Which Kidnapped character are you?

Have you ever wondered which Kidnapped character best fits your personality? Do you know which Kidnapped character that you are most like? Are you unsure of which one you are? Come here and clear up the questions and see which Kidnapped character best fits your personality!!

Maybe you are Leopold Cain...or maybe your most like Knapp, or Turner, or Latimer King. Maybe you a protectant of your family and are like Ellie Cain, or maybe you let money rule your life and can be described as Conrad Cain. Or maybe you are Otto or just pure evil like Bellows. Come find out which Kidnapped character you are most like right here!!

Created by: Kara McMurray
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  1. Rules are...
  2. You and technology..
  3. Do you consider yourself to be smart?
  4. Do you think of yourself as a good person?
  5. Have you ever left anyone behind?
  6. Do you like to read?
  7. Will you do anything to protect your family?
  8. (Continuation from previous question)Would you break the law for another family member?
  9. Do you let money rule your life?
  10. Can you be easily manipulated?
  11. Are you lazy?
  12. Do you only see what you want to see?
  13. Do you know lots of words?
  14. Do you always get your job done?

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Quiz topic: Which Kidnapped character am I?