Kidnapped episode 4 quiz

Episode 4 of Kidnapped is called Number One With a Bullet. In this episode the doctor makes a house call to Leo, Ellie joins a group for parents of missing children and Knapp and King get closer to the trail of Leo.

How much do you really know about this episode?? Do you know what happened to Virgil, or Leo, or you know what the Gracen Group is?? It is time to stop wondering and find out!! Come take this quiz!!

Created by: Kara McMurray
  1. What was the name of this episode?
  2. Where was the bullet in Virgil lodged?
  3. Who told Conrad that James Sullivan was dead?
  4. True or False: This was the last episode to air on television?
  5. True or False: This episode was the first one to air on Saturdays?
  6. What is Conrad having flash backs of in this episode?
  7. Who thought Leo was dead in this episode?
  8. How did Bellows prove that Leo was breathing?
  9. Who tried to kill Virgil?
  10. What does King's wife do for a living?
  11. Who said "I find missing people for a living; getting shot at is just a bonus?"
  12. True or False: The accountant kills a doctor in this episode?
  13. What does the Accountant steal when he is fleeing from the hospital?
  14. True or False: The first 72 hours of a kidnapping are crucial?
  15. True or False: Archer thought that Conrad shot Sully?
  16. What is the Gracen Group?
  17. Who does King use to get into the Gracen Group?
  18. What does Leo tell the doctor he is allergic to?
  19. Where was Knapp born?
  20. Has Knapp ever lied under oath?
  21. Who takes the test at Gracen Group for Knapp?
  22. How did Bellows tell the doctor that Leo hurt his leg?
  23. What did Bellows say to Leo before the doctor came in the room?
  24. Who did King tell Turner to e-mail the profile to from the Gracen Group?
  25. Who killed the doctor in Mexico?
  26. Who does Ellie meet at the kidnapping meeting group?
  27. How many people did Knapp and the FBI look at in the morgue?
  28. Which body did Knapp find the microchip in?
  29. How is the FBI led to Schroeder Textiles?
  30. What was the name of the journalists son?
  31. True or False: The journalist gave Ellie a cigarette?
  32. Who was against Knapp being at the FBI?
  33. How did the journalist describe the kidnapping story to her boss?
  34. True or False: Otto stole the doctor's cell phone and gave it to Leo?
  35. What did Leo do with the cell phone in this episode?

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