us about yourself." Daniel said. "Yeah, I want to get to know you." Adam grinned. You told them a little about yourself, nothing to much. "Interesting." They both said. "What about you guys?" I asked. "I'll go first." Adam said. "I grew up here my whole life. I live with my dad. I've played football my whole life, it IS my life. My favorite color is pink." we all stared at him. "I'm just kidding its blue, and I love my car." He smiled. "Your car?" I asked. "It's a black GT mustang, 2012 edition." He said with pride. "Impressive." I replied. "I guess I'm next." Daniel smiled. "Uh I like pie, a lot. I like food. I like being outside, and I like dogs. I'm originally from DC, but I moved here because my dad got a job a few years ago and I've also played football my whole life. Oh and my favorite color is green." Daniel finished. "So did you and Daniel meet when you moved here?" I asked. "Not really. Our parents know each other. Well our moms did." Daniel said and looked at Adam. He was no longer smiling. He was staring down at his tray. I raised an eyebrow in confusion. "My mom died two years ago." Adams clenched his jaw and he continued staring down. "Oh I-I'm sorry..." I said staring at Adam. "It's okay." He replied and looked up. There's a story behind this arrogant flirt, it's kind of interesting.
  9. "So" Daniel said trying to break the awkward silence. "So uh what time is your party tomorrow?" I said trying to avoid the awkward silence. "Well the game starts at 7, we should be done around 9-ish so maybe 9:30 or 10." Daniel replied. I was actually kind of excited now. "Looks like we're going to be up all night." Ezra winked at me. I just elbowed her. The bell rang and we all stood up. "Want to walk together? I mean since we're going to the same class." Adam said. "Yeah sure. I'll see you in french." I said to Ezra. Adam and I began walking, he was a lot quieter then usual. "So, how do you like civics?" I asked. He laughed softly. "It's World History actually." He said staring at me. I turned red. I was just to use to calling 'Social Studies' civics. I remembered how yesterday I called it civics, too. "I know that." I replied. "Sure, but anyways I'll answer your question." He said as we turned a corner. "It's a whole lot better now that your in my class." He looked at me and smiled. Of course being me I blushed. We reached the classroom door but he opened to the door before I could. "Ladies first." He said holding the door open for me. "Oh uh thanks." I said walking in.
  10. I walked to the back where our seat was. I was going to sit down but the chair was pulled back. Adam pulled my seat for me. I awkwardly sat down and he sat down next to me. "This isn't the 18th century you know." I joked. "What? I can't be a gentlemen?" He asked. "No you can I mean it's just I didn't expect it from you..." I said slowing my words down towards the end. He smiled in amusement. "I don't know what you've heard about me, but I was raised to be a gentlemen." He said. "Well I've just heard your a flirt with girls and I don't really expect jerky flirts to be gentlemen." I said but I think I sounded to harsh. "Jerky flirt? hmm." Adam said. "I heard your conversation about some girl being easy. You know right before you shoved me and we met?" I laughed a little. "Ahh. You heard that." He said and frowned a little. "So that explains why your a little harsh towards me?" He asked studying me. "A little." I replied facing forward. He turned his body towards me, and our knees were now touching lightly. "Listen _____. Some girls, the girls I 'flirt' with." He quoted the flirt. "isn't what you think. Yeah sure I guess I do lead them on in ways but these girls are the ones who flirt like crazy with me. I mean its kind of hard to find a challenge now a days. No offense to those girls. "Adam stared at me, and I now began to stare back. It was kind of true though. I saw the way girls threw themselves at Adam. They must of really wanted him because there was groups of girls, and it WAS crazy. "Some, only some, girls in this school don't have self respect, and will do anything with a guy. But then theres girls like you. Who have self respect, and do what do what they want, when they want. The girls who deserve the best kind of guys who would treat them like a princess. There the game changers. The reason a guy will stop acting like a flirt. Because he wants that one girl." My heart kind of started racing when he said that. Was he actually being honest?
  11. I couldn't reply because the teacher cut in. "Alright class. Today we are continuing our study on World War One." Mr. Linquest began. Adam and I exchanged a few glances with in the next couple of minutes. I didn't really know what to say back to him. Someone knocked on the classes door. Mr. Linquest stopped talking and walked over to the open door. A guy in all black walked in. My heart dropped and began racing so fast that I thought I was going to die of a heart attack. It was one of Erika's men. "I'm sorry for interrupting. But I need _____ _____." The man looked at me. He was in a full black tuxedo and was wearing super dark sunglasses. He looked like a combination of the FBI and CIA. I shook my head. This couldn't be possible. "Oh no it's fine. Uh _____?" Mr. Linquest said gesturing me to come up. "Wouldn't it be better if I stayed here and learned?" I laughed nervously. "_____, We need to hurry for your appointment." The man said. What appointment? "_____, just please come forward. Your wasting my class time." Mr Linquest said. I stared at Adam. I think he could tell I was secretly freaking out because he asked me whats wrong. "I don't know that guy." I replied. Adam who was slouched in his chair, leaned up fully alarmed. "______!" They both yelled so loud, that the whole class jumped. Some students began to groan and were telling my to hurry up. I stood up slowly and walked to the front. I didn't know what else to do.

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