Episode one of Kidnapped...do you know it all?

How many times have you watched the pilot episode of the most amazing show ever; Kidnapped? Have you watched it once, or twice, or a million times...have you watched it enough that you can quote it? Come see if you've really watched it enough to score 100% here!!

Do you know everything that happened in the first episode of Kidnapped? Do you really? Are you sure? So sure that you can score 100% on this quiz?? Come and find out right now!!

Created by: Kara McMurray
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  1. When did the pilot episode first air?
  2. Who is the first Cain to appear in the show?
  3. What language do we see that the Cains can speak?
  4. How many people are shot within the first ten minutes?
  5. What does Virgil say to the guy in the elevator when he tells Virgil about his roses?
  6. What are the three accounts that the accountant closed in this episode?
  7. What book was Leo reading in this episode?
  8. How did the FBI find out that Leo had been kidnapped?
  9. What does Turner say to Roger Prince when he first meets her and asks "do you have a name?"
  10. What does Knapp tell the Cain's when he first meets them?
  11. Who was in the car with Leo when he was Kidnapped?
  12. How much money did the kidnappers ask for in this episode?
  13. How many pills were under Leo's matress?
  14. Where does Knapp tell King he is when King asks him if he was in town?
  15. Who made the call to go into the apartment in Brooklyn?
  16. Where was the drop of the ransom money at?
  17. What does the note say that the guy in the train station gave to Knapp?
  18. How many agents were killed when the apartment building blew up?
  19. What does the guy on the phone say to Ellie when he calls?
  20. True or false...Vance was mentioned in this episode?
  21. What does King say to Archer after Knapp punches him?
  22. What does Knapp tell Ellie on the roof at the end of the episode?
  23. How does this episode end?

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Quiz topic: Episode one of Kidnapped...do I know it all?