Are you a Sabrina the Teenage Witch (live action TV series) Fan?

So were you a Sabrina the Teenage Witch Fan! Still think you've got what it takes. Then try this quiz, it will test your STTW knowledge and show you which areas you need to brush up on.

This quiz was written to test all the other Sabrina fans out there. Please take it and see if your a "Sabrina Mega Fan". Any mistakes you spot please leave a comment, please ignore the spelling errors lol. Your fact magic ready, let's go!

Created by: Tortallgirl14
  1. How many Series of Sabrina Were There?
  2. When Hilda and Zelda (the Aunts) morf into teenagers, what names does Sabrina give them
  3. When Sabrina Meets Annabell, Salem's daughter, what does she say Annabell inherited from her father?
  4. Who are Sabrina's room mates and companions from season 5 onwards
  5. What business does Hilda own in Season 4 and what's it's name.
  6. In season two, what Witch disease does Sabrina Catch?
  7. What "ODD" duties is Sabrina forced to Perform at Salem's daughter's wedding?
  8. What did Drell allways send Hilda if he stood her up?
  9. What allways got on Roxie's nerves about Sabrina?
  10. In "Sabrina's Perfect Christmas." what complaints did Salem have about sleeping with cousin Ira?
  11. What happened when Sabrina turned Libby into a Geek?
  12. When Zelda and Sabrina broke up Hilda and Will what happened to Hilda?
  13. What beauty compotition does Morgan enter in the final christmas episode
  14. What does Valerie decide to do that repulses Sabrina
  15. What is the Spellman Family Secret?
  16. What newspaper does Sabrina give Salem in the Cat Show episode
  17. When Libby tells lies about Sabrina and her friends (season 1) how does sabrina make her admit it?
  18. When Sabrina Changes the Weather, what happens?
  19. In mile's movie, who plays Mindee (with TWO ES)
  20. What does Amanda turn Sabrina into in season two?
  21. Why does Sabrina turn to stone in "I fall to pieces."
  22. Why did Sabrina not marry Aaron?
  23. What final sign showed that Sabrina and Harvey were sole mates
  24. What did Salem give sabrina as a wedding gift?
  25. What is Sabrina's catch phrase?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Sabrina the Teenage Witch (live action TV series) Fan?