Kidnapped episode 3 quiz

REMEMBER YOU CAN USE ANY RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO YOU TO TAKE THIS QUIZ; ANYTHING THAT GETS YOU A BETTER SCORE!! You can use the message boards, you can watch episode 3 over again, anything that can help you out on this quiz; it's not considered cheating!!

Episode three of Kidnapped, Sorry, Wrong Number, was the last episode to air on Wednesday nights on NBC. The Cain's are hosting their annual party, and pretending that nothing is wrong. While they are pretending that everything is fine, something does go wrong! Come take this quiz to test your knowledge on episode 3!!

Created by: Kara McMurray
  1. What is the title of this episode?
  2. What does Aubrey see at the bottom of the pool?
  3. Who takes Aubrey out shopping?
  4. How much did one of the dresses that Aubrey looked at cost according to Atkins?
  5. What tutorial did the Cain's miss for Leo?
  6. Who gets Aubrey out of the pool at the beginning of the episode?
  7. How old is Alice?
  8. What did Aubrey say she was going to call Atkins?
  9. How did Knapp refer to the Cain's guest list?
  10. Who picks up Conrad when he skips his ride?
  11. What does Sully say when Conrad yells at him "Did you take me kid?"
  12. Where do the people at the bar throw Conrad at?
  13. Who says he is going to kill Conrad?
  14. What is Kellogg's first name?
  15. Who did Kellogg kidnap?
  16. What does Kellogg say to Knapp when he leaves?
  17. When Atkins find Aubrey and she asks him how he found her?
  18. What does Otto give to Leo?
  19. Who does Bellows meet when he goes out for a drink?
  20. What did Bellows tell Otto after Otto gave Leo the cloth?
  21. How many people were suppossed to be at the Cain's party?
  22. How many people were actually at the party?
  23. How many people showed up univited?
  24. What joke did Sully tell to Conrad when the first started talking about the party?
  25. What was the answer to the joke?
  26. True or False: Sully hangs Conrad over the top of the roof?
  27. What did Leo take from the bathroom?
  28. Who gives the closing speech at the Cain's party?
  29. Who told one of the univited people at the party about Leo's kidnapping?
  30. True or False: Leo puts something on his cut on his leg to make it infected?
  31. Who dies in this episode?
  32. Who did Alice say "They took my brother to?"

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