Kidnapped Quotes Quiz...who said them?

Do you watch Kidnapped? Do you have your favorite lines from Kidnapped? Can you quote the show like it is something you hear everyday? This quiz is definitely for you. Come try your luck and see how well you can quote all of your favorite Kidnapped characters.

Do you find yourself quoting Kidnapped? Playing the scenes with your favorite quotes in them over and over again in your head? Do you write down your favorite quotes from Kidnapped? Come here and see how well you really remember all those quotes.

Created by: Kara

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  1. Who said "No sense making beds in a burning house.."
  2. Who said "My mother drowned in a lake, but when I'm hungry I fish.."
  3. Who said "Because I'm a pessimist"
  4. Who said "Why should you have everything and I have nothing"
  5. Who said "Sometimes the world doesn't make sense"
  6. Who said "Stranger things have happened"
  7. Who said "Every time you say I don't know, I'm going to kill you."
  8. Who said "We'll meet at the bike racks after school"
  9. Who said "A gentleman never asks, a lady never tells"
  10. Who said "It's cool to look like a gangster these days"
  11. Who said "It doesn't feel over"
  12. Who said "If everyone's in here, who's looking for Bin Laden"
  13. Who said "Rain is the great equalizer"
  14. Who said "He ain't ever gonna like you more than he fears me"
  15. Who said "He's a smart kid, he'll think of something"
  16. Who said "Who said you never thank a man for doing his job, you just make sure you do yours"
  17. Who said "You're my kid okay. You do anything to make him think otherwise; you're my dead kid."
  18. Who said "I don't work for you, I work for your son."
  19. Who said "I know how to shoot a gun. My father's a republican."
  20. Who said "I know what he looks like; he knows I know what he looks like."
  21. Who said "You ever pull a stunt like that again and I will end you."
  22. Who said "You better stick with me, Mexico can be a dangerous place."
  23. Who said "In my world urgent is not a word treated lightly."
  24. Who said "There's a line and I'm going to cross it."
  25. Who said "You can't be expected to share your outlets with just anyone"

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