I Just Need You Here Episode 13

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Here is the final episode of this series. I daresay it might be the longest quiz made on the site. I hope you enjoy it! I will have to make another love series after.

So how will the saga end, folks? How will the two soul mates find eachother after three devastating years of seperation? Find out now! Thanks for the great ratings, I really appreciate the encouragement.

Created by: Ardeo9999

  1. Recap: Matthew just jumped out of the train a few minutes ago, and now you and Nate were making out.
  2. Fast forward: three years later, you are sitting in your apartment (you are nineteen) and trying to pick a college for this fall.
  3. You can't decide whether to go to a school for (your favourite hobby/sport) or to a school where you can train to get the well-paying job of a doctor.
  4. You drop the college application forms and walk across your room. You slip on a piece of paper that fell out of the journal you used when you were sixteen. You pick it up and start to shove it back into the journal under your bed, but then you stop and curiously unfold the note instead. It says: "March 14, 2012: Dear Diary, Hi, I just was bored but at the same time I am really happy. A little while ago, Nathan told me he would marry me in three years. I can't wait until then. Three years is a very long time. I must return to the boarding school now, but someday I know I will find Nathan again. Our parting was reluctant, and I cried, but I know in my heart he will always be with me. Later, (your name)."
  5. You look up, shocked at having forgotten about Nathan. It had been so long, and you had lost contact with him completly. You are currently dating a guy named William, and now you feel bad. After all these years, you still feel your deep attachment to Nate. You feel it necessary to find him. Wherever he is, wherever he went, and wherever he remembers you at all or not.
  6. Immedeatly, you know you cannot go to college this September without getting things cleared up first. You must break up with William, and then try to track down Nathan. No, you think to yourself. There is no try. Only do.
  7. You hop in your car and start heading for William's house. You hate to break up with him just like that, but you have no idea what else to do. The problem was, you like William and you don't want to break his heart. But you know that worse than breaking William's heart would be breaking your promise to Nathan. You had only just begun dating William. He was so sweet and considerate. But its done now. You look out the window, where you see the passing trees with leaves swaying in the breeze, and children playing gleefully at the park in the rich, green grass. Soon, you have reached William's street, and are driving down the road to his house.
  8. You park your car by the road. Round, leafy trees alternate up and down the properties. Across the road, children run around on the grass. You longingly look back at them, remembering how you used to do that once, too. You turn back and walk up the expensive stone pathway surrounded by lush grass. William's parents were fairly wealthy, and he had inherited some of that. You suddenly find yourself knocking on his front door. William opens it up a few seconds later. He smiles at seeing you. "-----!" He calls your name, and gives you a big hug. But you make no effort to hug back.
  9. William notices you step back after the hug. "I didn't think you minded hugs," he says, a little offended. You hesitate to answer. But he realizes something's up. "What's wrong," he asks, more serious this time. You wipe a forming tear from you eye. You look up at William, and try to make eye contact. "I have to break up with you," you whisper. "What?" he asks, shocked. "We have to break up," you say.
  10. "Why? What happened?" William asks. "I made a promise when I was sixteen that I was going to marry someone. I haven't seen him forever, but- " you look up at William and look him in the eye. "I've got to find him, William. We were in love," you gasp. Dejected, William meets your gaze. "It's official then," he said. "Yeah," I replied. "You aren't mad?" you ask. "It'd be no use to get mad," William responds. You realize you are crying. "Oh William!" you sob, and bury your face in his chest. He puts his arms around you. "It's okay," he says. "It's okay."
  11. You say goodbye to William. Of course, you are both still good friends, but no longer anything more than that. You drive back to your apartment and dig out all your old diaries for a trace of a record of where Nathan went after you left for the boarding house. You pull out a worn, pink notebook decorated with a heart sticker that was peeling off. You sit there, searching for an answer. You start in the middle. Date: March 27, 2012: Dear Diary, I have been settled into the boarding school now. I come with almost nothing, and most of the girls think I'm weird. One girl, Amy, is my friend though; she is so sweet and kind, and I like her a lot." I stopped reading there, remembering my old friend. She had short cropped blonde hair and little glasses, and was really cute. I recalled loving the way she smiled, or hugged me for no reason. This entry was too late to have being talking about where Nathan was sent, so I flipped back a few pages.
