Teenage Chronicle Part 42

Welcome to part 42 of Teenage Chronicle! (: Thank you guys for being so patient with my slow updates. I hope you guys are having a good start to 2013! x

Descriptions- Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes. Adam: Brown hair, and Emerald Green eyes. Jack: Dark Brown hair, and Turquoise eye.

Created by: TheRecklessBam
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  1. "Hey!" I heard someone shout and we stopped what we were doing to look in their direction. I saw Jake with a paper in his hand standing by the kitchen entrance. "I hate to break your party, but we've got a problem," He frowned and walked over to us. "What's that?" Josh stared at the note. Jake let out a deep and sat down next to me. "Patch is gone," He said looking sad. "What?" Alex asked before I could. "I found this note on the kitchen table." He handed it to Josh who read it. "What? Why is he leaving?" He handed the note to Alex. Jake shrugged, I didn't even know he was gone until I saw the note. I quickly took the note form Alex once he was done. My heart dropped as I read it. Patch wasn't coming back.
  2. "Does it say where?" Josh spoke up. My mind was spinning, and my body was frozen. I didn't think he'd leave. My heart was stabbed with guilt. This is my fault. Patch left because of me. I groaned and sat down, holding my face in my hands. Why, why, why. Everything just had to be so dramatic. "You okay?" Alex sat down to me. I shook my head, might as well tell them now. "He left because of me." I said in a low voice. "Huh?" Calisto questioned. I didn't know if he meant how, or just didn't hear me. "We sort of had a fight, a pretty big one." My eyes avoided everyone's gaze.
  3. I had forgot that no one really knew that me and Patch had an argument, which just got worse over time. Well, Jake knew about Patch kissing that wh-re, but they didn't know about last night. Before anyone of them could question me, Jake cut in, "I called Jack. He said he'd take care of him." I let out a sigh of relief. Of all people, I knew Jack knew where Patch was. I was just worried that they were going to eat each other alive. "I'm going with him. I'll let you guys know when we find him." Jake said and once again, I was relieved. Jake wasn't going to let anything happen. "I'm coming." Calisto joined. "Can I-" Alex was going to ask but Caliso said that they needed to stay with me. "Fine with us," Josh grinned. Great, I'm stuck with the ruthless idiots.
  4. In less than a minute Jake and Calisto were out the door. Alex sat down next to me, "I'm starving." He groaned and slumped into the chair. Josh perked up, "Pizza?" He suggested and both Alex and I nodded eagerly. "Pizza sounds sooo good right now." My stomach grumbled as I said the word. Josh nodded and went into the kitchen to grab the phone. I grabbed the remote and flicked through the channels. "No, I get to pick." Alex snatched the remote out of my hands. "I think I should pick because you tickled me." I protested. He grinned, "Actually that was Josh." "You did it too!" He shrugged and I jumped towards him. "Alex. Give me the remote!" I shoved him and he laid on his stomach, clutching the remote.
  5. "No!" He groaned when I straddled the back of him. "Hmmm, I guess I'll just tickle you." I threatened. "Wanna join?" I looked over at Josh who grinned widely. He got off of the couch and stood next to me. "What? How can you pick her over me?" Alex said from underneath me. I laughed as Josh shrugged. "What happened t bro's before h-" I smacked the back of his head. "Don't you dare finish that sentence." He chuckled and I could feel his body vibrate. "I will not give in." He said sternly. "Okay," I grinned and my hands made their way to his sides. He wiggled but I didn't stop. My fingers began tickling his sides and he laughed hysterically and squirmed trying to escape. "I don't think so," I taunted and continued to tickle him.
  6. "Josh, h-help!" He said inbetween bits of laughter. Josh shook his head, "sorry man. I'm busy." My stomach growled and on cue the door bell rang. "Pizza!" I shouted and ran to the door. I was starving. Alex jumped up, followed me to the door. We opened the door to see a guy carrying three boxes of pizza. "Josh, there's only three of us. No need for so many boxes." I stared at him. He smirked, "A box for each of us." "I could live on this for the next week. These pizza's are big." I didn't care at the moment though. Once Alex paid I grabbed my box and ran into the living room inhaling the first two pieces
  7. Once I had finished half the box, I was full. I groaned as I stretched out across the floor. "I'm so full." I groaned again. Both of the boys had already finished their boxes by the time their stomach had enough. They eat like cows. "Hey guys!" I saw Ezra jumped next to Alex. "Ezra!" I shouted to lazy to get up. "You look dead." She studied me. "I ate a lot of food." I rubbed y stomach and she giggled. "Where's Katherine?" josh asked and the room got quiet. I wonder if they ever got to talk about their past and all that stuff.
  8. "She went on that little hunt with Jake. He didn't want her out of his site and all that jazz." She mumbled. "We're about to watch a movie!" I added. She squealed and opened her mouth but Alex cut her off. "and No. It's not the Notebook." Ezra frowned and sat back down. "Pooper." She elbowed Alex in the rib and he groaned slightly. I sat up just as Ezra began walking towards the kitchen, "is there any pizza left?" She asked. "Yeah, mine is in the fridge." I yelled out after her and stood up. I walked over and sat down next to Alex who was intently watching the movie.
  9. Fifteen minutes into the movie, my eyes began to droop. They felt heavier and heavier by the minutes and I laid my head on Alex's shoulder before finally giving in to sleep. ~~~ I woke up due to the humidity. I felt really hot and I don't like sleeping in hot places. I opened my eyes and was greeted by a cushion. I must've fell asleep on the couch. I want to get up but something was pinning me down. I shifted and something behind me groaned. I turned and saw Alex. We were spooning and I could've help but laugh at the fact he was drooling. He moved his arm and I realizd where it was. "Alex!" I shouted ad his eyes flashed open. "What?" He groaned. "Get your hand off my boob!" I slapped his hand away. He gave me a lazy grim. "Sorry," He mumbled. I pushed him off the couch before going back to sleep.
  10. A/N: Sorry this was short, I promise the next one will be longer. Anyway, I was just letting you guys know that I'm on Wattpad writing two new stories which I have a reaaally good feeling about. The first story is called 'The Weylans' and the new one is called 'Falling for the Fighter' If you have time please check them out and give me feedback? x

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