How big of a Kidnapped fan are you?

Have you ever seen Kidnapped? A high stakes serialized drama, in which the son of a wealthy family is Kidnapped and everyone is a suspect?? Do you think you are the ultimate Kidnapped fan?? Come and find out!!!

Are you OKF (Obsessed Kidnapped Fan) material?? Do you constantly find yourself theorizing on what is going to happen next, even though the show is over?? Come here to find out how much of a Kidnapped fan you really are!!!!

Created by: Kara McMurray

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  1. Are you a member at the Kidnapped message boards?
  2. Do you write letters and e-mails, and make phone calls in support of Kidnapped?
  3. Do you find yourself constantly thinking about Kidnapped?
  4. Did Leo make you cry when he came home in the last episode?
  5. Do you consider yourself to be an OKF (Obsessed Kidnapped Fan)?
  6. Did you get up early every Friday morning to watch the new Kidnapped episode?
  7. When the episode wasn't up when it was suppossed to be, did you find yourself mad at NBC in any form?
  8. With the show over, are you still theorizing on what will happen next?
  9. Are you constanly looking for pictures of your favorite characters from the show?
  10. Do you hate NBC?
  11. Do you think Kidnapped was the best show on TV in 2006?
  12. Are you counting down the days to the DVD release?
  13. Is this statement True or False: WILL DENTON IS AMAZING!!?
  14. Will you continue to fight for Kidnapped's sake?
  15. Do you constantly find yourself in battles to pass other shows on the NBC message boards?

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Quiz topic: How big of a Kidnapped fan am I?