  12. I turned back some of the torn pages to and entry made March 24. "Dear Diary," it said, "I just got into the boarding school today. It is not the same one that I escaped from, though. I have been transferred to Manitoba Boarding School for Girls. Nathan was sent to Chicago, and there he goes to a boarding school as well." I paused. Chicago. But I hadn't said anything more. I searched the other entries, but found that I had recorded no details of where he had went. All I knew was this: he had been in Chicago.
  13. Fast forward: SETTING: nearest airport. PERSON: you. PLOT: flying to Chicago.
  14. So, before I knew it, I found myself soaring through the air in a plane headed straight for Chicago. I had packed up my bags that night and left the next morning bright and early. I had brought a picture of Nathan of when he was about thirteen. She arrived in Chicago and immedeatly rented a car and drove to an information center. She asked a staff there if he could list out all the boarding schools in Chicago, and he got a thick book and jotted them all down quickly. She said thank you and got down to business. She crossed off two schools for only girls and started with the Pullman School for Boys. She arrived and asked the staff, but their records held nothing valuable. Then, she traveled to Fernwood Highschool for Boys. The staff there told her that Nathan did go here three years ago. You nearly jumped for joy!
  15. The lady staff person tells you he went away because he was out of college then. That would've been last year, you think. "Where did he go after?" you ask. "I don't know. We generally lose contact with our students when they leave for permanent." she replies. That leaves you at a dead end. For all you know, he could be off married right now. But in the same way, he could be just searching for you like you are him. Or maybe he doesn't even know who you are anymore. Dejected, you ask the lady where the washrooms are. She points you in the right direction. You go into the washroom and into a stall. Before you do your business, you notice writing on the wall of the stall.
  16. You bend down and reading the writing made in pen. "Rachel Smith loves Nathan Crawford" it says, encircled with a heart. You gasp. Nathan Crawford; that was him. You had a lead now!!! She had to find this Rachel. *FAST FORWARD* Business *ahem* being done, you walk excitedly out of the building and back into your car. You go to a phone booth and pick up the phone directory. You search for a Rachel Smith. You see two of them. You slip some coins into the machine, then dial the first number. Someone picked up the phone. "Hello?" the person on the other end said. Sounded like an old granny. Couldn't be it. "Uh- you don't happen to know a Nathan Crawford, do you?" you ask awkwardly. "Wrong number, dearie," the old lady squeaked. You sigh and hang up. You nervously dial the next number. This time, a younger girl picks up. "Hello?" she says. "Hi, uh, do you know a Nathan Crawford?" you ask. The girl on the other end chuckles. Must be her. "Are you looking for him?" she asks. "Yea," you reply. "Well, he went to my school. Why?" "Do you know where I could find him? I need to give him a message." you say. Would this girl be naive enough to give her the information she needed? "Oh, he works at the McDonald's on Hubbard," she says. "Thanks," you say, and hang up. Phew.
  17. You go into the restaurant and go to the checkout. It's lunch, and you'd like a quarter pounder. You go up to the cashier. After ordering your burger, you take your tray and walk over to the counter with napkins and ketchup etc. There, mopping the floor, is a guy with dark hair and stunning blue eyes, dressed in a McDonalds uniform. It strikes you that it is him. Right there, before your eyes. He glances up at your gawking, and you look away. But in that glance, you think maybe he knew something too. You put together the courage to talk to him. Trying your best to appear confident, you lean on the counter. "So you're janitor now, eh?" you ask. He jerks his head up to you.
  18. "Do I know you?" he asks. Slightly offended, you try to ignore it. Instead, you pull a picture out of your pocket. THE picture, of him when he was a kid. "Recognize this?" you ask, holding the photo out to him. He leans over and examines it. "Tha-that's me-" he stutters. "Yes, Nathan, it is you." you say, purposely using his name. "Nathan Crawford. Oh, I've looked for you everywhere." you said, sighing almost with joy. He looks up at you. "----?" He says your name with curiousity. "Yeah," you say. "Yeah."
  19. "----!!! I've missed you! I've got to get back to work, but come back tomorrow for dinner and I can eat with you!" he says. "Okay!" you reply, excited. "I won't keep you any longer." You give in to the temptation to kiss him. You walk to the ketchup and give him a light peck on the cheek as you walk by.
  20. *FAST FORWARD* so the next night you and he catch up on stuff, and have already re-fallen madly into love. Soon, through meetings at McDonalds, you go to his house, and he proposes!
  21. You're at the wedding. Nothing much, just you, Nate, and the preacher; your parents gone, friends don't happen to live in Chicago, so yah. "You may kiss the bride," the preacher says. You lean in after Nathan unfolds your veil. You know you were meant for him. Always. You could never stop. You walk off the balcony overlooking the beautiful river with the sunset glowing on the water's edge. Face beaming and heart glowing, you and Nathan leave and live happily ever after.

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