Kidnapped Episode 6 Quiz

In episode 6 of Kidnapped, My Heart Belongs to Daddy, Conrad is arrested, Ellie's father comes in and takes over the investigationg, and Leo is allowed to call his parents, and leaves them with a clue to his whereabouts when he tells them, "I just had breakfast." But that isn't all that happened in this episode. Do you know the rest? Come find out!!

Do you know everything that happened in the 6th episode of Kidnapped? Are you prepared to test that? Well you better be to take thsi quiz! Good luck and don't forget to come to OKF Headquarters to share your score!

Created by: Kara
  1. What is the title of episode 6?
  2. Who shows up in this episode and takes over the investigation?
  3. What is this mans name?
  4. When Conrad is jogging, who is he jogging with?
  5. When Conrad is jogging, who is he talking to on the phone before Ellie calls?
  6. What is he talking to this person about?
  7. True or False: Conrad is arrested in this episode?
  8. What is suspicious about the officers that arrested him?
  9. What was Conrad arrested for?
  10. What is the name of Aubrey's dead uncle?
  11. Where did Aubrey find a camera in her room?
  12. After her uncle died, why did Aubrey start getting undressed under the covers?
  13. After finding the camera in her room, what did Aubrey suggest to her mom?
  14. Why did Ellie not like this idea?
  15. Who told Ellie that Conrad had been arrested?
  16. When Ellie is leaving for the police station, who calls her back into the house?
  17. Why is she called back in?
  18. What did Leo call Ellie in the video?
  19. Who was Rand negotiating with?
  20. Who was Devere talking to for the negotiation?
  21. How much money did Rand say he would give the kidnappers?
  22. Which one of these components WAS part of the deal with the kidnappers?
  23. How did Rand say the kidnappers could fufill the proof of life for Leo?
  24. What secret was uncovered about Rand's and Ellie's past?
  25. Was Ellie's brother ever found?
  26. True or False: Someone was arrested in the kidnapping of Ellie's brother?
  27. How old was Ellie's brother when he was kidnapped?
  28. How old was Ellie's brother when he was kidnapped?
  29. Who got Knapp and King reinstated on the Kidnapping case?
  30. True or False: Ellie almost fired Knapp in this episode?
  31. When Leo was allowed to call his parents, who did he call out for on the phone?
  32. What was the clue that Leo gave to his whereabouts over the phone?
  33. What kind of cancer does Devere have?
  34. What was Bellows' idea of sending Leo home?
  35. How did Knapp and King realize that Leo wasn't in New York?
  36. What happened when they exchange (Leo for the money) was suppossed to be made?

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